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Fall Creek Vineyards

Fall Creek Vineyards Fall Creek Vineyards was established in 1975 by Texas businessman-rancher Ed Auler and his wife Susan. The vineyard is located 80 miles northwest of Austin in the Texas Hill Country where the sandy loam soil, the warm, sunny days and the cool breezes off Lake Buchanan provide an excellent microclimate for growing premium wine grapes. The inspiration for the winery came in 1973 when the Aulers, on a cattle purchasing trip to France, noted the remarkable similarity between the soil, terrain and microclimate of parts of the French wine country and their own ranch. "I became convinced that certain parts of the Texas Hill Country would be ideally suited to grape growing," says Ed. "In 1979, with a few grapes from our first plantings in 1975 and a borrowed wine press, we made our first commercial wine in a renovated garage. It wasn’t exactly world-class wine," says Susan, "but from that moment on, our vision took shape." Today, Fall Creek is a living testament to the Auler's early vision. After some brief experiments with French-American hybrid grape varieties, the winery began planting Emerald Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, Carnelian, and Sauvignon Blanc in the early 1980's, followed shortly thereafter by larger plantings of Chardonnay, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec. Currently the Fall Creek Chenin Blanc leads the pack, with production of about 4,000 cases per year. As the most recent vineyard plantings mature, however, the Aulers will have the greatest production of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Says Ed, "I see our future in these varietals. The Hill Country soil gives these varietals a particular delicacy of fruit with a very good balancing acidity."

Austin to Fall Creek Vineyards (Fastest route 1 hour 25 min): Mopac South to Southwest Parkway. At the end of Southwest Parkway turn right on to Hwy 71. Follow 71 across 281 (by passing Marble Falls). Continue on 71 past Horse Shoe Bay. Turn right on Country Road 2233, stay on 2233 until it intersects County Road 2900, turn left onto 2900, this will take you to Kingsland. Turn left at the light in Kingsland on to 1431. Stay on 1431 across Hwy 29 until it ends at Hwy 261, turn left and drive to Bluffton. At Bluffton turn right onto 2241 follow it to Tow. Continue on 2241 until it forks and take the left fork. This road is County Road 222 and will take you directly to the winery.

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County Road 222, Tow, TX, US, 78672 Email:
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  1999 Sweet Jo
The Sweet Jo is a new wine with a new name. The Sweet Jo is our latest dessert wine that follows a string of popular and sold out vintages of our Sweet Johannisberg Riesling. The Sweet Jo is very similar in style and residual sugar, however the wine is full of sweet peach and pear fruit flavors with a lingering finish. This is truly the "nectar of the gods."
The newest addition to the Fall Creek lineup, Cache is a fitting name for this wine. The 2005 Cache is the first release of this blend that includes 6 different grape varietals. The wine is a crisp mouthful of ripe fruit flavors that include apple, pear, peach and melon. The tropical and citrus flavors unfold beautifully on the palate with a lovely acidity. The finish is so refreshing that it will leave you begging for more. See if you can solve the mystery of which varietals make your mouth water.
The Chardonnay is full of bright tropical and citrus fruit flavors with a hint of oak. The texture of this wine is clean and refreshing. This Chardonnay is an outstanding complement to an array of foods.
  Chenin Blanc
The Chenin Blanc is full of ripe apple and sweet pear flavors wrapped in a mouth-watering texture. With a residual sugar of about 2%, the Chenin Blanc is tremendously popular and a real crowd pleaser.
  Granite Blush
The Granite Blush is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc and Johannisberg Riesling. This wine exhibits sweet peach and raspberry fruit flavors. It is the perfect blush wine.
  Granite Reserve
The Granite Reserve is a yummy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (85%) and Merlot (15%). This medium-bodied Cabernet is loaded with cherry and dark berry fruit flavors with soft tannins and nice acidity. Granite Reserve is a great everyday red wine, and it is an outstanding value.
  Johannisberg Riesling
The Johannisberg Riesling is loaded with sweet peach, pear and honeydew melon fruit flavors. The palate comes alive with this wine. This off-dry or semi-sweet style is simply delicious, and the finish is crisp and refreshing
(90%) Cabernet Sauvignon, (5%) Merlot, (5%) Malbec MERITUS The ’04 MERITUS is a big, dense, full-bodied wine that is loaded with dark cherry and blackberry flavors. This well-balanced wine includes hints of toasty oak and vanilla as well as chocolate notes on its lingering finish. Due to its elegant structure, the ’04 will cellar extremely well. DOUBLE GOLD - Taster’s Guild International Competition
The Merlot is a soft, smooth, and easy-drinking wine with a nice balance of bright, cherry fruit and oak. The finish is smooth and supple. This is exactly what the Merlot drinker is looking for.
  Muscat Canelli
This is a newer release of Fall Creek Vineyards, with only limited availability at the winery. This slightly sweet wine has all the charm of the Muscat grape with a crisp, clean elegance that will win the heart of the most ardent dry wine drinker. A perfect wine for gift giving due to its very limited availability.
  NV (Non-vintage) Cascade
This full-bodied and rich wine displays the best qualities of its primary components. Ripe, fruity Semillon grapes lend a pleasingly fig-like dimension to the wine while providing round, engaging flavors. Crisp, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc grapes contribute a firm structure with sufficient acidity to ensure ideal balance. Neither too tart nor overtly oak-influenced, this wine finds a middle ground with broad appeal. An excellent choice for most seafood and poultry, it also holds great promise for pairing with cold summer salads and pasta dishes.
  NV Granite Blush
Fall Creek Vineyards Granite Blush was produced again this year as a follow-up to our highly successful and quickly sold-out White Zinfandel which was offered in the early Fall. A blend of Johannisberg Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine exhibits fresh berry flavors which are balanced with firm acidity and a clean lingering finish. Slightly drier than many blush wines, it has the versatility to accompany a wide array of foods from seafood and poultry entrees to spicy Oriental or Mexican food. It is an extremely refreshing and delightful wine by itself.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Select lots of Chardonnay grapes were fermented in a variety of oak types (Nevers, Allier, Vogues) with pris de Mousse and Chanson yeast. Each lot was left sur lie for seven months, then carefully blended into this Burgundian style wine. The wine exudes a marriage of apple, lemon, and French Oak flavors and aromas. Toasty buttery flavors make this wine soft on the palate and a delight to drink now or for years to come.
  Sauvignon Blanc
The Sauvignon Blanc is a floral wine with citrus and melon flavors dominating with a touch of honeysuckle. This wine is immensely pleasing with a crispness on the finish that is extremely refreshing.
The Viognier is a delicate, graceful wine that exudes ripe peach and pear fruit flavors with a crisp, refreshing finish. This wine definitely excites the taste buds and is a crowd favorite. It is a terrific food wine that pares well with everything from seafood and salads to dishes with a touch of spice.
  White Zinfandel
The White Zinfandel is loaded with sweet strawberry and raspberry flavors. Sweet and refreshing, this pink wine is as good as it gets.


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