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A. Smith Bowman Distillery Deep Run Pioneer Spirit Virginia Vodka 5 An astonishingly smooth vodka that stands on its own -- straight, chilled, and no ice or mixers. Would highly recommend this vodka to those who like their vodka ice cold and completely unadorned!
Maurice Car'rie Winery Cody's Crush (Non Vintage 5 great wine
Pheasant Hollow Winery Red & Blue 5 My wife was upset that I didn't buy Black & Blue. I bought Red and Blue by mistake. She got tingly all over and said she realy liked it, but prefers the black and blue. Our friends & family in Florida would like to find it down here.
Prairie Berry Winery Red Ass Rhubarb 5 This is some of the best wine I've ever had! Awesome-sweet and tart at the same time.
St. Julian Winery Sholom Kosher Wine 5 Amazing