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Bellview Winery

Bellview Winery In the Spring of 2004, Jim and our sons planted 2 more acres of Cabernet Savuignon. They have installed posts and strung the wires and irrigation line. This brings us up to 24 acres in vineyards. Our vineyards are thriving here in the South Jersey sunshine. The climate and soil in southern New Jersey are near-perfect for grapevines, which flourished here in the 1800's, hence the name of the nearby city of "Vineland". Few people realize that Welches, the company well-known for its grape juice and jelly, originated not 10 miles from us here in Landisville.

From Philadelphia - Take either the Walt Whitman Bridge (Rt 76) or Ben Franklin Bridge (Rt 676). Road will becore Rt 42. Follow Rt 42 south to Rt 55 south. Follow 55 south to exit 39A for Rt 40. Take Rt 40 east to the intersection of Rt 40, 690 (Weymouth Rd.), and Central Ave. (intersection is just after mile marker 33) Make sharp left onto Central and travel about 0.3 miles to Atlantic Street. Turn right onto Atlantic St. We are located about 0.3 miles down on the left hand side. From New York, North and Central Jersey - Take the New Jersey Turnpike south to exit 7 for Rt 206. Head South on Rt 206 to Rt 54 (will take about 1 hour). Take Rt 54 to Rt 40 (about 12 miles). Make right onto Rt 40 west and travel 1.7 miles to the intersection of Rt 40, 690 (Weymouth Rd.), and Central Ave. Make right onto Central and travel about 0.3 miles to Atlantic Street. Turn right onto Atlantic St. We are located about 0.3 miles down on the left hand side.

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150 Atlantic Street, Landisville, NJ, US, 08326 Email:
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  Angelo's Red Table Wine
Angelo’s red table wine is a very light and smooth Chianti-style red made from our San Giovese grape. Goes very well with pasta dinners. This wine is named after Angelo Quarella who began Bellview Farms in 1914 and was the great-grandfather of our winemaker.
  Blueberry Dessert Wine
This after-dinner treat is a light, sweet wine with pure blueberry flavor. It is wonderful served with angelfood cake, cannolis, and lemon mousse. (We're sure you can think of more - macaroons, creme brulee....) We bring the berries home from nearby Hammonton, blueberry capital of the world, and this is all we use to make the wine. Try adding a splash of it to a semi-sweet sparkling white wine, for a delicious aperitif in the mode of a Kir.
  Cabernet Franc
This wine is earthy and spicy, a smooth dry red that hints at dried rose petals and white pepper. The Cab Franc grape is used for blending in many of the well-known European wines, including Bordeaux, Burgundies, and Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A very nice red, hearty and dry, it is perfect to enjoy now with a big steak or a prime rib dinner. This wine has pronounced tannins which should let it age well, and could be cellared for 5 years or more. Aging will allow the wine to gain in complexity while the tannins become softer.
The Chambourcin grape is a French-American hybrid, whose parentage is a mystery that may soon be solved with DNA technology. Our Chambourcin is smooth, mellow and well balanced, with soft tannins, nice fruit and a beautiful dark color. 2002: Slightly more complex and well balanced than the '01. The Chambourcin seems to get better every year.
This is a creamy, medium-bodied white with green apple and almond flavors, and is styled after Bourdeau Chardonnays. 2002: Fermented without oak, the fruit flavors of this vintage really shine through in a lighter Chardonnay.
Our Cranberry wine is deliciously refreshing and lightly sweet, with a zippy cranberry flavor and a pleasant finish. When you taste it, you'll understand why it was the winner of the 2003 NJ Governor's Cup for Best Fruit Wine. It lets the flavor of the berries shine through. This is a very versatile wine. Serve it chilled for the perfect accompaniment to holiday meals (think ham or turkey), or serve it over ice for a refresher on a hot summer day. It makes a nice spritzer, too, with a splash of Club soda and a slice of lime. We don't grow cranberries in our vineyards, but we find them close to home, at a local farm here in South Jersey. This wine is made with 100% cranberries.
Homestead is our version of the homemade red wines many of the local people still produce in their garages and basements. It is a blend of native Americans, including Ives and Fredonia, with just a little Cabernet Franc added. This is very popular in our tasting room, being a semi-sweet, fruity red, in which acidity and sweetness are well-balanced. Great with burgers, pizza and pasta. This wine has received a bronze medal in every competition entered.
Ives is a Native American grape, of the same family as the familiar Concord grape. You will notice similarities in the aroma and taste. This wine is different though, in that we've left it dry, not sweet like most other Native Americans.Very dark, fruity and grapey, this wine is a favorite of many who have grown up with the wines their own grandparents used to make, because they often grew and used the native grapes. 2002: Lighter in color and acidity, In the 2003 NJ Wine Competition this vintage won a Silver medal, and the title of "Best NJ Native American for 2003". 2001: Very dark purple color. Wonderful fruit flavor. Recieved a bronze medal in the NJ Wine Competition. The Ives grape is very hardy, and is ideally suited for our climate, being native to the Northeast coastal area. The family of Native American grapes is called Labrusca, as opposed to the grape that are native to Europe, called the Vinifera family.
Soft, smooth tannins, complemented by ripe red berry flavor. The Lemberger grape is native to Germany, Austria, and Hungary, and also goes by the name of Blaufrankish. It belongs in the Vinifera family, which includes the entire large group of grape that are native to the European continent, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, etc.
Named after the wine-makers mother, this semisweet sparkling wine is made from our own Traminette grape. Its fine effervescence and light floral and spice notes make it an elegant partner for your special celebrations. This wine is made using a special carbonation process that results in small, long lasting bubbles to tickle your tongue. Try adding a splash of fruit wine in a champagne flute for a beautiful, palate-cleansing before-dinner wine.
Our Merlot is a very European styled wine. Meaning that it is more complex in flavor than a California Merlot, with more reserved fruit. The wine possesses good acidity, making it a solid candidate for cellar aging. Letting it breathe a bit before serving will open up the flavors, and increase your enjoyment of this dry red. 2003 was a very wet year in our area, which lead to a lighter Merlot. The '03 vintage is soft and smooth with subtle fruit flavors
  Nana's Wine
This semi-sweet white table wine, with its delicate flavor and lovely floral notes, was named with Jim's grandmother in mind. She would have loved it. This wine features our own Traminette grape, which has the Gewurtztraminer grape in its parentage. It has many of the same characteristics as that grape, which the Germans use so well in their sweeter white wines.
This wine is for those who love the fruity old-fashioned flavor of the big white slipskin grapes that you squeeze into your mouth. Less sweet than many others, our Niagara tastes and smells just like the freshly picked grape. It is very nice before or after dinner, especially with a cheese course. The Niagara grape is another native American, used extensively in New York state
  Pinot Grigio
This is our lightest dry white wine. The wine pairs remarkably well with lighter seafood dishes. With its notes of citrus, and a crisp touch of acidity, it adds to the flavor of the fish while refreshing the palate between bites. Our Pinot Grigio should be served slightly chilled. Try it with poached or broiled white fish, lobster, or shrimp.
This is our version of the traditional fortified after-dinner wine. Ours is lighter than most, with warm, rich flavors of cherry and vanilla. The grape is the traditional Touriga Nacionale, with brandy added, bringing the alcohol content to 19.5%. A popular custom is to serve Port with Stilton cheese and walnuts for a last course. And, of course, a glass of Port with a good cigar is always a favorite pairing.
  Starlight Blues
Here again by popular demand, our fun sparkler is made from our delicious Blueberry Dessert wine. Nice for special Sunday brunches, and perfect with holiday desserts, this is a favorite with many of our customers. We're happy to bring it back for them!
A variety that has been gaining in popularity around the world. Ours is a dry red, bold in flavor, and earthy with hints of currant, mineral notes and good tannin structure. You might try laying down a few bottles of this for 2-3 years. 2002: This is the first wine produced from 100% New Jersey grown Syrah. A highly recommended wine, gaining the praise of noted local wine expert, John Mahoney, who calls it "excellent".
Traminette grapeis a French-American hybrid with the Gewurtztraminer grape in its parentage. It has many of the same characteristics as that grape, which the Germans use so well in their sweeter white wines. Our Traminette has a touch of spice in a just off-dry, crisp and enjoyable white.
  Under The Arbor
A sweet blush table wine. Its pretty color and fresh, pleasing fruitiness make it very popular. The wine is a blend of American grapes including Cayuga, Ives, and Fredonia, which make it something a little different for those who ask for a white Zinfandel.
Viognier is a lesser-known grape that deserves to be more widely recognized. Our wine is a lovely example that lets the varietal characterisics shine through, with delicious flavors of peach and apricot. It's dry, yet the fruitiness is pronounced, and leaves a warm finish. This is a flavorful white which is often appreciated by professed red wine drinkers. 2003's Viognier, Which is currently on the shelves, recieved a medal in the New Jersey state competition. The '03 vintage displays more citrus flavors than previous vintages. Winner of bronze medals in both the New Jersey state competition and the Riverside International Competition (in California), the 2002 Viognier was made from the first harvest from our own vines. 2002 was an extremely good year for the grape with plenty of sun, sun, sun.


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