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Paradisos del Sol

Paradisos del Sol Wine should be very pure and natural. The only thing synthetic about our wine is the plastic cork, so you never have to worry about getting a “corked” wine. We drink more of our wine than anyone else, we want it to be healthful and nutritious. We guarantee our wine. BUT . . . it has to be distinctive wine. Wine with full, rich flavor. Wine that makes food and friends better. Wine that brings dismay when you find the bottom. Wine that makes music in the glass, sings on the tongue to tell where it grew. Wine you can afford to drink. Wine made by Paradisos del Sol. Paradisos is the Spanish derivative of pairi-daeza, Persian for a walled garden. It is a word that goes back to 400 B.C. and refers to beautiful, irrigated gardens walled off from the desert. When I walk through a vineyard, I feel I am in a paradise. We are a small family-owned winery, using grapes primarily from our Vineyard del Sol near Sunnyside. We also use grapes from other small family vineyards in the Yakima Valley. Paradisos del Sol is an expression of my soul. The winery is not named for me (even though I am plenty arrogant!), because it is more than just my sweat in a bottle of Paradisos Red. Antonio Abundiz spends more time tending the vines, his sweat irrigates our paradise. My wife Barbara Sherman does all the paperwork, plenty of sweat there! She also runs the tasting room. . Even as early as 4, our son Kevin (now 8) helped by pulling weeds, picking grapes, and putting bottles on the bottling line. Visit his Jellybean & Wine Charm Store when you come see us. We are believers in letting the grapes become wine. We are Winegrowers not Winemakers. Our job is to eat grapes and imagine what wine they wish to be—then provide the best conditions for the transformation into great wine. Sometimes we use barrels, sometimes tanks. Most often a barrel is the cocoon where the juice transforms into a dry table wine. Sometimes the wines yearn to be sweet and luscious and a temperature-controlled tank is the cocoon. (But then Angelica is sweet, luscious, and barrel-fermented [it’s just complex]). Based at Vineyard del Sol, Portteus Winery, and at our farm in Zillah, Paradisos is a scattered about—mostly estate—winery. Grapes are crushed and wines are bottled at Portteus where I am also the Enologist (fancy name for barrel wrestler).

I-82 east from Yakima, exit 52, left on Cheyne Rd, right on Highland Dr, 1 mile on the right OR I-82 west from Richland, exit 54, right on Yakima Valley Highway, right on Roza Dr, right on Highland Dr, 1/2 mile on the right.

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3230 Highland Drive, Zillah, WA, US, 98953 Email:
Phone: 509-829-9000 Web:
Fax: 509-829-6227
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  Angelica G (Gewürztraminer)
Angelica is true American wine, created by the Franciscan friars of California over two hundred years ago. It was a sacramental wine made to endure, as they and their burros hiked over hill and dale. The method allows the wine to retain sweetness; early preservation captures the sweet lushness of ripe grapes. Their craft has been improved by time and technology, including better grape varieties like Gewürztraminer and bottles instead of goatskins, but we still use barrels. We like to think Fr. Junípero Serra, the first successful winegrower in what is now the USA, would be proud of what he started. We use it to celebrate the last course of a meal with our friends.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
It had something to do with sheep. It must have! I’d be crushed if there were no connections between lambs in Bordeaux and plant breeding. Were sheep the leavening in the elevage of Bordeaux wines from Cabernet Franc-based pinkish Claret to Cabernet Sauvignon-based Rouge? What recipe required the creation of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety in 1600? I’ll take the plunge . . . there was a lamb involved. ’Twas a conspiracy! A cuvee of shepherds and vignerons . . . Yes! Now I understand! My neighbor raises sheep and cattle, I make red wine.
  Gerty del Sol
Dry, barrel-fermented Gewürztraminer is what this is. I have blended in a bit of Riesling, its soul sister, to make a complex, interesting, better wine (and keep my wife and mother happy). It is our most challenging wine to create. Great Gerty requires a lot of attention in the vineyard. Thinning, leaf pulling, careful water management, it’s very temperamental. But if you do it right and pick at the peak of ripeness, the wine is amazingly good. But that’s my opinion. Try it! We guarantee our wines, period.
  Late Harvest Botrytis Riesling
A sweet Late Harvest Botrytis Riesling is stepping a bit into the world of the strange and bizarre. To gaze at a grape covered with mold (miniscule mushrooms!) and shriveled by the sun . . . grayish . . . raisinish. To see inside, the droplet of ambrosia, juice transformed by “The Noble Rot” into decadence for us mere mortals. A jug of ordinary wine condensed to this small bottle of pure pleasure. The perfect sipping vessel for this elixir? Fine crystal? Yes. A goblet of gold encrusted with jewels? Sure. Or perhaps a navel? (Oh! My! Says Aunt Emma.)
  Lot 2 Paradisos Red
Paradisos Red Lot 2 is a culinary creation of two unique vineyards and two vintages. Lemberger (70%) vintage 2001 from the Crawford Vineyard for softness, raspberry, and spiciness. Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) vintage 2000 from Vineyard del Sol to give body, grip, blackberry, and plum. Blended with pizza on my mind—real pizza, made with love and care at home, or from the best pizza joint around. One of my goals is to make what is acknowledged as the World’s Best Pizza Wine. But wait! Let’s not forget lasagna, pasta putanesca, spaghetti, tacos, enchiladas, hamburgers . . . all made with love. That’s why we make this wine!
  Port Paradiso
This is a single-barrel venture into the realm of sweet red wine. A realm created centuries ago on the Iberian Peninsula. An offshoot of a culture clash and war. A sweet end to conflict? The Moors invaded Spain and brought the knowledge and technology of distillation and al-kuhl or al-ka-ool.
Riesling pure, simple, and in this bottling a tiny bit sweet. Lovely aromas, nice balance. A great match for spicy hot dishes. Great with guacamole on the patio or at the beach. Riesling is surely the wine that works with more foods than any other. Anything light . . . I think of salads, poultry, seafood, chicken enchiladas with salsa verde. The list never ends, only room on this label does.
  Rosé Paradiso
Dry Rosé. Unusual Rosé. Barrel-fermented Rosé, Rosé aged on the lees. Unusual Rosé. Rosé with richness. Unusual Rosé. Three lots of Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, two batches of Lemberger Rosé, Sangiovese Rosé, and Merlot Rosé, all blended into this bottle. Unusual Rosé. I write this eating lunch on a warm August summer day, in the shade of an elm tree. I just emptied the barrels to start the preparations for bottling in September.
  Under 10 Buck Red (Lemberger)
Yakima Valley: Under 10 Buck Red. Basic, simple, pure essence of the Lemberger grape. Made in a big tank, no frills. Great for washing down a home-grilled burger. Makes a wonderful wine cooler. Our Monday through Thursday—no special occasion—wine. Buy several cases ’cause it’s good and cheap. Thanks to Connie, Charlie, and their crew for the sweat in the vineyard. Same wine as the “10 Buck Red,” just a more descriptive name!


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