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Port Paradiso

Port Paradiso Wine Details
Price: $35.00 per bottle

Description: This is a single-barrel venture into the realm of sweet red wine. A realm created centuries ago on the Iberian Peninsula. An offshoot of a culture clash and war. A sweet end to conflict? The Moors invaded Spain and brought the knowledge and technology of distillation and al-kuhl or al-ka-ool.

Varietal Definition
A red-wine grape of Italian origin that produces sturdy, tannic wines capable of aging. Barbera is widely planted in Italy’s Piedmont region, where it accounts for half the total acreage. Most California Barbera is grown in the Central Valley and finds its way into generic or proprietary blends. The Sierra Foothills, Paso Robles, Santa Clara and Sonoma, where very warm days are moderated by cool nights, produce some of the state’s best varietal Barberas. The fruit is naturally high in acid, which it retains very well, even in hot climates. Barbera grapes are also high in anthocyanins, but only low to moderate in tannin content. The resulting wines are deep, purplish black in their youth, but tend to early browning and lightening as they age. Tannin from oak aging can help somewhat to stabilize color.


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