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Quai Du Vin Estate Winery

Quai Du Vin Estate Winery Rob Quai and his wife Lisa operate this 20 acre winery in Elgin county 5km from Lake Erie. The location doesn't quite fit into the other wine regions. However in mid 1970's Redi Quai planted a vineyard. Quai du Vin produces over 90,000 bottles per year and has celebrated its "Millionth Bottle" in July, 2002. Their philosophy is to produce good quality wines at reasonable prices using simple winemaking techniques. They work hard doing it themselves. They also produce wine jellies.


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45811 Fruitridge Line, St Thomas, ON, CA, N5P 3S9 Email:
Phone: 519-775-2216 Web:
Fax: 519-775-0168
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  2001 Rhubarb Wine
A light bodied, fruity wine made from locally grown rhubarb. A crisp, semi-dry wine to serve at any occasion. A really fun sipping wine.
  2002 Baco Noir
This Baco Noir is a medium, full-flavoured, oak aged, dry red wine with the distinctively rich character of the Baco Noir grape. This wine is an excellent companion with any red meat or pasta dish.
  2002 Pinot Noir
Our estate grown Pinot Noir displays this varietal`s red fruit aromas and soft tannin while offering a complex and vinous red wine. Pinot Noir compliments red meats and red tomato sauce dishes. It can be enjoyed either young, or comfortably aged.
  2003 Cabernet Franc
This Cabernet Franc is young, yet has strong colour and rich aromas, characteristic of Cabs. This wine offers robust, well-rounded tones and fills the mouth with flavour. Great companion for assorted cheeses and red meats with rich sauces.
  2003 Cranberry Elvira
Cranberry brings a healthy quality to any beverage. Combined with the fruity flavours of the Elvira grape, it remains light, refreshing and delicious.
  2003 Peach Chardonnay
Like a basket of fresh peaches, this fun wine has round, fresh goodness. Shades of the country anywhere it travels.
  2003 Premium Vidal
This Vidal has been harvested later in the season, giving higher sugar levels and lending aromatic fruit tones to the finished wine. The bouquet is clean and full. The mouth compliments the nose with residual sugar, deep grape flavour and a rounded finish.
  2003 Sangria
A wonderfully light and refreshing blend of fruit juices and wine. Great for dinner, snacks, desserts or just sipping away an afternoon...always a treat!
  2003 Vidal Gold
Harvested at -10 degrees celsius during an unexpected fall freeze, the 2003 Vidal Gold was fermented and cellared under highly reductive conditions in order to maintain the Vidal grape`s natural brilliance. With crisp acidity, sweetness, and aromas of apricots and tree fruit, the Vidal Gold makes a great wine to serve on its own or with a sweet dessert.
  2004 Watermelon Vidal
A real taste of summer. This light wine cooler has a beautiful colour and delicate, fresh watermelon taste - no seeds!
  Baco Noir
This Baco Noir is a medium, full-flavoured, oak aged, dry red wine with the distinctively rich character of the Baco Noir grape. This wine is an excellent companion with any red meat or pasta dish.
Chambourcin exhibits flavours of black cherry, nutmeg and pepper. This rosy red varietal, slightly oaked, transforms into a soft, easy drinking wine which compliments slightly spiced dishes or roasted meats. Best served young. Great for a picnic!
This wine, made from the native North American Concord grape, has it`s own unique taste. The Concord grape is primarily grown and used in the grape juice market, and with one sip, you`ll know why. Incredibly popular, this wine is a great social wine, sweet and very grapey tasting with a distinctive Concord flavour. Not necessarily a table wine, but definatley delicious!
DeChaunac is a dry, light-bodied red. The richness and complexity is characteristic of Bordeaux reds. This wine is a suitable companion with any red meat of pasta dish. Ages well.
  Dry Vidal
This Dry Vidal is a light bodied white with a characteristic Vidal flavour and a slight acid finish. This wine is a good companion for seafood and white meats.
  Maple Wine
This maple wine is made from partially evaporated maple sap. The wine is light in body and has a smooth sweetness with distinctive maple syrup flavour. Serve slightly chilled as a dessert.
The Niagara is a full-bodied sweet white wine. The sweetness compliments the overwhelming aroma, distinctive of Niagara grapes. This wine is best suited as social.
  Seyval Blanc
The Dry Seyval Blanc has a fresh and vinous aroma and is complimented by a lively tartness with a long and full finish. Agreat accompaniment for seafood and spicy dishes.
This amber Sherry can best be described as having a rich, nutty, medium-sweet, complex flavour. Sherry is among the best aperitifs of all. Enjoy!
  Signature Cabernet Franc
This four barrel, limited Cabernet Franc, delivers a uniquely cherry nose with black current and subtle smoked and toasty oak. This medium bodied wine is best enjoyed now or comfortably aged 2-3 years.
  Signature Merlot
This Merlot shows soft, red fruit on the nose with jammy fruit, smoked meats and a soft pepper palate. Enjoyed on its own or with medium bodied foods, this wine can be served now, or comfortably aged 2-3 years.
This semi-dry Vidal has a light fruity bouquet, a good balance between acid and sweetness, with a soft fruit character stretching to the aftertaste. This wine is a good companion for seafood and white meats.


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