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Cedar Creek Winery

Cedar Creek Winery The Cedar Creek Winery is nestled in the wonderful old-world ambiance of the Cedar Creek Settlement, a restored 1860's woolen mill that was once the largest west of the Alleghenies. The mill was powered by the rushing waters of Cedar Creek, which were channeled down the mill race and through an open-flume water wheel. The 50-horsepower water wheel generated electricity and ran the mill's 21 looms and knitting machines, which converted heavy Wisconsin wool into yarns, blankets, flannels -- and even socks for the old Chicago White Sox!

FROM MILWAUKEE: Exit Interstate 43 at EXIT 89, the Hwy "C" Interchange. Go west 3 miles to Washington Avenue. Turn RIGHT. After 1.5 miles, you will come to the traffic signal at Bridge Road. The Cedar Creek Settlement is located to your RIGHT, on the northeast corner of the intersection. FROM GREEN BAY: Exit Interstate 43 at EXIT 92, the Highway 60 Interchange. Go west 3.4 miles through Grafton to Highway I (Sheboygan Rd.);Turn LEFT. Go 1.5 miles south on Hwy. I. After a mile, the road will bear to the right. As you approach Washington Avenue, you will see the Cedar Creek Settlement on your LEFT.

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N70 W6340 Bridge Road, Cedarburg, WI, US, 53012 Email:
Phone: 800-827-8020 Web:
Fax: 262-375-9428
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  Beaujolais cle Pierre
irect from our winemaker Philippe's uncle's vineyard in France, a small, traditional winery like ours. Uncle Pierre's Beaujolais is grown on a mild slope covered with flint stones. The "earthy" taste is specifically related to the soil and is known as "terroir." This wine is made in the traditional Beaujolais style and is a light bodied, classy wine. Fruit is reminiscent of dried cherries and balanced nicely with depth and complexity.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A robust, full-bodied dry red aged 10 months in American oak barrels. Balanced nicely with dark fruit and chocolate flavors. The grapes are custom grown for us in California. When we receive the fruit, we crush the berries right away and the long, warm fermentation on the skins begins. The fermentation lasts about 12 days and then we transfer the wine to our American oak barrels. Enjoy this full-bodied red at room temperature with hearty meats or chocolate desserts.
  Cedarburg Spice
A flavorful sweet red wine full of spices, such as orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Makes you want to jump right into the glass with this wine.
This Chardonnay is light, clean and crisp with aromas reminiscent of apples and a hint of vanilla from aging seven months in American oak barrels. The Chardonnay grapes are custom grown for us in Washington. Unlike most Chardonnays, ours is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks to retain a lot of fruit. It is then aged in American oak barrels, and the result is a very well balanced wine.
  Cranberry Blush
Cranberry Blush is a fresh, semi-dry grape wine with bright juicy cranberry flavors and a gentle, lingering finish with just a hint of sweetness. This grape wine is made from Seyval Blanc custom grown for us in New York. We add fresh Wisconsin cranberry juice at just the right time. The wine is cold fermented and the natural residual sweetness of 2.9% is obtained by stopping the fermentation.
  Hillside Blossoms
Our estate-grown Hillside Blossoms is grown on the hillside overlooking the Wisconsin River at our vineyard in Prairie du Sac. The varietals used, Lacrosse and St. Pepin, are two American hybrids that can take the Wisconsin winters. Hillside Blossoms is a semi-dry wine with a touch of sweetness and hints of tropical fruit. The wine is vinified in a Vidal style with Foch grapes added at crushing time to "blush it up."
  Old Mill Red
The world is full of big robust Reds. Well, this one is not. Old Mill Red is a clean, light, crisp red, made like an old-fashioned dry rosé wine. It is made from 100% New York State grown Foch fermented cool that brings out the delicate cherry and blackberry flavors.
  Pinot Grigio
Our Pinot Grigio fits right into the Midwest. It's not as thin as the Italian and not as big as the West Coast, just right where we wanted it. This semi-dry wine has bright, juicy tropical flavors, a little spicy with a hint of residual sweetness
  Settlement Gold
Our most popular sweet dessert wine with a hint of mangos on the finish. This wine fits the style of Sauternes or German Auslese.
  Strawberry Blush
The making of Strawberry Blush is always a welcome time at the winery. Every employee is attracted to the aromas. It starts with a grape base wine of Seyval and Vidal to which we add fresh squeezed strawberry juice. It has the freshness and sweetness of a perfect freshly picked berry.
The first impression is the color. Our Syrah is a rich, opaque deep purple wine. The second is in the glass. Flavors are reminiscent of lush blackberry, plum and grilled sweet red pepper. The last impression is in the finish with spicy oak flavors that comes from aging eight months in American oak and a hint of juniper like berry. The grapes are custom grown for us in California. We crush the berries and the long fermentation on the skin brings out the richest flavor of the ripe grapes. Enjoy our Syrah now or if you can wait, the aging potential is five to ten years.
  Uncle Pierre's Beaujolais
Direct from our winemaker Philippe's uncle's vineyard in France, a small, traditional winery like ours. Uncle Pierre's Beaujolais is grown on a mild slope covered with flint stones. The "earthy" taste is specifically related to the soil and is known as "terroir."
This wine is crisp and refreshing with aromas of pears and apricots that finishes with a wisp of sweetness. Vidal has 1.7% natural sweetness and 10.5% alcohol and is very well balanced. Vidal continues to make us proud! Vidal placed #6 out of 100 wines East of the Rockies in 2003 in New York. This wine has received numerous Gold medals and has received three Double Gold medals in past years.
  Waterfall Riesling
Semi-dry white with highlights of apricots and pears


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