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Pillitteri Estates Winery

Pillitteri Estates Winery The family vineyards were initially established in 1948 and through the years, the Pillitteri family has gradually been adding to their production with new varietals and Icewines. The grapes used by Pillitteri Estates Winery ( founded by Gary Pillitteri, in June 1993 ) are primarily harvested from the family’s 53 acres of farms, which include 40 acres of vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, with production of 100 per cent Ontario vinifera and French hybrid grapes. Today, total annual winery production is about 140,000 litres – with room for additional capacity. Currently the winery produces approximately 140,000 litres of wine annually. It is important to note that the growth of the winery will be carefully controlled to maintain the high standards set by Winemaster, Sue-Ann Staff. Our approach to winemaking is to produce quality wines that emphasize the fruit characteristics of our varieties and the climate of this growing region.

Follow the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Highway to exit 38, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and take the scenic Niagara Stone Road (formerly called Highway 55) for approximately 7 kilometres. Pillitteri Estates Winery is on your left hand side (1696 Niagara Stone Road).

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1696 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, CA, L0S 1J0 Email:
Phone: 905-468-3147 Web:
Fax: 905-468-0389
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  Cabernet Franc
Definitely not your typical Cabernet Franc as this one is rich with great weight and complexities. A deep garnet colour that is opaque and deeply concentrated alludes to the extract and weight of the wine that is balanced on the nose between fruit and oak complexities. Black current, liquorice, tar, tobacco, cigar and rhubarb characters are consistent throughout the nose and palate. Medium bodied tannins allow the wine to drink well now and to age for 5 years. Delicate subtleties such as dark chocolate and smokiness add intricacy. Enjoy with red meats especially rack of lamb, farm raised game, sausage, grilled vegetables, and medium bodied cheeses.
  Cabernet Franc Icewine (200ml)
A typical Cabernet Franc Icewine colour of light salmon is displayed in this wine which usually has the most elegant colour of all Pillitteri red Icewines. A nose which is young and closed is also typical for the age and will open with further cellaring. Presently, light wild honey, maple syrup and subtle floral notes of purple violets fill the nose with a light straw complexity. The elegant and lush palate ensues next with balanced acidity fully filling the mouth with intense body and weight showing evidence of the potential to come. Strawberry puree, kiwi, blueberries and black raspberries dominate with mild tannin giving a supporting backbone. The heavenly finish is not cloying. It is simply filled with wonderful fruit complexities that linger for a great length. Enjoy with chocolate, fruit based desserts, creamy desserts and blue cheeses.
  Cabernet Merlot
A medium-bodied red wine with a ruby red colour, which is quite dark for the 2004 vintage. Tobacco, black cherry, cedar and mild smoky characters with subtle mint and green pepper commence on the nose and extend onto the palate. The dry, full-flavoured finish lingers after. Crafted for easy and early drink ability. A fantastic match for pork, pastas, lamb, gourmet style pizza and medium-bodied cheeses.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A youthful, medium-bodied red wine exhibiting lovely complexity that will only increase with time. The dark garnet colour eludes to the dense, fruit-filled nose of black currants, black berries, and black cherries accompanied by beetroot, spices, tobacco, herbs and rich vanilla. The gripping tannins provide excellent structure and a strong backbone for the highly fruit-driven and complex palate. The finish is lengthy, intricate and dry. A great match for roasts, pasta, lamb, pizza, duck and medium bodied cheeses.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine (200ml)
An intoxicating deep pink colour draws you into this bombshell of an Icewine. Bright aromas of red liquorices dominated by other red berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberries and apple complimented with purple violets, caramel candies and subtle spices. The soft and delicate palate is highly complex with decadent orange candies, strawberry chocolates, and fruit notes of tangerines, apricots and dark cherries. The fresh acidity is well balanced and integrated into the rich sweetness which gives the wine fullness on the palate. The finish is excessively long and rich which evolves as it lingers. While it is tight in its youth, it will open to an elegant, velvety sensation which is truly one of a kind. Enjoy with chocolate, cakes, creamy desserts and blue cheeses.
  Due (Chardonnay Pinot Noir)
The grapes were hand harvested and immediately delivered to the winery. The whole grape clusters were not crushed or destemmed. Instead, the grapes were handled as in Champagne, France where whole clusters are lightly pressed. After fining and settling to remove all colour traces and solids, the juice was primary fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel. The secondary fermentation was achieved in the Méthode Cuvée Close method whereby the second fermentation proceeds in a specialized vessel that can withstand 6 Barr of pressure.
  Family Reserve Cabernet Franc
A dark garnet, almost black, colour eludes to the style of this wine. Full-bodied, rich, and soft commencing with a nose packed full of ripe peppers, stewed cherries, dark chocolate, mild tobacco and mint. On the palate, the chocolate sensations are intertwined with rhubarb, tobacco, spice, tar and leather. Firm tannins give structure and round out the wine with an extensive, long, soft, fruity finish.
  Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The deep garnet colour hints to the complexity of this wine. Light berry fruits of strawberry and raspberry, coupled with a hint of sprig, emanate from the rich nose, intertwined closely with slight leather, cedar box and milk chocolate. The full nose is complemented superbly by the richness of the wine with sensations of lush berry fruits, pepper spices, allusions of tar and leather. Coffee chocolates mesmerize the palate, with tannins lending support and roundness to the structure. The tapering warmth provides a smooth finish to this wine.
  Family Reserve Chardonnay
The rich straw, almost light gold, color provides a sneak peak to the rapture of this Family Reserve Chardonnay. Swirling the glass shows off the long, lingering legs of this wine, while the nose expresses fruit flavours of cantaloupes, pears, apricots, with the effect of French oak shining through displaying rich toasted cedar, spice and vanilla characters. The added complexity due to malo-lactic fermentation is demonstrated by the slight toast and butter aroma which wafts through continually. The medium-bodied palate is a slick, yet silky, sensation with upfront citrus and tropical fruits flavours of green apples, apricots, melons, and subtle banana. The solid acidity provides a good base for further tastes of toast, cedar and faint almonds of this complex Chardonnay. The finish is reminiscent of the legs, with an enduring warm finish which loiters at the back of your throat long after the wine has been initially enjoyed.
  Family Reserve Gamay Noir
A ruby, verging on deep garnet, colour of distinction alludes to the sensory characters of the 2002 Family Reserve Gamay Noir. The nose reveals great spicy aromas of black pepper coupled with solid hazelnut sensations, which follow closely with rich forest fruits, cherries, and shaved milk chocolate. The fabulous use of oak shines through with some well-integrated smokey cigar overtones. The full-bodied palate fills the mouth with lovely flavours of forest fruits, black cherries and rich blood plums, intertwined with chocolates, spices of cloves and pepper, with hints of leather and tabacco. A slight earthy undertone suggests further complexity of the palate of the Family Reserve Gamay Noir. Great gripping tannins lead into the graceful finish, with the warm extended length continuing on, reminding us of the elegance of the wine, before fading away gently.
  Family Reserve Merlot
A taste sensation of a wine, showing an intense opaque blood color. The nose is elegant yet rich, radiating flavours of coffee beans, marzipan chocolate and Cuban cigars, coupled with spiciness of pepper, cloves and hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Slight fruits of blackcurrant, cherries and rhubarb are further laced throughout. The full-bodied and rich palate provides a perfect harmony for this wine, with rich dark fruits of blood plums, raspberries, cherries and rhubarb with zesty black pepper spiciness. Smooth dark chocolate coupled with firm tannins and vanilla characters attributed by the beautiful incorporation of oak. The late rush of warmth provides an elegant fading finish for this wine
  Family Reserve Trivalente
A Bordeaux-style blend reserved for superior vintages worthy of its creation. A wine full of dimension due to the blending of Bordeaux’s classic cultivars (Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon). The nose has great spicy aromas of black pepper, chocolate plus cinnamon and nutmeg complimented by ripe berry characters of blueberry and black fruits. The elegant cedar and vanilla characters are laced throughout the nose as evidence of careful oak management. The full-bodied palate presents gripping tannins in high concentration with a punch of black fruit characters such as blueberry, black cherry and black currants. Spices, tobacco and leather are also full on the palate. The dimensions continue into the extensive finish evolving into various tones of berries (especially blueberry), chocolate, spice and cedar.
  Gewurztraminer Riesling Fusion
This blend, pioneered in Canada by Pillitteri, always proves to exhibit lovely complexity due to the complimenting varietal characters of the two grapes blended together. This particular vintage displays an intricate array of spices such as Oriental 5-spice, cloves and allspice, floral notes and citrus characters. The palate is fresh with the sweetness nicely balancing the wine. The aromatics transcend into the wine’s palate with intricate mandarin oranges, mango and white peach notes accompanied by lychee, floral and spice tones. The wine has great weight yet is light providing for an extensive finish that is enchanting. It is an excellent match with any spicy, oily or full-flavoured foods, especially Oriental and Thai cuisine. It is particularly wonderful on its own as well..
The 2004 Merlot displays a playful ruby maroon color which dances slickly round the inside of the tasting glass. The nose is full of lush berry fruits such as strawberry, blueberry and plum. A light spiciness comprising black pepper and clove lingers above the surface, with hints of black liquorice laying beneath. The aromas carry through to the medium-bodied palate, which reveals forest fruits and cooking spice sensations. Further savoring of the Merlot shows the oak is well integrated with slight tobacco wafting through underneath, and pleasant tannins arising subtly. The heat, which travels throughout the sensory experience, lingers long after the wine has been initially enjoyed. The 2004 Merlot would compliment a grilled steak or any pasta dish just beautifully.
  Merlot Bianco
After crushing, the juice received 3 days of skin contact to enhance varietal characters and attain the proper colour intensity to achieve a fun, rose colour to the juice. After the "Saignee" method was employed whereby the free run juice is drained or "bled" off of the bulk of the must, the free run juice was treated like a white wine, fermented in stainless steel at an average 14°C using yeast designed for premium Rose production. Post fermentation, the wine displayed excellent varietal character and was not put into oak or through malolactic to preserve this quality. Prior to bottling, the wine was sweetened slightly to soften the tannins.
  Merlot Icewine (200 ml)
A luscious, decadent treat that is simply heavenly. High viscosity with a medium dense cherry-like colour entices you from the beginning. Mesmerizing aromas lift from the glass reminiscent of a chocolate lovers dream which also take you back to childhood; chocolate cake in the oven; black forest cake; cherries stewing in an open pot. Intermingled in these aromas are minty green notes, stewed plums, and subtle pansies with a very slight herbal note. A rich, lush palate transcends with high viscosity again but with lovely acidity to balance the wine. It is creamy and as “soft as velvet” yet mouth filling as the elegant tannins gives the wine weight with immense intricacy. Fruit sensations such as banana, dark chocolate sensations such as Nutella and floral sensations such as violets add further depth to the palate and transcend long into the finish which is lengthy, rich and sinful. Enjoy on its own, with chocolate, any berry fruits, blue cheeses or creamy desserts.
  Merlot Reserve
A deep and richly textured wine as eluded by the intense, opaque, deep garnet colour. Stewed fruits of plum, black berries and currents dominate the complex aroma which adds additional spices, cedar and tobacco with wisps of coffee and chocolate throughout. The full bodied palate remains complex with tightly woven characters of leather, spice, cedar, tobacco and heaps of black fruit sensations. A lengthy finish is nothing short of enticing as it is evolving and continually opening up in the glass exposing multitudes of intricacies. Drinking well now but will benefit from 5 to 10 years of aging. Enjoy with elegant red meats such as rack of lamb and fillet mignon; tomato sauces; stews and medium bodied cheeses, or "sinfully well" with chocolate.
  Riesling Dolce
An elegant, lively white wine with lovely classic Riesling characters of citrus; being lemon, navel oranges; with a hint of flint and steely characters. The sweet rich palate is mildly tart with lime zest and lemon sorbet accented by hints of floral like lily of the valley and a playful note of cotton candy. The lengthy finish is refreshing and lush. Enjoy on its own or with appetizers, salads with a sweet dressing, fruit, or made into spritzers. Other meal suggestions include chicken marsala, sweet and sour pork, and honey garlic ribs.
  Riesling Dry
A bright and cheerful light straw colour with green hues alludes to the freshness of this wine. Lifted aromatics dominated by citrus tones of grapefruit and lime leaf with tropical fruits, especially pineapple, undermined by a subtle wet stone character give evidence of intrigue. Classic Riesling acidity captivates the palate with granny smith apples, pineapple, grapefruit and floral tones intertwining the sweetness, complexity and acidity together. A lengthy finish persists. Enjoy on its own, with salads, young cheese, poultry, pork, seafood, oily dishes, etc. as it is extremely versatile.
  Riesling Icewine (375ml)
A remarkably aromatic Riesling Icewine that follows the pedigree of the great Riesling Icewines that have preceded it. Elevated aromatics of intense peach pie and apricot jam leap from the glass closely followed by lovely tropical fruit aromatics of mango, papaya, orange marmalade and melons. The palate is dense with texture, flavour and intensity. Searing acidity compliments to rich, viscous mouth feel that is accompanied by ripe tropical fruits, fruit preserves and a touch of nuttiness that is reminiscent of marzipan and pistachios. The finish is nothing short of heavenly as it is long, evolving and rich. Enjoy with desserts of exotic tropical fruit salads, sabayon, biscotti, vanilla ice cream and traditional pies.
  Riesling Sweet Reserve
A light and lively wine full of citrus and peach characters on the nose and palate. Lemon, grapefruit and lime aromas carry onto the palate that is alive with fresh acidity with sweetness to soften the wine. The lovely subtle acid backbone also provides a finish that is cleansing and mouthwatering. An excellent wine with to serve with spicy dishes as the sweetness will ease the heat, plus salads, appetizers, light cheeses or on its own.
  Shiraz Icewine (200 ml)
A world's first – Shiraz Icewine – almost an oxymoron considering the intense heat required to produce outstanding Shiraz coupled with the deadly cold required for Icewine bring to light one of the many reasons why Canadian Icewine is so special. Similar to a red table wine, this Icewine evolves in the glass to a multi-dimensional sensation. Everyone's favourite aromas such as roses, black forest cake, mulled spices, candied apples and honeysuckle fill the nose with a palate of roasted marshmallows, berries, wild strawberries and mint. Rich and sweet with elegant, balanced acidity and an extensively long finish that is heavenly. Enjoy with many desserts including those with chocolate and berries. Amazing with blue cheeses.
  Unoaked Chardonnay
An “atypical Chardonnay” as it is refreshing and light letting the fruit quality and elegant acidity shine through. Subtle and elegant aromas of tropical fruits of mango and papaya and floral tones of lavender and lilac fill the glass and continue to evolve as the wine opens up. Silky smooth texture with the tinniest effervescence gives the palate life mirroring the fresh style in which it was crafted. Elevated notes of lime, white peach, mango accompanied by subtle mineral and floral tones gives the wine depth, weight and complexity. A lovely soft Chardonnay with refreshing integrated acidity and a lovely finish. Enjoy with all meals due to its versatility. Especially lovely with poultry, soft young to medium cheese, light cream sauces, pasta, pork, and on its own.
  Vidal Icewine (375ml)
Golden in colour, aroma and taste. A classic, elegant, delicate style of Icewine commencing with a complex aromatic nose of freshly sliced pineapple, peach, orange and candied lemon drizzled with butterscotch and underlying orange marmalade, rock melon and passion fruit notes. The palate is rich and lush with balanced acidity streaking through the tropical fruit flavours that continue to evolve into the lengthy, "simply heavenly" finish. Intense yet elegant. Fantastic with exotic fruit salad, sabayon, crème caramel, Roquefort cheese or simply on its own after a beautiful meal. A treat with foie gras.
  Vidal Semi-Dry
A delightfully light and elegant style of wine with a soft touch of sweetness. The nose and the palate of the wine displays lovely citrus characters with a touch of apple, pear and candied tropical fruit. The finish is clean and soft. Excellent for everyday situations. Perfect for light fare or for pleasing a crowd.


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