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Buttonwood Farm Winery

Buttonwood Farm Winery Buttonwood Farm Winery is a small gem set amidst the splendor of Santa Barbara County's Santa Ynez Valley. Our 39-acre vineyard stretches across a sun-drenched mesa on the eastern portion of our 106-acre property. We started planting in 1983 and now have 33,000 vines, small in the world of wine, but huge to us. Buttonwood's varietal mix of sauvignon blanc, semillon, marsanne, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and syrah reflects the preferences of owners Betty Williams and her son-in-law, Bret Davenport, for Bordeaux and Rhone style wines. As we expected, they grow perfectly in our warm, eastern Santa Ynez Valley location. But it's one thing to grow outstanding fruit and quite another to make excellent wine. That's where winemaker Michael Brown's expertise comes in. Educated in his native Australia as well as the University of California at Davis, Mike spent six years gaining experience at wineries throughout Santa Barbara County. By the time he arrived at Buttonwood he knew how to translate the quality of our fruit into remarkable wine; wine meant to be consumed with food; wine with aging potential. Our winery was completed in time for the crush of 1989. We now produce 8,000 cases of wine a year and quite frankly, have a great time doing it. How could we not given our spectacular surroundings and the congenial winemaking atmosphere of Santa Barbara County? The satisfaction of what we do spills over to our tasting room where laughter and lively conversation abound. So on your next trip to Santa Barbara County come visit us in the Santa Ynez Valley. We’ll be waiting to welcome you to Buttonwood Farm and taste some wine with you.

Follow Hwy. 101 to Buellton...East on Hwy.246 to Alamo Pintado Rd...North on Alamo Buttonwood Farm.

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1500 Alamo Pintado Road, Solvang, CA, US, 93463 Email:
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  2000 Buttonwood Syrah-Cabernet
Mike Brown comes from Australia where blends of syrah and cabernet sauvignon abound. He knows there's a certain magic that occurs when the lively flavors of syrah meet rich earthy cabernet. Syrah is full of bright spicy berry flavor and a 30% infusion of cabernet adds a rich undertone of dusty plum and dried leaves.
  Buttonwood Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is Buttonwood's workhorse grape. We use it primarily to blend with our merlot because it adds dimension and structure. It's also one of three components in Trevin, our Bordeaux-style blend. But we also bottle cabernet franc as a varietal wine. Its unique flavors and medium-weight body offer an intriguing alternative at mealtime. Enticing aromas of dark chocolate cherry add depth and complexity to classic herbal "franc" aromas. Juicy raspberry flavors follow on the palate before resolving in a dusky, smoky finish.
  Buttonwood Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2000 growing season was gloriously normal, producing ripe cabernet fruit with great flavor. The grapes fermented for seventeen days before the wine was pressed off and barreled for two years in French oak. Sporting flavors of dusty plum and tobacco with a pleasantly dry finish, 2000 Buttonwood Cabernet Sauvignon offers the best in Santa Ynez Valley cabernet: attractive flavors supported by gentle tannins.
  Buttonwood Marsanne
Marsanne is one of two Rhone varietals grown in the Buttonwood Farm vineyard. While interest in all of the Rhone varietals is increasing, Buttonwood remains one of the few California wineries to produce this unique white wine. 2004 Marsanne is a delicate beauty. Subtle flavors of fig, pear and spice tease the taste buds while the light body and pleasantly tart finish make it a fine accompaniment with many first course dishes.
  Buttonwood Merlot
The 2002 growing season was glorious with plenty of warm summer sunshine in our vineyard. It produced a small crop of merlot which we harvested in two separate lots. The crushed merlot was fermeneted with Pasteur red yeast for three weeks before pressing off, then racked to French oak barrels where it aged for nineteen months. The addition of cabernet franc adds structure and a bit of spiciness to the final product. Concentrated aromas of plum, cedar, and clove give way to flavors of forest floor, cedar, clove, black cherry and oak. A firm backbone of tannin supports the wine without getting in the way of the flavor and ensures the wine will age for years to come. But don't wait years to try it!
  Buttonwood Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is Buttonwood's signature wine. Our warm vineyard location, gravelly soil, and winemaker know-how combine to create a wine that refreshes while exciting the palate with pleasingly tart sauvignon blanc flavors. Two thirds stainless steel tank fermenting and aging preserve the natural qualities of the grape and keep the flavors fresh and light. The addition of semillon contributes richness to both mouth feel and finish. You'll love the way 2004 Buttonwood Sauvignon Blanc captures our ideal climate in its tropical aromas and bright sassy flavors of lemon and ruby grapefruit. Sauvignon Blanc was made for seafood, especially shellfish.
  Buttonwood Syrah
Australian born winemaker Michael Brown doesn't envision syrah in the typical California style. Don't look for big jammy fruit bombs from Buttonwood. Rather, syrah from Buttonwood presents itself in an elegant, more streamlined package. Out of the earthy aromas of this 2002 Syrah shoot tendrils of red berry fruit edged with touches of cola, while flavors of black raspberry, plum, clove, and toasted oak follow on the palate. It finishes with velvety tannins and leaves a lingering trail of warmth down the throat. If you aren't familiar with Buttonwood Syrah, don't wait any longer to try this Australian inspired style of wine.
  Buttonwood Trevin
Trevin (our proprietary name for our merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon blend) represents the quintessence of our vineyard. Each vintage winemaker Michael Brown hits upon the blend that showcases the best elements of Trevin's three components. The 2000 vintage shows smooth black cherry and cedar flavors in a framework of warm earthy richness and solid tannins. As with all of our red wines, Trevin is a great food wine which will age gracefully for years to come.
The 2002 Devin blends substantial portions of both sauvignon blanc and semillon in a variation on our sauvignon blanc theme. 100% barrel fermentation, partial malolactic fermentation, and extended sur lies aging imbue this stunning marriage of rich semillon and sassy sauvignon blanc with light touches of oak and butter. The wonderful gooseberry and ruby grapefruit flavors melt into a slightly toasted finish which adds dimension and warmth to the sassy fruit flavors.
  Hawk Red
Labeled with an image from the brush of artist and Buttonwood partner Seyburn Zorthian, Hawk Red is named for one of the "natural partners" that populate the Buttonwood Farm Vineyard. As harvest draws near, hawks can be seen circling high above the vineyard, performing the essential service of discouraging grape-eating linnets and starlings from ravaging the vines. The mighty hawks of harvest are an awesome sight to behold and we are proud to count them among our fellow inhabitants here at Buttonwood.
  Syrah Rose
Five years ago it seemed as though no "serious wine person" would be caught dead drinking pink wine. Embarrassing ghosts of white zinfandels past haunted many a wine sensibility. However, in just a few short years, dry roses have become perfectly respectable, even sought after by wine aficionados everywhere. And why not? Europeans have been quaffing rosy wines at lunchtime for eons. Roses are low in alcohol, light on the palate, you serve them chilled and, like sparkling wine, they go with just about anything. The succulent watermelon hue of 2004 Buttonwood Syrah Rose is the result of 4 hours of skin contact while whole cluster pressing after harvest. Cold fermentation of six weeks and four months of stainless steel aging preserve the just-picked juicy flavors that suggest pineapple and banana along with strawberry that follows through from the aroma.
  The Infant
Another use for our workhorse grape. From last year's harvest, this juicy wine with a fresh bouquet and generous flavors offers an easier version of the distinctive cabernet franc grape.


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