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Gray Monk Estate Winery

Gray Monk Estate Winery One of the most noted wineries in Canada. Gray Monk started back in 1960 when George Heiss and his wife Trudy dug out an entire orchard and replaced the trees with vines. After several attempts to find the right vines they planted European vinifera. By the late 1970's they applied for one of the very first estate winery licence in the province. The Heiss's started building their home on the eastern slope of the Okanagan Lake in the 1982. The name comes from the Pinot Gris grape variety. Grauer Munch in Austrian translates into Gray Monk or Gray Friar in english. The winery itself has 4 5 acres of cultivated grapes, situated on the eastern slopes of Okanagan Lake above Okanagan Centre. The combination of the hillside and the lake produce a Moderate climate ideal for a vineyard.


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1055 Camp Road, Okanagan Centre, BC, CA, V4V 2H4 Email:
Phone: 250-766-3168 Web:
Fax: 250-766-3390
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  Cabernet Franc
Both northern and southern Okanagan vineyards provided the grapes for the 2000 Cabernet Franc from Gray Monk Estate Winery. A portion of the grapes was harvested from our very own vineyard. The wine underwent malolactic fermentation for 2-3 weeks and then rested in oak barrels for 9 months. Red wine specific yeast was used for fermentation. Ruby in colour, this medium-bodied wine is fully developed in the bottle, with a light aroma suggesting cloves. On the palate, mineral and earth notes support flavours of dried cherries. The finish is firm and dry.
  Chardonnay Unwooded
The Chardonnay grapes were picked in October from vineyards in both the north and south Okanagan. This Chardonnay was fermented entirely in stainless steel and without malolactic fermentation. Yellow green in hue, this has concentrated, layered floral and tropical aromas, which are strikingly rich. The flavours are packed with tropical fruits, tangerines and melons. The wine is luscious and full on the palate, with a long finish of sweet fruit. Served chilled with seafood or poultry.
  Ehrenfelser Icewine
Picked from our own vineyard the Ehrenfelser grapes were brought in at 46.6 Brix with an outdoor temperature of -14 degrees. Yeast specifically for icewines was used. The juice underwent a long, slow and cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The finished product is one of nature’s rare gifts. Deep gold in colour, this wine begins with a powerful and exotic aroma suggesting spiced apricots, orange peel and rose hips. Full and racy, the wine has long, lingering flavours of dried apricots and nectarines, with a piquant acidity providing a lively balance to rich natural sweetness. Serve chilled as a unique dessert on its own or with soft blue cheeses.
  Ehrenfelser Late Harvest
The Ehrenfelser grapes originate from the Gray Monk vineyard in the Okanagan Valley. Harvested in November 2003 at 23.2 Brix. A yeast strain specifically designed for late harvest wines was employed. Cool fermented to retain maximum flavours. Our Late Harvest Ehrenfelser was left to mature on the vine later than normal to gain maximum intense aromatic flavours. A delicate citrus nose and a pronounced apricot flavour that finishes in a medium sweet yet well balanced wine. Food matches: soft cheeses, fresh fruits, lobster and custard desserts.
  Gamay Noir
Gamay Noir is a traditional grape of the Beaujolais region of France, and is also known as Gamay Beaujolais. Gray Monk’s Gamay Noir is a medium bodied wine of deep ruby colour with a floral-spice nose. Releasing flavours of black cherry, raspberry, pepper and spice, this wine is a great choice with beef, wild game venison and wild rabbit.
The fruit for the Gewurztraminer was harvested from vineyards in both Kelowna and Kaleden at an average of 22 Brix. The juice was left in contact with the skins for an extended period of time in order to enhance varietal qualities. The juice was then cool fermented in stainless steel tanks and finished in an off-dry style. Yellow green in hue, this wine has distinctive and powerful aromas of herbal spice, fresh melon and ripe peaches. The flavours are exceptionally complex, showing notes of lychee, melon, tropical fruits and even a suggestion of Earl Grey tea. The finish is crisp and fresh, with notes of spice that linger on the palate. Serve chilled, this wine is appealing on its own, with salads or Asian cuisines.
  Gewürztraminer Alsace Clone
The grapes for the Alsace clone were carefully selected from only two vineyards in the northern Okanagan. The wine is finished in a dry style. The dramatic aroma of this pale green-tinged wine explodes with tropical fruits, particularly lychee. It has flavours of citrus fruits and the subtle spice of white pepper. It is crisply dry. This is a versatile wine, which can be paired with foods from full flavoured Asian cuisines to roast turkey.
  Kerner Late Harvest
The Kerner grapes originate from two distinct vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. Harvested in October at 24.1 Brix. A yeast strain specifically designed for late harvest wines was employed. Cool fermented to retain maximum flavours. Lemon in hue, this wine's layered aroma suggests ripe peaches and spiced pears. The complex flavours range from butter to lemon tarts. Subtly light on the palate, this wine finishes with delicate elegance and finesse, with a hint of natural sweetness. Served chilled, this wine is attractive on its own, with salads and fresh fruits and with fresh salmon with hollandaise.
  Latitude Fifty Red
Latitude 50 Red is a blend of four different premium grape varieties. The wine is medium bodied and has a deep ruby colour with a floral, spicy nose. Flavours of black cherry, raspberry, pepper and spice. Great with beef, barbeques, pastas and pizza.
  Latitude Fifty Rose
A new member for our Latitude Fifty family. Made from Gamay Noir grapes, this blush wine is reminiscent of orange mango chutney with a spicy black pepper bouquetand a hint of raspberry. Food matches: picnic fare, seafood and game fowl.
  Latitude Fifty White
With a pale lemon hue, this artfully blended wine has rich aromas of mango, lychee, spice and muscatel raisins. The flavours suggest layers of spice and ripe fruit, including sweet grapefruit. The texture is rich and full, with fruit flavours that persist in a long finish. Served chilled, this versatile wine is appealing on its own, in the picnic basket, with salads or poultry or light meat dishes.
Grapes from the southern Okanagan Valley were used for the Merlot. The juice underwent malolactic fermentation for 2-3 weeks and was then aged in oak barrels for 8 months. Before bottling the wine went through fining and minimal filtration to enhance varietal characteristics. Rich ruby colour with an attractive berry/cherry nose. Medium bodied with berry/chocolate flavour and a touch of vanilla spice oak, set over mellow tannins and firm acids. A long awaited “warm” and satisfying Okanagan red wine to pair with beef, pork roast, lamb, braised veal or venison.
  Odyssey Cabernet Sauvignon
The grapes used in the Odyssey Series Cabernet Sauvignon are from a single vineyard in Kelowna in October. A specific red wine yeast was employed to produce robust flavours in the wine. The wine was aged in oak for more than 12 months. This dark ruby colored wine exhibits a blackberry spice and clove flavour with well balanced tannins. The firm finish signals this as a wine worthy of aging for several more years. It is a wine for dark meats such as steak, ribs and roasts as well as beef bourguignon.
  Odyssey Gewürztraminer
Our Alsace Clone Gewürztraminer is made from the grapes of some of the original Alsace clone vines grown in North America. The wine is softly dry with nutmeg and cinnamon spice aromas and earthy, mild and citrus fruit flavours. All our white wines are made without oak to ensure that the natural fruit flavours are showcased in the finished wine. Food matches: seafood, smoked meats and hearty stews. Serve chilled.
  Odyssey Merlot
The grapes used in the Odyssey Series Merlot were harvested from a single vineyard in Oliver. Specific red wine yeast was employed to produce robust flavours in the wine. The wine was aged in oak for more than 12 months. The deep purple hue of this wine signals that this is a bold Merlot. The complex aroma includes blueberries, dark plums and nutmeg. The bold, ripe flavours include black cherries, with lingering tastes of spice and liquorice. The firm finish signals this as a wine worthy of aging for several more years. It is a wine for full flavoured meat and cheese dishes.
  Odyssey Pinot Auxerrois
The Auxerrois grapes used in our Odyssey Series are picked from our very first Gray Monk vines planted in 1976 and 1977. These old vines produce a small crop with intense fruit flavours. The juice was fermented in a temperature-controlled environment in stainless steel tanks for 14 days. With a pale green hue, this wine's layered fruity aroma suggests peaches, apricots and almonds. The clean flavours recall apples and apricots with a lingering note of almond on the crisp, clean finish. The disciplined texture of this wine shows finesse and elegance. Serve chilled with seafood.
  Odyssey Pinot Gris
The Pinot Gris grapes used in this Odyssey Series wine were harvested from the original vines planted at Gray Monk in 1976. The small crop of grapes was picked at over 25 Brix, yielding roughly 2 tons per acre. A special yeast strain was chosen to enhance fruit flavours. This polished wine begins with a silvery peach hue with green glints. The fresh and clean aroma and the flavours suggest tropical fruits and herbs, with a hint of anise on the crisply dry finish. Serve chilled with seafood, chicken, turkey, and pasta with cream sauce.
  Odyssey Sparkling
Our Odyssey series sparkling wine is made from a blend of Riesling and Chardonnay grapes. The wine is fermented in the bottle and left on the yeast for 16 months. The bottles are then riddled and disgorged and the dosage is added. Our Odyssey Sparkling is finished in a Brut style. Served chilled in a Champagne flute, this pale straw-coloured wine provides a lively display of fine bubbles. The aroma is fruity and fresh. On the palate, the wine has a full creamy texture with flavours hinting of citrus fruits and apricots. The finish is crisply refreshing.
  Pinot Auxerrois
The Pinot Auxerrois grapes were primarily grown in our own Gray Monk vineyards. The grapes were harvested at perfect readiness and great flavours. Pale lemon in colour, this wine has a fruity aroma with muted notes of lime. The complex layers of fruit flavour suggest peaches and sweetened rhubarb with a refreshing underlying acidity. Served chilled, this wine is delicious on its own, with salads, seafood or poultry.
  Pinot Blanc
The grapes used in the Gray Monk Pinot Blanc were harvested between 20 and 21 Brix from vineyards in both northern and southern Okanagan Valley. The juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks using yeast that enhances flavour development. Pale straw in colour, this wine has a fruity aroma suggesting pears, herbs and light spice. It is packed with fresh and sweet fruit flavours, including ripe pears, apples and melons. Supple and full in texture, the wine has a dry finish. Serve chilled with seafood, poultry or mild cheese.
  Pinot Gris
The grapes used in the Pinot Gris were selected from vineyards in the northern Okanagan Valley. The grapes were picked at over 22 Brix. The wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation in order to retain maximum freshness. The wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks. Pale lemon in colour, this wine had an intense aroma of pink grapefruit and pineapple and flavours of citrus fruits and apricots. Lively and piquant, this wine is refreshingly zesty and clean. It is a versatile partner to seafood, pasta with cream sauce, white meats and cheeses such as Parmigiano.
  Pinot Noir
Grapes for the Pinot Noir came from various vineyards throughout the Okanagan Valley. After going through malolactic fermentation the wine was barrel aged in French oak. Fermentation temperature was carefully monitored for optimum development. Burgundy in colour, this wine has a fine aroma of blackberries and rose petals. There is a hint of raspberry in the flavour. Decanting this wine brings out the characteristic silky texture of Pinot Noir. Served slightly cool, this is excellent with salmon as well as red meats and cheese.
  Proprietor´s Reserve Red
Wine Portfolio Red Wines Proprietor´s Reserve Red A medium-bodied red wine of deep ruby/purple colour with refreshing fruity red berry flavours, marked by a hint of oak and soft tannins. Perfect for casual foods such as gourmet burgers, pizza, beef stroganoff, venison stew and hearty pasta dishes.
With a hue of burnished lemon gold, this wine has a squeeze of fresh lime in its full fruity aroma. It is lively and fresh on the palate, with flavours of green apples and limes. The clean, tangy finish is persistent. Serve this versatile wine chilled on its own or with a wide range of foods from salads to sushi.
Gray Monk’s own vineyard provided the grapes for the Rotberger. Mash from the grapes underwent a 9-day fermentation in stainless steel tanks. To maximize the fruit flavours strict temperature control was employed during the fermentation process. This wine dances in the glass with its dark rose petal hue. The penetrating aroma shows spice, raspberry and currant notes, leading to flavours of spiced cherries and cranberries with linger on the long, lively finish. The ample flavours and full, firm texture herald a wine that is proud to be a true rosé. Serve chilled during al fresco luncheons and picnics with a wide selection of foods including pasta, turkey and pork.
This wine is a personal favourite with Gray Monk co-proprietor Trudy Heiss. Elegant in appearance with honey blonde and light straw hues, the wine has a layered aroma of rose petals, spice and grapefruit with flavours of pink grapefruit and tangerine. Medium-bodied and supple in texture, the wine has a fresh and lively finish. Off-dry but well-balanced, it should be served chilled as an aperitif.


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