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Red Bud Winery

Red Bud Winery


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1524 W Market Street, Red Bud, IL, US, 62278 Email:
Phone: 618-282-9463 Web:
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A semi-sweet blackberry wine made from our own berries. You will think you have been picking fresh blackberries. Serve slightly chilled.
  Blossom City Rose'
A semi-sweet blend of our blackberries, strawberries and elderberries. A very nice sipping wine. Beautiful color and a fruity, berry aroma that makes you feel like you are sitting in the berry patch. Serve slightly chilled. Named after Red Bud's historical nickname, Blossom City. 294
  Blossom City White
A sweet blend of our Niagara grapes. Serve chilled as an after dinner wine or with chocolates. Named for the German immigrants in this area who traditionally enjoy a sweet white wine. Deeply colored and crisp.
  Cardinal Crest
A dry French Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Great with food such as steaks, hamburgers or pizzas. Serve room temperature. Named after the State Bird of Illinois, the Cardinal, and it's red crest.
  City Hall
A sweet, Labrusca-style blend of our concord grapes. Serve slightly chilled. Named after the Red Bud City Hall. Lau-Nae Winery contributes $1 to the Red Bud Beautification Fund for every bottle of City Hall sold to help preserve the architectural significance of the historic downtown area.
  Creole Blush
A semi-sweet blend of our Cayuga and Marechal Foch grapes - a refreshing, flavorful finish. Serve slightly chilled. This wine can be enjoyed with many different types of foods. Named after the Creole House in Prairie du Rocher, IL. The house was built sometime after 1755 and is a mixture of French-American and Anglo-American architecture that linked French and American settlement culture. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
A semi-sweet elderberry wine made from our own berries. This is truly one of the old timer's favorites. Serve slightly chilled.
A semi-dry Riesling. Medium bodied with a noticeable fruitiness. Best with veal, chicken or turkey. A very nice sipping wine. Serve slightly chilled. Named in honor of our Grandmother, Eleanora (Schilling) Braun (1895-1931).
  French Colony
A dry red wine made from Illinois Chambourcin grapes. Serve room temperature with some hearty food such as prime rib or spicy pasta. Named for when Illinois became part of the French Colony of Louisiana in 1717.
  Marechal Foch
A semi-dry red wine from our Foch grapes. Has a creamy, buttery ending. This is a nice red wine for sipping or for those just getting started in drinking dry red wines. Serve room temperature with a nice steak, grilled burger or some sharp cheddar or colby cheese.
  Olde Tyme Apple
A sweet apple wine made from 10 different varieties of apples in our fruit orchard. The flavor will vary year to year based on the apples Mike personally selects for our wines. Serve slightly chilled.
A semi-sweet Illinois Peach Honey - Serve slightly chilled. Made from our peaches and Illinois honey.
  Prairie Gold
A dry white wine made from our Chardonel grapes (Chardonnay & Seyval cross). Serve slightly chilled. This wine is perfect with rich food, poultry or fish. Named after one of Illinois' nicknames, "The Prairie State" and for the brilliant gold color of the wine.


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