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Heartwood Farm & Cidery

Heartwood Farm & Cidery We make delicious small-batch craft ciders, using ingredients from our farm and local community — apples from our forest garden, maple syrup tapped from our own trees, and other ingredients like currants and peaches (even hot peppers!) for our signature flavours or seasonal offerings. Our ciders are sophisticated and a bit adventurous, but still accessible, like a craft cider should be.


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A wine for all tastes, the Maleta Cab-Merlot is a fruit forward, medium bodied red that lives up the universally popular Merlot component. A charming cherry-like nose opens up to reveal an unexpected complexity with hints of chocolate, blackberry, wet leaves, leather and pencil lead - all typical Bordeaux characteristics while still leaving a New World, fruit driven impression. A dry red, with firm, smooth tannin to provide a supple spine, red fruit and chocolate notes dominate the flavor with the same complex, secondary suggestions of chocolate, cedar, tobacco and clove. A wonderfully integrated wine of superlative value. Eminently drinkable now but will surprise with longevity.
One of Maleta's signature wines, the 2003 Gamay shows exuberant cherry fruit and refined structure. Typical of Gamay are the candied cherry notes, fresh cranberry and lively acidity. The oak has added a sweet touch of vanilla aromatics with hints of cedar and a beguiling spicy finish. Like the Maleta Gamays before it, this defies typicity with far more elegance than is normally expected from this grape type. However it never loses the desirable fruit forward character. Youthful astringency was apparent at bottling providing the backbone to maintain the wine over three to five years. The flavors are of fresh juicy fruit, with cherry and leather. The structure is elegant and silky. As is typical of the best Gamays, it illustrates a characteristic common to Premium Burgundy wine - the suggestion of wet undergrowth and barnyard.
This release of Maleta's signature wine stands to surpass all previous vintages. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines have acquired more maturity and their concentrated flavors are magnificent in this wine. The color is deep, dark ruby. The bouquet is concentrated with cassis and black raspberry fruit. Delicious oak notes of clove, coffee and cocoa are enhanced with a subtle suggestion of eucalyptus.
Always eagerly awaited, the Meritage inevitably sells out far too soon for its enthusiastic followers. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, with long term aging in French and American oak barrels, this is a full-bodied red that rewards long-term aging. The nose is intense and jammy, indicating well ripened fruit. It reveals oaky scents of cedar, tar, pencil lead and coffee.
  Oak-Aged Vidal Icewine (200 mL)
What an innovative idea! Icewine is not often oaked, but giving it some judicious aging in a barrel has resulted in a range of intriguing flavors. Canadian oak wine barrels are a very new phenomenon and reserved pretty well to the Niagara Region. Quite similar to a French barrique in character but with some fresh cedar notes of its own, the oak has added intriguing smoky nuances to the nose of this wine. Typical peach-inspired flavors blend with hints of maple syrup, crème brulée, apricot preserve and a tropical note of pineapple. The effect of the oak is subtle but very elegant, contributing extra complexity and balancing beautifully with the fruit characteristics. This wine is bound to inspire imitation. An opulent dessert wine to accompany fruit tarts it will complement just about any dessert with raspberries. This wine is also absolutely wonderful just on its own or as a toast to celebrate an anniversary or the arrival of the New Year.
  Oak-Aged Vidal Icewine (200 mL)
Any oak aging for Icewine is a departure from the traditional, but the choice of American oak barrels, with their sweet, spicy character is appropriate and has complemented the sweet fruitiness of this Icewine. The winemaker has made sure the effect of the oak is subtle, so it does not detract from the glorious peachiness and citrus character of the juice. The oak has added a bit of exotic clove aromatics combined with some luscious vanilla. Look also for notes of brown sugar, peach preserve and some dried apricot with just a hint of coconut. The flavors are complex and satisfying. This is like drinking your cake and having it too. Just don't mix your Icewine with an overly sweet cake as you could smother the elegance of the succulent wine. Try shortbread, fruit cake or tarte tatin instead. Creamy cheeses with veins of blue provide a satisfying blend of contrasting flavors and, for something ultra decadent at your holiday parties, try this Icewine with some paté de foie gras.
  Reserve Riesling
Another winning Riesling has made an appearance from the Maleta cellars. The 2002 Reserve is a delicate gold color with fresh hints of green. The nose is floral with some apricot notes and loads of crisp Granny Smith apple. On the palate, the maturity of the vines shows with complex fruitiness and elegant structure. With just the barest hint of residual sugar, the wine leads with fresh fruit, more green apple, some candied pears, opulent lime and tart grapefruit.
  Reserve Rosé
With Gamay as the predominant grape, this rosé was made to be a fresh and fruity easy-drinker. A lovely ruby-pink color, it just looks delicious. It has some delicate strawberry notes on the nose with a complementary leafy character. Light and smooth in the mouth, it offers suggestions of strawberry juice and cherries. With just a hint of sweetness and good, refreshing acids, this is a great thirst-quencher and super apéritif. Make it your party wine over the holidays.
The latest Riesling release, from the Maleta's 30+-year-old vines, shows a lovely silver-gold color. The nose reveals lime and green apple notes with some red apple, a hint of almond and dried apricot. Some of the distinguishing Riesling petrol character is already peeking through. In the mouth, soft acidity and dried apricot evolve into a lemony finish. This wine promises exceptional food affinity. Try with white fish, salted almonds and simple chicken dishes.
If you loved our previous off-dry Rieslings from 2000 and 2001, this 2005 Riesling is made in the same style. Delicately elegant Riesling has been a Maleta trademark since the inception of the winery and the 2005 is yet another example. It sets itself off from many other Niagara Rieslings by a charming light mouthfeel, pure fruit flavor and incredible harmony. A brilliant pale straw color, this wine shows predominantly citrus notes on the nose with a combination of lemon and lime. Some suggestions of pear and green apple round it out. In the mouth, it is elegantly structured with a fine acidic spine. It is light-bodied with a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity and enhance the fruit characteristics.
The vines have finally matured! This is the long awaited initial offering of a grape type that is showing exceptional promise in Niagara. Maleta's wine is characterised by a medium cherry color with a touch of garnet. The nose reveals plum fruit and hint of black pepper and an intriguing touch of earthy slate. Clove and leathery notes add complexity.
  VIEW Cabernets
A 50-50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this wine takes the best qualities of each for a grape match made in Heaven. Fruit forward in its youth with black raspberry and hints of cranberry and cassis, there are oak nuances waiting to evolve over the months and years. Sweet and spicy, the oak aging is adding cinnamon, clove, black and white pepper and just a touch of ginger. The often maligned Cabernet Franc is an under-estimated value-added element to this bottling with light astringency that creates a gentle framework for the charming fruit element. Firm, smooth and elegant, this wine will satisfy for a good while to come and will accompany white meats such as veal and pork, particularly veal scallopini. Try it also with mild cheeses, maybe Camembert or Provolone.


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