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Oak-Aged Vidal Icewine 200 mL

Oak-Aged Vidal Icewine (200 mL) Wine Details
Price: $26.95 per bottle

Description: What an innovative idea! Icewine is not often oaked, but giving it some judicious aging in a barrel has resulted in a range of intriguing flavors. Canadian oak wine barrels are a very new phenomenon and reserved pretty well to the Niagara Region. Quite similar to a French barrique in character but with some fresh cedar notes of its own, the oak has added intriguing smoky nuances to the nose of this wine. Typical peach-inspired flavors blend with hints of maple syrup, crème brulée, apricot preserve and a tropical note of pineapple. The effect of the oak is subtle but very elegant, contributing extra complexity and balancing beautifully with the fruit characteristics. This wine is bound to inspire imitation. An opulent dessert wine to accompany fruit tarts it will complement just about any dessert with raspberries. This wine is also absolutely wonderful just on its own or as a toast to celebrate an anniversary or the arrival of the New Year.

Varietal Definition
Vidal Blanc:
A white French hybrid once widely planted in the south of France, it is more suitable for growing in warm and humid climates like the South. These vines are prolific, producing large golden berries, suitable for eating out of hand as table grapes. When vinified, Villard Blanc makes a fruity, mildly intense white wine (somewhat Sauvignon Blanc like) of fairly neutral and simple flavors. Primarily used for blending.


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