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Kennedy Hill Vineyards

Kennedy Hill Vineyards Since settling here in California more than a century ago, the Perrucci family has never ventured far from the Santa Clara Valley. The fertile soils and mild climate are very similar to the Italian countryside they left behind. Over the decades since, the Perrucci family name became synonymous with high quality dried fruits and nuts. To ensure this high standard, the family controlled every detail of the process from farm to market. That same philosophy is applied today. With the help and support from four generations of family beside them, brothers Andy and Greg Perrucci ventured into winemaking over ten years ago when they first planted vines on their father’s Los Gatos Estate. High above the Valley floor and the land once farmed by other generations, the vineyard is a test of both skill and patience. Rocky soil, poor drainage and steep hillsides all add to the challenge of winemaking and the complexity of the wine. The first vintage, although very small was an exciting view of things to come. Since then, increases in production have not come at the expense of quality. On the contrary, quality was always the main objective and inferior grapes were often sacrificed to bring a superior product to your table..


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  “Perrucci” Italian Style Red Wine Santa Cruz Mountains
Our 2003 “Perrucci” table wine is a unique blend of the three primary grapes grown on our Los Gatos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Each of varietals brings something different to the senses. There is a lot of body and structure to this wine that will continue to develop in the bottle for another one or two years before its true character is realized.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Paicines/Santa Cruz Mountains
Cabernet is the king of red wines and our 2004 vintage does not disappoint. The soft tannins are well balanced by a rich coffee and vanilla nose with ripe cherry and currant overtones flowing throughout the palate. Cabernet is a perfect wine to have with rich foods, red meat and chocolate. Ours is no exception but you also might also want to drink this one alone. It has the muscle and backbone to stand on its own. This is a wine that will continue to improve over the next three to five years.
  Merlot Santa Cruz Mountains
Merlot has taken some knocks lately but not our 2004 vintage. Rich and complex like Cabernet and spicy like a Zinfandel, this is one Merlot that will surely surprise you. Aromas of caramel, vanilla and spice are perfectly matched with the vibrant cherry, currant and blackberry flavors that fill the palate. This wine is ready to drink now and will age nicely for several years.


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