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Fulkerson Winery

Fulkerson Winery Heritage runs deep in the Fulkerson family which will soon become a two century fruit farm run continuously by the same family. The farm passed down through sons and Sayer Fulkerson is now the sixth generation owner. The winery was established in 1989 and Sayre has slowly increased production to maintain the distinctive fine quality he is known for. The vineyards are 90 acres and production is pushing 10,000 cases.

Fulkerson Winery is located 8 miles North of Watkins Glen and 25 miles South of Geneva on Route 14 on the West side of Seneca Lake.

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5576 Route 14, Dundee, NY, US, 14837 Email:
Phone: 607-243-7883 Web:
Fax: 607-243-8337
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  Airship White NV
Airship White is made of mostly Niagara grapes and a small percentage of Cayuga grapes. The Niagara grape is the leading American green grape. It was in 1868 that two grape growers from Niagara County, N.Y., C.L. Hoag and B.W. Clark, tried cross breeding the Concord grape with the white Cassady grape. Their experiment was successful and four years later, their new vine bore its first fruit: large, luminescent grapes that changed from light green to a delicate yellow as the growing season advanced. Noted for their handsome, showy appearance, the Niagara’s are also characterized by their pleasant aroma. Cayuga White is a wine grape was developed from crosses of the hybrids Schuyler and Seyval Blanc done at Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. It is a hardy vine and it should be picked at low sugars to avoid over-ripe, sometimes labrusca-like, flavors. Picked at the proper time it can produce a very nice semi-sweet wine with good acid balance, structure, and pleasant aromas or a fruity white wine similar to a Riesling.
  Bridge Red
Grape Varieties: Made from three red hybrids; 37% Foch, 12% Leon Millot, 10% Cascade and one white grape, Lakemont 30%. Tasting Notes: "Strawberry Fields Forever" will float through your mind as you enjoy this innovative blend. It is light, mildly fruity and has a strawberry jam aroma and berry flavor. ood Pairings: Nice served chilled before dinner with appetizers or with pork chops, duck with cherry sauce and BBQ ribs.
  Bridge White
1 Bronze Medal. Grape Varieties: A blend of French-American hybrids: Cayuga 43%, Seyval 29%, Vidal 21%, Lakemont 7%. Cayuga, the most prominent grape, was developed at the New York State Experiment Station in Geneva, New York in the 1950's. Tasting Notes: A blended white that's just right. Aromas of ripe apple and pear, smooth and sweet at first with a crisp finish. Rhine-like! Food Pairings: Chicken, scallops, appetizers and other lighter fare.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Complex aromas of black cherries, herbs and oak spice. A full bodied mouthful of cranberries and herbal flavors with a whisper of anise that ends on a serious tannic note. It was aged in new and older French oak barrels for eight months and underwent a full malolactic fermentation.
Toast the seven generations who have worked the land since 1805. The aroma, taste and beautiful color will remind you of a soft strawberry and tropical punch, with a sprig of mint. It is styled after our Matinee wine.
Barrel fermented in new French oak for four months sur lie and underwent a full malolactic fermentation. It has toasted oak aromas with a nutmeg accent. The well-structured taste is creamy mid-range with a straightforward tart lemon finish. Food Pairings: Superb with anything buttery, such as Alfredo sauce or asparagus with hollandaise. It also complements appetizers and Caesar salad.
Ahh -- the lovely cotton candy and tropical aromas of this old native grape are so intriguing. Spicy fruit cocktail in a glass, it lifts on the finish with a clean apple taste.
A fruity tropical nose with an edge of spicy pineapple leads to a full rich enjoyable taste with a honeyed pear crisp ending. Food Pairings: A romantic wine to enjoy on a picnic or by the fireplace.
Our innovative cult wine. A delightful beaujolais style dry red with mocha, berry and leather aromas. The taste is fresh, fruity and uncomplicated. Take a break from the ordinary with this hybrid grape variety from Germany. Its youthful charm promises greatness after cellaring for 8 months. Fulkerson Winery is the only producer of a Dornfelder varietal in the Finger Lakes with this Limited Quantity wine aged 6 months in Toasted French Oak.
  Dry Riesling
Tantalizing pear and peach aromas lead you to mouth watering tastes of crisp green apple with a squeeze of lime. This absolutely dry white finishes with a clean taste of mineral and citrus. Food Pairings: Very food compatible from oysters to lobster thermidor to breasts of chicken with cream sauce.
A remarkable fresh and lively very dry wine made in true Alsatian style. A beautiful and light spicy nose with a white grapefruit citrus taste, with spice on the finish. Food Pairings: Will cool the flames of Indian and Thai dishes and goes well with roast turkey and dressing.
  Johannisberg Riesling
A lovely nose highlighted by honeyed tropical and apricot aromas followed by nicely balanced tastes of peach and tangerine citrus. Aging will intensify aromas and flavors.
Try something new - a vinifera variety of Austrian origin. A brilliant color, aromas of black cherry, ripe plum and smokey oak bring forth a dry cherry-laced tannic taste with a silky succulent finish.
This wine is from an interspecific New York hybrid named Himrod. It is a seedless eating grape and its unique flavors reflect this. The fermentation is stopped early resulting in all natural sugar and lower alcohol. Fulkerson is the only winery producing this wine. Tasting Notes: Light up your life with this heavenly wine. The intriguing mint aroma and sweet tropical tastes of kiwi and citron will dazzle you! This seedless variety creates an exceptionally smooth and light wine. Food Pairings: Enjoy with desserts such as honeydew melon balls marinated in Matinee or sip a glass while stargazing.
An exceptional full-bodied Merlot-it's not going "Sideways"! Notice the beautiful garnet color and aromas of ripe plums, cranberries and smoky oak of this serious red. It has a lively mouth-feel with tastes of berries and a little black pepper coupled with a generous tannic backbone.
  Pinot Noir
Aroma mixtures of raspberries, truffles and smokey spice. It begins with a silky tart cherry taste and then downshifts to a thick velvet layer of tannins on the tongue. This medium bodied red has been aged in new French oak for six months and underwent a full malolactic fermentation. Food Pairings: Teams nicely with salmon, veal or a rare beef fillet.
  Ravat 51
The aroma is just loaded with tropical fruit. The delightful taste of peach tinged with tangerine offers layers of sweetness with a surprisingly crisp finish. Food Pairings: Pair with desserts such as cheesecake, creme brulee or crepes Suzette. Marinate fresh peach slices in Ravat 51 and serve over vanilla ice cream or pound cake.
  Red Zeppelin
2 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals. Grape Varieties: A blend of a native Catawba and a French-American hybrid named Rougeon. A unique marriage that has been happily together since 1995. Tasting Notes: Come on wine people...LOOSEN UP! Have fun with this zesty, fruity, pleasin' sweeter wine. Number one in sales and immensely popular. Food Pairings: Wings, pizza, mozzarella sticks and friends. Adult smoothie: one pint of red raspberry sherbet and one-half bottle of Red Zeppelin blended together.
  Reserve Red
Always a standard dry red at Fulkerson Winery since its opening in 1989. Fermented in bourbon barrels for eight months and underwent a full malolactic fermentation. It has fruit forward aromas of black cherries and plums. It is a lighter style with a Chianti-like edge. Food Pairings: Try it with everyday foods from grilled burgers to lasagna.
WOW! A spectacular meeting of the two great Finger Lakes grapes that balance wonderfully together! The predominate Traminette nose of lychee nut, pink grapefruit and peach is complemented by the palate pleasing clean stylish taste of Riesling fruit with its spark of bright acidity. Buy lots, because this marriage was made in heaven!
  Sunset Blush
The anytime relaxin' HOT TUB wine. The flavor of Catawba grapes makes it truly outstanding. It's a beauty. Food Pairings: A wonderful wine to sit down with, put your feet up and relax!
A stylish newer variety sure to please. The nose explodes with perfumed lychee nut aromas. The taste is boldly exotic and complex with smooth citron and spice notes. Food Pairings: Chinese, crab cakes, white fish, chicken and veal picatta.
  Vidal Ice Wine
2 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze Medals. How sweet it is! Aromas of apricots and nuts rise from this golden amber nectar. Concentrated natural flavors of honey, peach and apricot with a touch of spice, makes the taste linger on and on. Food Pairings: Enjoy with coffee after dinner. Pair with desserts such as chocolate mousse or souffle, peach crisp, orange custard or just use your imagination.
Liquid Velvet! An extremely smooth, earthy and rich inky red with flavors of blackberry. Medium bodied and aged twelve months in older American and French oak and underwent a full malolactic fermentation. Food Pairings: Anything Italian with a red sauce, such as chicken caccitore.


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