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Prairie State Winery

Prairie State Winery Prairie State Winery is located in the Prairie State Mercantile in the heart of Genoa's Main Street shopping district. Illinois-grown produce is used to craft their unique wines in small batches. Specialties are elderberry, Niagara grape, apple and their signature Prairie Berry, Prairie Red, and Prairie White wines. A wide selection of wines from many of the other Illinois wineries is also offered. Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10-5; Fri: 10-6; Sat: 10-5 Sun: 12-4.

From I-39 north towards Rockford, take Rt. 72 east approximately 17 miles to Genoa. Rt. 72 becomes Main St. Genoa. Prairie State Mercantile is on the north side of the third block.

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217 W. Main Street, Genoa, IL, US, 60135 Email:
Phone: 815-784-4540 Web:
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  American White
A light-bodied, dry white made with Illinois Vidal and Chardonnel grapes. Hints of oak. Serve chilled with fish, poultry or spicy foods.
A Prairie State original. Server this sweet fruit wine chilled with sharp cheddar cheese, crackers and fresh fruit. Excellent for mulling.
A crisp, tart semi-sweet wine. Enjoy chilled as a spritzer for summertime sippin'. Serve chilled with poultry or lighter summer fare.
Locally hand-picked elderberries create this wonderful, old-fashioned wine. A sweet wine with such a unique berry flavor. Enjoy chilled with poultry or alone.
  Kingston Vines
A medium bodied, slightly acidic, fruity dry red made with grapes grown by Prairie State Vineyard (background image). Meant to be enjoyed young. Experience what local grapes can do!
  Kishwaukee Blue
A semi-sweet blend of St. Pepin and La Crosse grapes produces exclusively from our vineyard in Kingston. Similar in style to a Gewurztraminer. Charming story, delicious wine!
  Maria's Sangarita
If you like Margarita's, Maria's Sangarita is for you! It is a white wine flavored with Key Lime juice. This is a perfect match with Mexican cuisine or a tall tumbler with sliced fruit.
A sweet white made with Niagara grapes. Fresh grape taste with a soft floral nose. Like biting into a fresh grape. Serve chilled with appetizers or as a great picnic wine.
  Oak Savanna
A barrel-aged, semi-dry white made with the Chardonnel grape. Slightly fruity and full bodied. Vanilla and caramel aroma. Serve chilled with spicy dishes.
  Pioneer Red
A semi-sweet chillable red made from Chambourcin. Great acid balance. A refreshing red that goes with all sorts of foods, or is perfect just on its own.
  Prairie Berry
A semi-sweet fruit wine made with blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. Fruity aroma with full body and dry finish. Serve chilled with chocolate desserts.
  Prairie Dog
A sweet red made with a Concord grape. Light-bodied and fruity, reminiscent of Grandma's grape jelly. Serve chilled.
  Prairie Red
A semi-sweet chillable red made from Chambourcin. Great acid balance. A refreshing red that goes with all sorts of foods, or is perfect just on its own.
  Prairie Rose
A semi-sweet blush blend of Seyval and Chambourcin grapes. Fruity and very easy to drink. A great gift wine. Serve chilled with most foods.
  Prairie White
A semi-sweet white made with the Seyval Blanc grape. Floral and fruity with hints of grass and melon. Serve chilled alone or with light dishes.
  Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
A full bodied, dry, barrel-aged red made with the Norton grape. Smoky with hints of black cherry. Serve with beef or hearty stews.
  State Red
Beaujolais style, semi-dry red made with the Marechal Foch grape. Light and fruity. Serve with pizza, pasta and beef dishes.
  State White-Deer
A crisp, semi-dry white made with the Vidal Blanc grape. Hints of melon. Serve chilled with seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes.
A semi-sweet strawberry wine. Ripe berry nose with a dry finish. Serve chilled with chocolate.


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