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Blumenhof Vineyards & Winery

Blumenhof Vineyards & Winery Blumenhof Winery is located in the historic village of Dutzow, Missouri’s oldest German settlement (founded in 1832). The winery takes its name—"Court of Flowers" in German—from the Blumenberg family’s ancestral farm in northwestern Germany. Beginning with its first vintage in 1986, Blumenhof Winery has been dedicated to growing, producing and bottling a wonderful selection of Missouri-grown varietal wines from their own vineyards established in 1978. Winning state, national and international awards for several years attests to their quality and commitment. Tasting room and gift shop, along with inside and outside areas to enjoy their wines are also available. Hours of operation are from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday thru Saturday; Sunday from noon to 5:30 pm.

Less than an hour by car from the St. Louis area, Blumenhof Winery is located in the historic village of Dutzow on scenic Missouri Highway 94, just 7miles west of Augusta.

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Hwy 94, Dutzow, MO, US, 63342 Email:
Phone: 636-433-2245 Web:
Fax: 636-433-5224
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  2003 Vintage Reserve VIDAL BLANC
Produced from ultra-ripe Vidal Blanc grapes we picked last October, this wine highlights the crisp, spicy character of Vidal Blanc against a background of toasty French oak.
Aged in Missouri oak barrels, this wine features firm berry fruit and an easy-drinking texture that recalls Grenache-based wines from southern France. Only 10 barrels produced.
This wine offers the rich texture and appley, buttery flavor you have come to expect from this varietal. Enjoy with most poultry or seafood.
  Devil's Den Red
named for "Devil's Den Hollow," which is located in the rugged hills near our main vineyard, this wine is delicious served chilled, warm, or even (apropos of the name) hot.
  Femme Osage
A charmingly floral, stunningly flavorful and beautifully proportioned wine made from the enchanting Traminette grape. Matches beautifully with spicy Asian (Chinese/Indian/Thai) cuisines.
Made from shriveled grapes we picked in December from our own 24-year-old Vidal Blanc vineyard, this wine is not only very sweet (12% residual sugar) but also extraordinarily aromatic and flavorful.
  Katy's Blush
made in the style of White Zin, Katy is for those who have a passion for the proverbial "loaf of bread, bottle of blush, and thou..."
  La Charrette
a well-endowed blend of several grape varieties--formerly known as "Charrette White." This wine's new name and label commemorate the bicentennial (on May 25, 2004) of Lewis and Clark's departure from the village of La Charrette (4 miles from here, near present-day Marthasville), which was the last outpost of Europeans encountered by the Corps of Discovery as they began their epic westward journey.
our most popular and perhaps our most versatile wine, this Vidal Blanc varietal offers seductive floral aromas combined with lively spiciness that is barely contained by the sexy Bavarian Blue bottle. SILVER MEDAL at the 2004 New World International Wine Competition.
  Original CYN
This rustic varietal - "the quintessential North American wine grape," according to world-renowned viticulturist Richard Smart - has repeatedly won rave reviews from red wine lovers. The toasty, spicy influence of Missouri oak barrels nicely balances the black cherry character of the grape. BRONZE MEDAL at the 2005 San Francisco International Wine Competition.
Made from a grape that is a relative of many of the best grapes grown in Missouri (including Chardonel, Seyval, and Vidal Blanc), this wine possesses a ripe apple character and a light, slightly sweet finish that makes it a great match for anything from the traditional Thanksgiving bird to spicy Asian cuisine.
A refreshingly crisp, light varietal wine that features the herbal-citrus character typical of this grape--comparable to Sauvignon Blanc, but without the grassiness.
TA refreshingly light, crisp varietal wine that features the herbal-citrus character typical of the Seyval grape--often compared with Sauvignon Blanc.
A voluptuous beauty that entices you with a ravishing scent, then caresses your palate with rich, ripe, succulent fruit that goes on and on through a long, breathlessly satisfying finish.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Blumenhof Winery produces an award winning Norton wine they have cleverly named "Original CYN". Unfortunately they ship directly only to MO & CA, but I have found that the Missouri Mercantile wine distributor will secure this wine for shipment. Order quickly because they always sell out by early fall. This is a vineyard working hand-in-hand with nature, providing a vineyard tree edge which accepts a 10% loss of grapes to its finely fed feathered friends. After trying 67 different Norton wines from eleven states, this is one of our two most favorite Norton wines. I can't possibly be more positive than that, I presume.