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La Charrette

La Charrette Wine Details
Price: $10.82 per bottle

Description: a well-endowed blend of several grape varieties--formerly known as "Charrette White." This wine's new name and label commemorate the bicentennial (on May 25, 2004) of Lewis and Clark's departure from the village of La Charrette (4 miles from here, near present-day Marthasville), which was the last outpost of Europeans encountered by the Corps of Discovery as they began their epic westward journey.

Varietal Definition
Vidal Blanc:
A white French hybrid once widely planted in the south of France, it is more suitable for growing in warm and humid climates like the South. These vines are prolific, producing large golden berries, suitable for eating out of hand as table grapes. When vinified, Villard Blanc makes a fruity, mildly intense white wine (somewhat Sauvignon Blanc like) of fairly neutral and simple flavors. Primarily used for blending.
Chardonel was developed in New York State, to be a late-ripening, highly-productive, cold-climate varietal. A cross of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, Chardonel is proving its value in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states. Given much of the same treatment as Chardonnay, it adapts well to barrel fermention, and controlled lees contact. The result is often a full-bodied dry wine, high in alcohol and acidity, with a similar, if less pronounced character than Chardonnay.


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