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Red Fox Winery & Vineyards

Red Fox Winery & Vineyards We started growing & selling grapes some time ago by the name of Grand River Vineyards. As time passed the dream of processing our own grapes was just a thought. Now we are more than happy to offer you our wines. With 25 acres recently planted at Red Fox Winery & Vineyards, this year will provide us with a great selection of grapes to make wonderful wines. While we make our wines at Red Fox Winery, grapes are still available for sale to wineries & home winemakers.


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1422 NW 800 Road, Urich, MO, US, 64788 Email:
Phone: 816-918-8161 Web:
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Our Chambourcin has an aromatic flavor of currants and cherries along with a hint of oak inside. This wine compliments grilled meats, pastas, and cheeses.
This French oak aged dry white wine matches particularly well with poultry, seafood, creamy pasta and provolone cheese. With wonderful tropical aroma and a taste of vanilla our Chardonel will be a favorite at dinner.
Norton, the official grape of Missouri, is a wine that you won’t forget. This is a full-bodied red wine with a deep red tint, aromas of raspberry & spice along with flavors of blackberries & chocolate. Grilled meats, chocolate, and cigars complement this wine.
  Red Fox Rosé
Our rosé wine begins with a fresh floral note that is immediately followed by a taste of spice. The Red Fox Rosé pairs well with grilled meats and spiced dishes but can also be enjoyed alone. Also popular around holidays and cheerful gatherings.
  Semi Dry Red
Our Semi Dry Red wine has cherry & fruit aromas that pairs well with any style of food.
  Semi Dry White
You’ll notice the citrus and tropical fruit taste with our Semi Dry White wine. This wine goes well with salads, pastas, poultry and seafood dishes.
  Sweet Red
This fresh & fruity wine is perfect for any occasion from light meals or just enjoying on its own. With a sweet cherry flavor and mixed berry aroma, Sweet Red will definitely complement any social event.
  Sweet White
Our Sweet White wine has tropical fruit aromas along with a flowery aroma. Try this wine chilled to satisfy your thirst on those hot summer days.
An up and coming Missouri varietal that will soon have a following, our Traminette boasts rose petal aromas with pear spice flavors. Make sure to try this chilled varietal wine with zesty foods, baked meats as well as tangy salads.
  Vidal Blanc
This dry version of Vidal has a pleasing pear scent that follows with magnificent lemon citrus flavors. Our Vidal Blanc wine complements all seafood and poultry dishes.
Our Vignoles wine has a very memorable floral aroma with fruity flavors of citrus and pineapple. This wine complements many spiced style cuisines, fresh fruit, and poultry dishes. Vignoles tends to electrify the atmosphere as needed.


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