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Montevina Vineyards

Montevina Vineyards

From U.S. 50 take Watt Avenue south. Once on Watt Avenue south, go through about three traffic signals (1 _ miles) to Jackson Road/Highway 16. Take a left on Jackson Road. Stay on Jackson Road/Highway 16 for 31 miles until you reach Plymouth. In Plymouth, take the last right turn in town which is Fiddletown/Shenandoah Road. Before the intersection, there is a sign to Fiddletown/River Pines. At this intersection you'll see the El Dorado Savings Plaza on the southeast corner. If you leave Plymouth and find yourself crossing the Cosumnes River, you've gone too far. Proceed a quarter mile on Fiddletown/Shenandoah Road to where the road splits. Bear to the left at the split and continue out towards the Shenandoah Valley. Less than two miles from the split, turn right on Shenandoah School Road. At that corner (Shenandoah Road and Shenandoah School Road) on the left, you'll see a Montevina sign and Rinehart's Ironworks. Montevina is two miles up Shenandoah School Road on the right side.

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20680 Shenandoah School Road, Plymouth, CA, US, 95669 Email:
Phone: 209-245-6942 Web:
Fax: 209-245-6617
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  Montevina Aglianico
Montevina's 2000 Aglianico boasts a brooding, dark garnet/purple color, a come-hither aroma of wild mint, blackberry and herbs, with a touch of sweet oak vanillin, and rich, grapey, blackberry flavors supported by supple tannins and excellent acidity. Delightful now with food - grilled chicken, red sauce pastas, beef, and lamb - it will profit from several years' additional bottle age.
  Montevina Barbera
The comfort food of wine, Barbera is the joy of scalloped potatoes and meatloaf, homemade mac and cheese, and pot roast all in one bottle. The first whiff of ripe cherries and oakey toast draw you into the welcoming embrace of rich, juicy flavor. Each soothing sip brings more and more organileptic bliss, as cherry and blackberry caress your tongue. The finish of white chocolate and coffee bean is soft, long, and reassuring. Enjoy Montevina Barbera with your favorite comfort food and experiencethe sublime joy that food and wine can bring.
  Montevina Pinot Grigio
Montevina 2006 Pinot Grigio is virtual sunshine in a glass. Vibrantly hued, it catches the light and warms a room. Breezes of ripe pears swirl with hints of peach and lotus blossom to form a heady perfume. Each sip delivers cool ripe pear slices coupled with lively acidity each more refreshing than the last. All you need to add is the deck chair!
  Montevina Refosco
While Rofosco has a long and storied history in Italy, we like to think of Montevina Refosco as tradition with a twist. In Italy, Refosco is purported to be the favorite wine of Livia, the second wife of Augustus Caesar. At Montevina, Refosco is rumored to be the favorite wine of Cris Judd, the second husband of Jennifer Lopez. While we can neither confirm nor deny the rumors, one can certainly see why this wine is a real crowd pleaser. With aromas of Pekoe tea and sweet oak, and just a hint of dark spice, this intensely purple-hued wine seduces with a subtlety that belies its powerful nature.
  Montevina Sauvignon Blanc
Clean and crisp with citrus aromas Montevina Sauvignon Blanc beautifully cuts through rich buttery dishes.
  Montevina Sierra Sunrise
Montevina 2005 Sierra Sunrise Rosé recalls everything about summer. Lush flavors of fresh white “elbow” peaches so juicy they drip down your arms are balanced by a clean pink grapefruit citrus finish. Whiffs of kiwi and peach dance out of the glass, and a touch of sunshine and oak warms the finish of this crisp rosé.
  Montevina Syrah
Montevina 2004 Syrah’s eggplant-colored ensemble tastefully adorns her opulent body. Whiffs of sandlewoodand violet perfume waft enticingly out of the glass, exciting your sensibilities. Luscious red fruit flavors ooze across a verdant valley of spice. Campfire smoke, freshly roasted nuts, and fine tannin lace together a lingering, satisfying finish. Enjoy with a duck trio of roast breast, confit, and paté, wild mushrooms, or a loaf of crusty bread with a pungent cheese.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Barbera
Montevina’s 2005 Terra d’ OroBarbera is classic, but fun; iconic but approachable. Rich, ripe cherries, spice, and toast coalesce into a single sensation of olfactory bliss. Each soft, juicy sip is more comforting than the last. A great expression of the variety, this wine will gently knock your socks off.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Deaver 100 Year-Old Vine Zinfandel
Montevina 2005 Terra d’Oro Deaver 100 Year Old Vine Zinfandel is a balance of beauty, power, and grace. The deep eggplant hue suggests the richness and concentration in your glass. Dark berry flavors are touched with pretty floral aromas and kissed with sweet caramel oak. Truly a Granddaddy among zins, Terra d’Oro Deaver Vineyard 100 Year Old Vine Zinfandel has a complexity that can only be attained from over a century of experiences.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Deaver 100 Year-Old Vine Zinfandel
Planted in 1886, the historic Deaver Vineyard can be counted on year after year to produce the Granddaddy of Zins!
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Forté
Montevina 2004 Terra d’Oro Forté is a beautifully woven together fabric of fruit and spice. Dark red fruit flavors of current preserves, candied apple and stewed cherries dominate the palate. The fruit is spiced with nutmeg, dried vanilla bean and cracked black pepper.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Pinot Grigio
Terra d’Oro 2006 Pinot Grigio is a white wine with structure and complexity while maintaining bright fruit. The straw yellow color is appropriate for the clean creamy flavors of Meyer lemon. Aromas of fresh juicy pineapple develop into toasted coconut. Just a hint of French Oak leaves a lingering finish of graham cracker spice. Pop the cork for Meyer lemon cheesecake with coconut graham cracker crust.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro SHR Zinfandel
In 2005 Montevina Terra d’Oro SHR Field Blend Zinfandel Zin-fluence is clear. Blackberry flavors are spiked by black pepper. Petite Sirah adds a little tannin, plenty of rich blue-black color and black fig spice. Barbera lightens up the mix with red plum and red cherry juicy fruit. The nose is brightened by lively, fresh hints of blueberries and rose petal. The exotic sandalwood, vanilla, cola, and smoke are the tip of the Fourth Dimension. Fine grain tannin fills the mouth and carries the ripe berry flavors through to a spicy oak finish.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Syrah
2003 Montevina Terra d’Oro Syrah boasts a concentration of power, grace, and complexity that truly dazzles. The deep plum color is reminiscent of a midnight sky bursting with stars and campfire light. Unmistakable aromas of Christmas tree and spiced cider warm from within. Black plum flavors are heavily spiced with anise, cracked white pepper, and rich dark chocolateand have a tart candied apple finish.
  Montevina Terra d'Oro Zinfandel
Terra d’Oro 2005 Zinfandel is a shining example of Amador Zinfandel. We don’t have to coerce character and spice from the fruit, nor do we beat it back. Dark berry fruit is generously seasoned with characteristic Shenandoah Spice. American oak lends molasses and barbecue sauce and French oak adds vanilla and cinnamon to a balanced lingering finish.
  Montevina White Zinfandel
A touch of sweetness balanced with bright acidity makes this a food-friendly delightful rosé. Our Montevina 2006 White Zinfandel is a perfect complement to spicy Asian and Cajun inspired dishes and sweet tangy barbeque chicken and ribs.
  Sierra Foothills Zinfandel
Montevina 2004 Sierra Foothills Zinfandel is a joy to meet. Fruit forward, and sassy this is the wine you want to run into everyday. Perfect for barbeque, balancing the checkbook, hosting the holidays, or enjoying a quiet moment; aromas of blackberry, cassis, and pepper gently waft from the glass. A warm and dark berry spiced palate is just enough without being too much.
  Terra d'Oro Zinfandel Port
Montevina Zinfandel Port will warm you up from the inside out. This delicious, fortified wine is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate desserts, nuts, and pungent cheeses.
  Wild Bunch Red
Everyone has a wild side. Wild Bunch Red is a blend of the usual suspects: Zinfandel, Syrah, and Barbera making it unusual. We bring to use without pretense a bushel of raspberries and strawberries jitterbugging across the tongue. A precocious, sassy nose of cinnamon, cloves, and anise settles into a smooth silky finish.
  Wild Bunch White
Everyone has a wild side. Wild Bunch White is a blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Muscat, and Sauvignon Blanc. Drink with scrambled eggs, when salsa dancing, or wherever your groove is on. Whiffs of lemon zest, honeysuckle, and orange. Juicy wet flavors of apple and pear roll over the palate into a long finish.


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