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Chateau Grand Traverse

Chateau Grand Traverse Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, this fully integrated state-of-the-art winery and vineyard operation was a pioneer in establishing estate grown European Vinifera varietal wines in Michigan. Most recognized for its international award winning Johannesburg Riesling wine styles, the winery is also noted for its Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines. In addition, the winery produces a unique Traverse Bay Winery product line consisting of Cherry Wine, Cherry Riesling, Spiced Cherry Wine, Cherry Wine Sangria, Cherry Ginseng and Cranberry Riesling. Presently, the winery produces approximately 36,000 cases of assorted wines. Its tasting room operation is open year-round -- seven days a week. Along with spectacular vineyard scenery overlooking Grand Traverse Bay, the winery offers free guided winery tours and wine tastings. New in 1999 is "The Inn at Chateau Grand Traverse" featuring six suites for winery customers and guests.

Old Mission Peninsula, M-37 north of Traverse City, 8 miles

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12239 Center Road, Traverse City, MI, US, 49686 Email:
Phone: 231-223-7355 Web:
Fax: 231-223-4105
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  Chardonnay "Barrel Fermented"
This exceptional quality Chardonnay is bright with flavors of ripe pear, melon, citrus, and vanilla. Matched with the rich complexity of 10 months aging in small oak barrels, this dry wine will complement entrées such as sautéed mushrooms, cashew chicken, grilled tuna steaks, or a casual selection of cheese and fruit.
  Chardonnay "Late Harvest"
This lusciously sweet wine was produced from late-picked Chardonnay grapes. It is a delicious sweet style wine with a soft, creamy palate, tropical fruit flavors and a lingering finish. Match with assertive foods such as Cajun, Thai, or Indian cuisine. Serve at 45-50º F.
  Cherry Riesling
What could be more Traverse City than cherries and Riesling? Together they make for a light, crisp, fruity wine. It tastes exactly like it sounds: refreshing Riesling taste with just a hint of cherry.
  Cherry Wine
Made from fresh, locally grown cherries which we actually freeze solid for a few weeks and then thaw out. This successful wine-making technique naturally breaks down the cell structure of the cherry and releases beautiful color and flavor in this wine.
  Cherry Wine Sangría
Cherry Wine Sangria is made from our own Traverse City Cherry Wine blended with natural lemon, lime, pineapple, banana and orange flavors. Mix with soda water to make a summertime Spritzer or serve warm during the cooler months as a festive holiday Spiced Wine.
  Cranberry Riesling
A delightful blend of Semidry Riesling wine and high quality natural cranberry juice. It is the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner wine and also versatile enough for barbecued dishes, garden salads, cheese and fruit, or oriental cuisine.
  Dry Riesling
This expressive dry white wine is crisp, fruity and fresh. Its assertive and clean style is an ideal match for most seafood, shellfish, or delicate cream sauce entrees. Intricate flavors of apple, pear and citrus are matched with a vibrant steely-dry finish. Serve slightly chilled.
  Gamay Noir
Gamay Noir has adapted well to the climate of Northern Michigan producing a lighter-bodied, aromatic, fruity red wine with distinct tart cherry, red plum and black pepper flavors. With 4 months of barrel aging, it is lighter than traditional red wines making a versatile wine for cheese and breads, grilled salmon, roasted duckling, or wild mushroom pizza.
  Gamay Noir "Reserve"
This Reserve quality red wine is aromatic and fruity with distinct tart cherry, red plum and black pepper flavors. Aged for 18 months in small oak barrels for added complexity, it can spice up an otherwise ordinary evening when served with savory foods such as grilled venison, stuffed bell peppers, grilled salmon, roasted duck or wild mushroom pizza. Serve at room temperature.
  Grand Traverse Select "Traverse Rosé"
This semi-sweet style Rosé wine was produced from a special blend of our red and white wines. Its delicate flavor and fruity qualities provide a wine perfectly matched for summertime foods such as grilled meats, barbecued chicken, pasta salad and sliced fruit. Serve slightly chilled.
  Grand Traverse Select NV Sweet Harvest Riesling
This sweeter-style white wine is made from 100% Riesling grapes. Revealing flavors of apricot, melon, honey and pear unite with an intense and rounded finish. Serve with roast pork, grilled poultry, glazed ham, pasta salad or any barbecued fare. For best flavor, serve slightly chilled.
  Grand Traverse Select NV Sweet Traverse Red
This sweet-style red wine is made from a selected blend of 100% vinifera red wine grapes. It displays a sweet fruity flavor with rich red wine undertones. Serve slightly chilled.
  Gruener Veltliner "Laika"
We launched our first Veltliner with the ambition to make a wine that would define a new generation of Northern Michigan white wines. We began with an exceptional vineyard site, an unknown clone, and abiding respect for the great wines of the Donau. "Laika" is our test pilot for a style of wine that we hope will lead ever upwards as the vines mature and our experience deepens.
  Merlot "Reserve"
Classic oak and earthy undertones make this wine ideal for wild game dinners or simple steaks on the grill. Flavors of cherry, black pepper, and light plum combine for a smooth and captivating finish. Aged for 20 months in small oak barrels, this wine is ideal for heartier meats, pasta marinara, or most smoked fare. Serve at room temperature.
  NV Cherry Reserve (Port)
This is a sweeter fruit dessert wine made from pure Northern Michigan cherries. Aged for 18 months in small oak barrels, it reveals fragrant cherry aroma and delicious flavor. We added natural cherry juice to sweeten and further integrate flavors and create smooth balance. Enjoy after dinner with dense chocolates, robust cheeses, or fresh roasted nuts. Serve at 55-65 degrees F.
  Pinot Grigio
This dry white wine displays bright acidity and beautiful mineral qualities with wonderful fruit. Its floral-citrus flavors and herbaceous style will match well with entrées such as seared scallops, pesto chicken, or stir fry.
  Pinot Noir Vin Gris
Our Vin Gris is a medium-bodied salmon-hued wine made from the white juice of black grapes. It was fermented to near dryness and then allowed to mature for six months in seasoned French oak barrels. This wine combines the best of two worlds: The crisp verve of a white Pinot with the textured mouth feel and berry-like flavors of a red.
  Semi-Dry Riesling
Most entrées will surely be complemented by this versatile Semi-Dry Riesling wine. Flavors of citrus and fresh fruit abound, balanced with crisp acidity and a lasting finish. From the basic stir fry, barbecue, or even Indian chutney, the fruit undertones will enhance a broad range of the most unique meals. Serve slightly chilled.
  Ship of Fools White Table Wine
Was it foresight, folly or both that led us to plant Pinot this far north? For this crisp dry white wine, we reunited the varied Pinot family to make a blend with the breadth and balance to set sail for far shores. Simply put: Blanc for finesse, Gris for power and Noir for bouquet and ageability.
Silhouette is an off-dry style, premium red wine blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc,Pinot Meunier, and Merlot. It is fruity and rich in body with subtle mellowing from aging for 18 months in new seasoned French oak barrels. Serve with red meats, pasta, or any grilled fare.
  Spiced Cherry Wine
This wine is a holiday tradition. Made from our Traverse City Cherry Wine, we add natural flavors of cinnamon, clove, orange, and lemon peel. The resulting wine is a classic "Mulled" or "Gluhwein." Enjoy as a warm-up beverage or with soda water or ginger ale for a lighter taste.
  Whole Cluster Riesling
Our Northern Michigan "kabinett" style seeks to frame pure, unadorned fruit within the crisp lines of cool-climate acidity. We separately fermented three different Riesling lots from our Bailiwick Vineyard in order to articulate flavors ranging from crisp apple to ripe peach. The balanced structure of this wine comes not from intrusive winemaking, but from the fine joinery of the blend.


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