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Gruener Veltliner "Laika"

Gruener Veltliner "Laika" Wine Details
Price: $17.00 per bottle

Description: We launched our first Veltliner with the ambition to make a wine that would define a new generation of Northern Michigan white wines. We began with an exceptional vineyard site, an unknown clone, and abiding respect for the great wines of the Donau. "Laika" is our test pilot for a style of wine that we hope will lead ever upwards as the vines mature and our experience deepens.

Varietal Definition
Gruner Veltliner:
Widely grown in Austria, this white-wine grape is used to create the famous wines of the same name. The wines it produces are typically fermented dry, and are medium-bodied, lightly fruity and spicy, with naturally high acidity. A late ripener and moderately cold-resistant, this grape promises to do well in cool regions with extended growing seasons. Gruner Veltliner has yet to find a niche in North America, however the grape may gain greater attention with the renewed interest in its Germanic counterpart, Riesling, and the search for a white wine other than Chardonnay.


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