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Breezy Hills

Breezy Hills Breezy Hills Vineyard & Winery is located just off Interstate 80, about 25 miles northeast of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The winery, nestled in the orchard and vineyard, boasts a magnificent panoramic hilltop view from which visitors may see miles and miles of Iowa’s beautiful countryside. About a dozen handcrafted grape and fruit table wines have been fermented and bottled this year at the winery, offering customers a broad range of wine selections. Check out our Wine List for more details. Breezy Hills’ guest amenities include a wine tasting room, retail wine sales, and a gift shop full of wine accessories, BHV collectibles, and other Iowa products.

From Des Moines, Iowa: Exit Westbound Interstate-80 at Exit #29 (Minden, Iowa exit). Follow L-55 (South) toward Minden. From the “T” intersection of L-55 and G-18 (Tamarack Rd) go right (West) for approximately 1.5 miles. Breezy Hills Vineyard and Winery will be on your left side. Note: When leaving the winery, if you wish to return to Interstate-80 West, you may reconnect at the Neola, Iowa exit (Exit #23) to save mileage. From Sioux City, Iowa: Exit Southbound Interstate-29 at Exit #71 (I-680 East exit). Follow Interstate-680 East toward Des Moines for approximately 15.5 miles. Exit Interstate-680 at Exit #28 (Persia-Neola, Iowa exit). Follow Highway 191 (Railroad Hwy) south toward Neola for approximately 4 miles to the junction with G-18 (Tamarack Rd). Go left (East) on Tamarack Rd for approximately 1.5 miles. Breezy Hills Vineyard and Winery will be on your right side.

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31735 Tamarack Road, Minden, IA, US, 51553 Email:
Phone: 712-485-2083 Web:
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  American Marechal Foch
This slightly dry, medium to full bodied red has a bit of a floral nose with a spicy fruit finish. Lightly oaked, our Foch will pair well at your table with your red meat dishes. Serve at room temparature.
  Apple Wine
Made from a blend of Iowa's tree ripened apples. This wine is medium bodied and lightly oaked for a nice farm style white. Serve slightly chilled with pork or fruit desserts.
From Brianna grapes, hints of tropical fruits on the nose finishing with honey and pear flavors. Serve with lighter fares – chicken salad, cheese, and dessert.
Made from tart cherries, our Cherry wine is all about cherry flavor and cherry aroma. The body is slightly heavier than expected, and there's a little hint of spice on the finish. Serve with your salads with vinaigrette dressings, meat dishes, and those dark chocolate desserts at room temperature or slightly chilled.
  Concord Wine
Our Concord is a page right out of Iowa's long grape and wine history. True grape aroma and flavor. Serve slightly chilled.
Edelweiss is perhaps the Midwest's favorite wine selection. Finished in a German style, our Edelweiss is somewhat tropical in flavor with a pineapple or citrus nose. Very light, very sweet, and very smooth. Serve slightly chilled...have an extra bottle around though!
  Frontenac Rose
A delicate pink wine from our estate Frontenac grapes with hints of berries on the nose and plumy & cherry finish. Serve slightly chilled with baked ham or chocolate cake.
  La Crosse
This medium bodied white table wine has been cool fermented to retain its natural fruity characteristics. Soft and smooth, our La Crosse pairs well with chicken, fish, and seafood pasta dishes. Serve slightly chilled or at room temp.
A refreshing glass of summertime, our Peach wine can be served with main entrees, desserts, or as a social wine on the front porch.
  Raspberry Wine
A semi-sweet, but not too sweet, fruit wine made from our own hand-picked red raspberries. This light table wine pairs well with desserts and chocolates, or as a stand-alone social treat. Serve chilled.
Pure Rhubarb flavor and nose, this delightful table wine surprises many of our guests. Exceptionally good with pork, white fish, and baked chicken. Don't wait for the main course though, our Rhubarb will is good from the salad through dessert.
  Rolling Hills Red
Made from DeChaunac Grapes, this light to medium bodied red table wine hints of black cherries and spices. Lightly oaked, the Rolling Hills Red pairs well with red meats, BBQ, and pasta with red sauce.
  Stella's Blush
A blend of Stueben, Isabella, and Valiant juices, this wine has been finished slightly sweet, carrying a light berry aroma and finish. This is a very nice social wine that pairs well with a variety of cheeses, smoked meats, and BBQ.
From Vignoles grapes with a wonderful grapefruit and pineapple nose and a smooth fruity finish with hints of peach. Serve with cheeses, desserts, or as a social wine.


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