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Edelweiss Wine Details

Description: Edelweiss is perhaps the Midwest's favorite wine selection. Finished in a German style, our Edelweiss is somewhat tropical in flavor with a pineapple or citrus nose. Very light, very sweet, and very smooth. Serve slightly chilled...have an extra bottle around though!

Varietal Definition
Created by Elmer Swenson, this white grape is derived from an Ontario x MN 78 cross. Edelwies is disease resistant and very winter-hardy, reportedly to -30 F (approx. -34 C). Along with other Swensen varieties, it is an important varietal in the northern United States. The vine produces large, loose clusters, with pale gold berries. The grapes of the vine are often used to make sweet white wines or occasionally left on the vine long enough to produce icewines. Edelweiss is very disease resistant


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