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Chesser Island Winery

Chesser Island Winery Located in Folkston, Georgia (known nationally as the Gateway to the Okefenokee), Chesser Island Winery officially started in 2005 and is committed to creating handcrafted sparkling wines in the traditional methode champenoise (a.k.a. methode traditonelle) style. The end results are unique, fruit forward, sparkling wines that honor their handcrafted creation with impressive quality. For those that prefer still wines, our winery also crafts several varieties of non-sparkling wines comprised exclusively of Georgia grown fruits. At present, we have released four sparkling wines. Each wine variety produced by our winery tells a story about the Okefenokee on its label. Of the 400,000 visitors to the Swamp annually, very few actually get a chance to truly experience the physical wonders of the area or learn about the incredibly rich history forged in the “land of trembling earth.” By relaying this information through our wines, the Okefenokee visitor has an opportunity to carry a little local history and a great bottle of wine home with them.

Please call 912-496-2916 for an appointment.

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3940 Chesser Lane, Folkston, GA, US, 31537 Email:
Phone: 912-496-2916 Web:
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  Billy Bowlegs Blue
Billy's Island was named for Billy Bowlegs, the last Seminole Indian chief to leave the Okefenokee Swamp. The island was once home to over 600 residents and enjoyed such modern amenities as a movie theatre, post office, general store, school house and churches. The island served as a base of operations during the first half of the 1900s for workers hired to harvest the vast stands of cypress and pine trees located throughout the Great Swamp.
  Folkston Funnel Bubble
In addition to being the "Gateway to the Okefenokee Swamp," Folkston,Georgia is also known to rail fans and train-watchers as the Folkston Funnel. During any given 24 hour period, as many as 70 or more trains pass through this friendly southeast Georgia town heading up and down the eastern seaboard. The name is fitting given that two major rail lines converge near the northern border of the town funneling essentially every freight train from the eastern half of the U.S. through the center of this train enthusiast's paradise.
  Jackson's Folly Rosé
Intending that the Okefenokee Swamp be drained and its fertile soil farmed, Georgia's 1889 legislative session allowed The Suwanee Canal Co. to purchase 430,000 acres of the Great Swamp for $62,101.80. Captain Harry Jackson undertook the task of digging a canal from the eastern side of the Okefenokee due east toward the St Mary's River. Twenty-two miles of canals and over a million dollars later, Captain Jackson was no closer to draining the swamp than when he started. Rather than flowing east toward the St Mary's River, the water in the new canals flowed west toward the Okefenokee's interior. The project was eventually abandoned in despair and local history refers to the engineering mistake as Jackson's Folly.
  Okefenokee Brut
The Seminole term "Okefenokee" means "land of the trembling earth" and is so named because floating peat deposits, some over 15 feet thick, are so unstable that merely walking on them causes the ground and surrounding trees to tremble. Covering over 483,000 acres, the Great Swamp is one of the world's largest freshwater wetlands, home to some 600 plant species and 425 species of vertebrate animals - including over 10,000 alligators. The vitality of the swamp ecosystem is matched only by the rich history and stories of it's early settlers. Visit and enjoy!


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