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Jackson's Folly Rosé

Jackson's Folly Rosé Wine Details
Price: $9.99 per bottle

Description: Intending that the Okefenokee Swamp be drained and its fertile soil farmed, Georgia's 1889 legislative session allowed The Suwanee Canal Co. to purchase 430,000 acres of the Great Swamp for $62,101.80. Captain Harry Jackson undertook the task of digging a canal from the eastern side of the Okefenokee due east toward the St Mary's River. Twenty-two miles of canals and over a million dollars later, Captain Jackson was no closer to draining the swamp than when he started. Rather than flowing east toward the St Mary's River, the water in the new canals flowed west toward the Okefenokee's interior. The project was eventually abandoned in despair and local history refers to the engineering mistake as Jackson's Folly.


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