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Picchetti Winery

Picchetti Winery Picchetti Winery has rich historical roots dating back to the late 1800’s making Picchetti one of the oldest wineries in California. The winery complex is listed both on the National Registry of Historical Places and the Santa Clara County Heritage Resource Inventory. In 1872 a young Vincenso Picchetti emigrated to Santa Clara Valley from his native Formarco, Italy and found employment as a foreman with a local vineyard owned by Santa Clara College now known as Santa Clara University. During the following ten years Vincenso sent for his brother Secondo and together they purchased their first 160 acres of land. The young vineyards of Zinfandel, Carignane and Petite Sirah began producing and the fruit was sold to local wineries until 1896. It was in that that year that the Picchetti Brother’s decided to try their luck in the commercial wine business. The two story red brick winery building they built that year, which used to be filled with redwood storage tanks and oak casks for aging and storing wine, is today home to our barrel and tasting rooms. The Picchetti Brothers Winery registered as California Bonded Winery number 148 was considered by many to be a producer of outstanding and distinctive wines. Vincenso passed away in 1904 and day to day management of the ranch was left to two of his four sons Antone and John. By that time the ranch had expanded to encompass 500 acres of land. Antone and John were forced to cope the looming prospect of prohibition. In order to meet operating expenses during this period they sold off acreage and converted some of the vineyard to fruit orchards. They also expanded the amount of livestock housed at the ranch. John Picchetti was also a great lover of birds, he built several aviaries and bred several species of birds. One of these species (Pavo cristatus) or Peacock, still roam freely about the property today. Unfortunately during the late 50’s early 60’s the ranch became unprofitable and the family was forced to cut back operations. Commercial wine production stopped in 1963 and in 1977 the remaining land was sold to the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District.

Take the 280 freeway to the Foothill Grant Road exit in Cupertino. Travel southwest on Foothill Blvd 3.5 miles. Foothill changes to Steven’s Canyon Road. Travel through a residential section, pass Steven’s Creek County Park, reservoir and dam. Turn right on Montebello road. The first left hand turn is the Picchetti Winery.

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13100 Montebello Road, Cupertino, CA, US, 95014 Email:
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  (NV) White Pavone
Our newest release, this luscious blend of Chardonnay from a Monterey coastal vineyard and our 2005 Viognier makes for a wonderful pairing of flavors. From the spicy Viognier you will taste hints of apricot, peach, cantaloupe and nutmeg. The barrel-fermented Chardonnay gives the wine a rich and sweet mouth feel. A versatile wine this will pair with a wide range of dishes from spicy Thai foods to seafood pastas.
  Angelica Reserve
It is back. Liquid love is what we call it. Our signature white port that we barrel age for 3 years before release. Made from our Estate Chardonnay and fortified with brandy half way through fermentation. Beautiful, luscious flavors of apricots, pears and dried fruits with a velvety nutty finish.
  Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
This wine opens up to black cherry, cassis and spicy oak coupled with subtle complexities of green olive, vanilla and floral tones. The blackberry and raspberry in the mouth, along with focused tannins make it perfect for summer barbeques (try it with a rib eye!) as well as hearty winter meals. This is a structured wine that should age well. As a food pairing, try a beautiful BBQ'd rib eye this summer. That is when we will be opening it. Give this wine 2 hours to breathe if you can and it will open up beautifully for you.
  Cabernet Sauvignon, Quarry Hill
  Chardonnay,Santa Cruz Mountains
This wine is from a new vineyard off Summit Road. We have saved it in the past for our Reserve Angelica, but we allocated a small production lot on its own in 2003 and we are glad we did! It is luscious with a wonderful, full mouth feel. Lots of honeyed spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, along with notes of apple, citrus and pear. There is a toasty barrel spice flavor and a hint of hazelnut as well. With crab season underway it is a perfect pairing as well as with all of your rich seafood dishes such as halibut and lobster.
  Mattie Rosé
Produced from fruit harvested from a local Syrah grower, this beautifully colored wine is a refreshing accompaniment to a Tuscan picnic, Barbequed chicken, or Plank-roasted salmon. Soft floral textures characterize this wine with hints of strawberry, dry yet full of flavor.
  Merlot, Yorkville Highlands
This ruby colored wine is a very fruit-driven Merlot. Ripe red berries such as strawbery and cranberry are abundant on the nose with a nice touch of anise and barrel spice. The mouth is JAMMY! Lush raspberry and cassis make this a wine that you could imagine spreading on toast. This wine would be a great complement to a mushroom risotto, a barbecued Tri-Tip, or any variety of strong cheeses.
  Mission Angelica
Made from California Mission Grapes this wine is representative of the type of wine first produced in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1880’s. It is the oldest variety of wine grape cultivated in California today and has great significance as it defined California viticulture for over a century. We have added brandy to the fermenting grapes that stops the fermentation process, leaves sweetness to the wine and acts as a preservative, which is why the wine was popular in the old days. Our modern day preference is to enjoy this historic wine chilled over ice with a lemon twist.
  Pinot Noir, Santa Cruz Mountains
The Santa Cruz Mountains terroir has again yielded a somewhat wild, very fruity wine with hints of vanilla, plum, strawberry and clove. The tannins and acid balance on this wine give a wonderful mouth feel, even at this first release. Its very Burgundian nature makes it an ideal companion to rich foods such as smoked duck, sausages and stilton cheese. This wine was aged with 60% new oak.
  Pinot Noir, Truchard Vineyard, Napa Valley
Our wine from the world-famous Truchard Vineyard in Napa Valley will not disappoint! It is a sophisticated wine with all the flavor and body associated with a well-made Pinot. Velvety tannins with a viscous, weighty mouth feel underscore its very fruity character. Intense raspberry flavors and its sophistication make this wine ideal with simple foods, such as grilled quail, trout, or pasta with smoked duck
This is our second Port release. Blending from our Saratoga Zinfandel vineyard and a Petite Sirah vineyard we have created a luscious fortified port wine. The beautiful fruit from the Zinfandel complements the richness of the Petite Sirah. Expect jammy cherry, plum and black pepper flavors to emerge along with a palate of vanilla, smoke and clove on the finish with lovely silky tannins. You might even pick out some gingerbread and pomegranate! This luscious wine is perfect for sipping at cellar temperatures with piece of Stilton or rich chocolate, both of which are classic pairings and superb!
  Red Pavone
Dark and rich this wine is blended for complexity with an emphasis on youthful fruit. It is primarily a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Cherry and raspberry fruit aromas are complimented with notes of leather, pepper nutmeg, vanilla and baking spices. The velvety tannins carry the fruit and spices through the palate to a long pleasant finish. This is a great wine for picnics, barbecues and cool fall nights. Try it with dishes with mushroom preparations. This is our second release of this wine and for those that missed the first. Pavone is peacock in Italian.
  Viognier, San Benito County
Enjoy this sophisticated wine, great for summer, with a floral nose and crisp, light palate. Serve chilled with creamy brie or oysters on the half-shell.
  Zinfandel, Picchetti Estate
This wine, from our 100+ year old estate vines, is spectacular. No wonder this was the one vineyard area the Picchetti family kept in production through Prohibition for their family use! The deep color, full mouthfeel and exquisite balance of fruit and tannins make this a truly exceptional wine that we reserve for our Club Members.
  Zinfandel, Saratoga, Bellicitti Vineyard
It is ready, big and full again of those beautiful jammy flavors. Smooth raspberry and vanilla on the nose. Treat yourself to this local favorite and savor it with a wide variety of dishes from a spicy Italian pasta or pizza to a simple slice of Spanish Manchego cheese.


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