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Mission Angelica

Mission Angelica Wine Details
Price: $14.95 per bottle

Description: Made from California Mission Grapes this wine is representative of the type of wine first produced in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1880’s. It is the oldest variety of wine grape cultivated in California today and has great significance as it defined California viticulture for over a century. We have added brandy to the fermenting grapes that stops the fermentation process, leaves sweetness to the wine and acts as a preservative, which is why the wine was popular in the old days. Our modern day preference is to enjoy this historic wine chilled over ice with a lemon twist.

Varietal Definition
Earliest grape planted in 17th century in what is now the state of California. Thought to have arrived in the America's by Spanish conquistadores importation. Known to be identical with the Pais grape widely grown in Chile and thought to originate from the Monica grape of Spain and Sardinia.


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