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Jaffurs Wine Cellars

Jaffurs Wine Cellars Jaffurs Wine Cellars is dedicated to producing great Rhone varietal wines with a new-world independence. It is one of the newest wineries in Santa Barbara County. Owner/winemaker Craig Jaffurs, produced his first professional wines during the 1994 harvest. During the 2001 harvest, production was 3200 cases including Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Viognier, and Roussanne. Harvest 2002 will produce less wine (2600 cases), but quality is up because of the concentrated flavors associated with the reduced vineyard yields. Harvest 2003 produced about 3200 cases using very ripe, high acid grapes from all our favorite vineyards. Quality should be a lot like 2001. All our wines are carefully made in small lots. 2003 year was our 10th harvest!

Exit US 101 on Milpas St. Head North/East (away from beach) on Milpas. Turn left on Montecito Street. We are third building on right.

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819 E. Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, CA, US, 93103 Email:
Phone: 805-962-7003 Web:
Fax: 805-962-7003
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  Grenache, Stolpman Vineyard
The 2003 Grenache, Stolpman Vineyard. A big, gripping medium-dark wine, it has a plum -cola-strawberry nose, flavors of spice, a complex, high-tannin mouth feel, and a lingering finish. It is full yet supple in the mouth. An extremely low yield in 2003 gives the wine power. New Tablas Creek and Albin grape clones make the wine deeper than in the past. No new oak was used letting the native grape tannins show through to fill your palate. (117 cases produced – very limited)
  Petite Sirah, Thompson Vineyard
The 2003 Thompson Vineyard Petite Sirah is our newest wine and there is nothing petit about it. Like its sister, Thompson Vineyard Syrah, it has incredible darkness, fruit and power. But this is a MUCH BIGGER wine than syrah. It has gobs of cherry-berry-red and black fruit flavors, spice and licorice aromas, and a stick-to-your-lips quality. Two new and two older French barrels were used (98 cases produced – very limited).
  Roussanne, Santa Barbara County
The 2004 Roussanne, Santa Barbara County like the previous vintages, has a focused floral-mineral aroma and flavors of lime, honey, and stone. Unlike our previous vintages, it is a blend of wines from two vineyards. Stolpman Vineyard (66%) adds high acidity, mineral and citrus. The warmer Westerly Vineyard fruit (34%) adds honey, spice, and has a softer mouth feel. As a young wine, it is classic Roussanne and should age for years. It was fermented in fifteen neutral French barrels. (360 cases) Stolpman Vineyard harvested on October
  Syrah, Bien Nacido Vineyard
This bottling of 2002 Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah is again dark as night, yet lean, spicy, and balanced. More aromatic than usual, it has clean berry nuances and a brooding, dark fruit flavor. It shows the white pepper - Provençal flavors characteristic of Bien Nacido Pinot Noir. A big Syrah for cellaring to 2008.
  Syrah, Bien Nacido Vineyard
The 2003 Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah is our darkest wine. Rich and fruitful on the finish, it has density and power. It may our best wine of the vintage. It has a classic BNV high-tone, spice-cherry aroma and a thick, dark-fruit taste. Extra barrel aging intensifies the flavors and aromas. It was made using four new French, two new American oak barrels, and four older barrels. (280 cases produced)
  Syrah, Larner Vineyard
The 2003 Larner Vineyard Syrah is thick, elegant and deep with hints of Provincial spices. Two barrels of 383 clone syrah add chewy, cherry-spice characteristics, while two barrels of 174 clone syrah add coffee, tar and berry flavors. This powerful wine is balanced, dark and complete. Made using older French and American oak barrels. (94 cases produced)
  Syrah, Melville Vineyard
This bottling of 2002 Melville Vineyard Syrah is dark, dusty, and chewy. It is more elegant,and powerful than last year's version, and is showing its aromatics much earlier. It has mild spice and dark raspberry flavors. The aroma shows cherries with hints of provincial herbs. But this wine is almost more about mouth feel than it is about aromatics. It has it all - huge stuff! Drink now through 2010.
  Syrah, Melville Vineyard
The 2003 Melville Vineyard Syrah is dark, chewy, and fruitful. Extra barrel aging has softened the wine and intensified the aromas. This is powerful, mineral-cherry-spice flavored stuff. The aroma shows cherries with hints of dust and Provincial herbs. A blend of Shiraz 1, Estrella and Tablas Creek clones grapes provide balance and complexity. Made using four new French and two new American, plus six older French and American barrels. (280 cases produced)
  Syrah, Santa Barbara County
The 2003 Santa Barbara County Syrah combines Thompson Vineyard, Larner Vineyard, Melville Vineyard, and Bien Nacido Vineyard fruit. As usual, this blend is more than the sum of its parts. It is powerful, dark, tar-y stuff., with a sweet, full finish. It shows cherry, mineral, spice flavors. It shares the identical farming and winemaking techniques as our vineyard designated wines to produce a wine of great complexity and lower price. (1048 cases produced)
  Syrah, South Swell Syrah
The 2002 South Swell Syrah combines fruit from all our Santa Barbara vineyard sources: Thompson Vineyard, Stolpman Vineyard, Melville Vineyard, and Bien Nacido Vineyard fruit. Like our other syrahs, it is big, deeply colored stuff. Its fruit and pepper-spice flavors have smoothed. Its tannins are full. It shares the identical farming and winemaking techniques as our vineyard designated wines to produce a wine of great complexity and lower price. (limited - 112 cases produced)
  Syrah, Stolpman Vineyard
The very limited bottling of 2002 Stolpman Vineyard Syrah is again, thick ,dark, elegant and raspberry-cassis driven. The Estrella Clone element of this wine adds forward cherry- fruit characteristics while the Durrell clone element adds coffee and blueberry elements. The clone 3 added a clove spice and extra depth. Together they yield a wine of power, balance, and complexity. Drink now through 2007.
  Syrah, Thompson Vineyard
The limited bottling of 2002 Thompson Vineyard Syrah is thick, powerful, and elegant. It is powerful fruit forward with cherry-spice aromas with hints of sweet tar, cedar, spice, and coffee. Mentha shows with age. As always, it will stain your glass and make your lips stick together (that's good). It has a long, lingering finish. Drink now through 2009.
  Syrah, Thompson Vineyard
The 2003 Thompson Vineyard Syrah, has powerful fruit forward flavors. This vintage has extra barrel aging which smooth the wine’s mouth feel and intensify the aromatics. It has flavors of cherries and dark berries with hints of sweet tar. Menthol aromas are beginning to emerge. Experience the classic candy quality that clings to your glass and sticks to your lips. Made using four new French, two new American, and six older barrels. (280 cases produced)
  Syrah, UPSLOPE
The 2003 UPSLOPE Syrah combines the six best barrels from our Thompson Vineyard, Melville Vineyard, and Bien Nacido Vineyard wine lots. This wine transcends our traditional winemaking concept which focuses on vineyard designation. Rather, it combines the best characteristics of the best barrels from our best vineyards. The blend will change each year, but the focus on density, smoothness, and power will be maintained. This wine is our playground! (142 cases produced)
  Viognier, Santa Barbara County
The 2004 Viognier, Santa Barbara County has our classic full mouth feel and a clean, lingering finish. It is a blend of grapes from four vineyards: Stolpman Vineyard fruit (16%) provided a lighter, floral-peach, mineral element to the wine; Bien Nacido Vineyard fruit (26%) added body, glycerin, and a burst of tropical and peach aromas; Melville-Verna’s Vineyard fruit (16%) added body, minerality and grace: Paradise adds rich tropical flavors and controls the overall acid level of the wine (42%) It was fermented in twenty neutral, French barrels. (480 cases produced)


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