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LaBelle Winery

LaBelle Winery LaBelle Winery is situated atop Chestnut Hill in Amherst, New Hampshire. We set out to make a wine that is enjoyable – that brings together family and friends around a table to revive the spirit of community and friendship. We also hope to demystify the winemaking process through educational opportunities, both hands on and through seminars.

From the North/Concord: Take 93S to 293. Take Exit for Route 101W, keep right at the fork. Turn left at the traffic light to remain on Route 101W. Continue 6 miles. The winery is on your left, after the Amherst town line. From the South/Boston: Take 93N to 293N. Keep left for Route 101W towards Bedford. Turn left at the traffic light to remain on Route 101W. Continue 6 miles. The winery will be on your left, just after the Amherst town line. From the South/Nashua: Take Route 3/Everett Turnpike North. Take Exit 8 toward Amherst. Continue until road reaches Route 101A and turn right. Drive 6 miles then take ramp on left onto 101E towards Amherst. Continue 7 miles, the winery will be on your right, just after a blinking light at Camp Rd. From the East/Portsmouth: Take 101W toward Bedford, through Manchester. Turn left at the traffic light to remain on Route 101 W. Continue 6 miles. The winery will be on your left, just after the Amherst town line. From the West/Keene: Take Route 101E towards Amherst. The winery will be on your right, just after a blinking yellow light at Camp Rd.

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345 State Route 101, Amherst, NH, US, 03031 Email:
Phone: 603-672-9898 Web:
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LaBelle Winery Riesling & Dry Apple wines blend to create this delicate semi-dry sparkling wine, filled with crisp fruit & floral tones. A perfect choice for any special occasion, but relaxed enough to enjoy any day alongside friends & family.
Americus is a dry and bold red with savory dark fruit notes and loads of pepper on the palate. A blend of Cabernet Franc and the French hybrid grape Noiret, the rich tannin structure pairs well with grilled meats & heavier dishes. This is winemaker Amy LaBelle’s answer for a bold & full-bodied red, sourced from grapes grown in a cooler climate. Compare this wine to a Shiraz.
  Apple Cranberry
New England’s favorite flavors come together in this crisp, refreshing wine bursting with 60% New Hampshire & 40% Massachusetts produce. A great wine if you enjoy White Zinfandel or for beginner wine drinkers and people who enjoy fruit wines. Not too tart nor too sweet, enjoy this delicacy with traditional comfort food and especially at holiday gatherings with turkey and roast beef.
Blanco The summer harvest culminates in an explosion of juicy, ripe peaches. We celebrate that spirit by gently fermenting peaches picked at their peak to bring you this delicate, perfumed dessert wine, replete with floral & honey notes. Infused with apple brandy in the port-style, this wine is best served slightly chilled after a meal, with dessert or a cheese course.
This wine is not sweet… it’s like a dry, light Merlot in body and style with rich but soft notes of vanilla and fresh fruit. Made with 100% New Hampshire wild blueberries and aged in French oak, this light dinner wine has something for everyone. LaBelle Winery Blueberry Wine is light and refreshing for spring and summer, yet full bodied enough to accompany pork, turkey, chicken, pasta and even grilled meats. This is the first wine ever made by winemaker Amy LaBelle!
We know you’ll enjoy this dessert wine, made with 100% Chambourcin grapes and aged in French oak for six months. Ruby red and intense, this wine is sweet, with overtones of cherry and chocolate. This wine is a traditional dessert red made in the port-style and infused with apple brandy, wonderful alongside cheese and walnuts after dinner and, of course, with chocolate.
A beautiful marriage of our gold medal award winning wines Seyval Blanc & Red Raspberry, Corazon is a unique, blush wine that is versatile enough to enjoy on its own or with a meal. An off-dry wine, Corazon is excellent with poultry or seafood, and, of course, during all romantic occasions… We recommend drinking this by candlelight! Compare this wine to a dry, French Rosé.
  Cranberry Wine
This refreshing wine is the perfect balance of light sweetness and tart cranberry. Made from 100% New England cranberries, this wine’s brilliant red color and bright flavor entice, while the flavor compliments a wide variety of food pairings. Especially good with traditional holiday meals, this easy to drink wine is wonderful at all friendly gatherings served by itself, slightly chilled or as a spritzer. See our website’s recipe section to make a delightful and refreshing Cranberry Cosmo martini.
  Dry Apple
If you like Pinot Grigio, you’ll love this wine! Small batches of our favorite apple varieties are fermented immediately after pressing at a low temperature. This preserves the fruity freshness, yet lends a crisp calvados nose to our flagship wine. A wonderful aperitif, this wine is also excellent with seafood, poultry, light meals, or to balance a creamy, heavy one. Drink this dry wine as you would any white wine. Best chilled.
Dulce is an aromatic white wine made from the hybrid grape variety Vidal that we spiced with cinnamon, vanilla & pure New Hampshire maple syrup. This wine was fermented over the spices, imparting strong & distinct flavors & aromas. Enjoy this dessert wine on a cold winter’s night or at the end of a traditional holiday meal. Fruit Source: Walker’s Fruit Farms in Forestville, New York.
Don’t let the hard-to-pronounce name put you off! This is an easy-to-drink wine based in the German style, featuring notes of tropical fruit. Off-dry, deeply flavored & complex, this wine will blow you away with spicy aromas of apricots & pineapple, with honeysuckle overtones. We like to pair LaBelle “Gewurz” with sausages & sauerkraut, but it’s also great with Mexican or Asian cuisine, a cheese course or with roasted pork dinners.
  Granite State Apple
Apples and maple syrup are popular co-stars in the New England food basket. In this specialty wine we add a touch of locally produced maple syrup to our fresh apple wine made from select, slow-fermented New Hampshire apples. With just the hint of maple, this smooth and easy-to-drink wine pairs perfectly with ham or pork or is excellent after dinner with a cheese course – especially cheddar! Serve this delicacy at room temperature or slightly chilled.
  Granite State Red
In this rich, velvety decadence, we combine wine made from ripe blueberries & the French hybrid red grape Marechal Foch to create a uniquely New England red wine. Aged in French oak, the touch of blueberry makes this red grape wine a dry yet bold crowd pleaser. It is silky smooth on the palate with berry flavors, floral notes & soft tannins. Perfectly balanced, this wine is neither sweet nor tart, and is excellent with rich, spicy main courses or sweet desserts, or for sipping in front of a roaring fire. Pair with steak, grilled meats & Italian fare.
  Granite State White
If you like Chardonnay, you’ll love this wine! LaBelle Winery’s Granite State White is a medium-bodied, oak-aged dry white wine made from the Seyval Blanc grape. Like Chardonnay, this wine is clean and crisp on the palate, imparting a mineral quality alongside citrus and stone fruit notes. Thanks to the French oak aging, this wine also imparts a slightly spiced, buttery finish. Granite State White is wonderful paired with dinners of poultry or light pork and rich cream or butter-based sauces. Also great served with creamy cheeses.
  Red Raspberry Wine
LaBelle’s Red Raspberry is sweet, not cloying or syrupy, with lively acidity to balance the sweetness. This dessert wine is fabulous with chocolate, can be reduced and swirled into homemade ice cream, or added to Prosecco for a ruby-colored sparkling cocktail. In cooking, a reduction can coat a duck breast, pork roast or salmon steak. Drink at room temperature or slightly chilled.
LaBelle Riesling is a semi-sweet, aromatic white wine with apple, peach & pear notes as you first raise the glass. On your palate, this wine is complex – adding floral and honey overtones – alongside citrus nuances and a delicate minerality. That’s why this wine is great with a variety of food pairings ranging from appetizers to desserts. It is so flexible that it compliments most meals – a nice easy choice! Especially great with poultry or seafood.
  Seyval Blanc
In this elegant, fruity wine, we slow-fermented the french hybrid grape Seyval Blanc, resulting in a delicate and beautiful wine, replete with floral, fruity notes and soft tannins. This wine’s citrus notes make it wonderful with seafood or creamy pasta dishes. Excellent as an aperitif or with a light meal, this is a perfect wine to sip on a warm summer evening. Enjoy this wine chilled. If you like Pinot Grigio, you’ll love this one!
  Seyval Blanc Winemaker’s Reserve
Winemaker Amy LaBelle specially selected this vintage of the French hybrid grape Seyval Blanc for its outstanding aging potential. A limited number of cases of this award-winning wine were aged in the bottle for 2 years. The results is this very dry, delicate wine. Slow-fermenting yields a beautiful wine replete with floral, fruity notes and soft tannins. Excellent as an aperitif or with seafood or creamy pasta dishes, this is a perfect wine to sip on a warm summer evening. Enjoy this exclusive wine chilled. Fruit Source: Walker’s Fruit Farms in Forestville, New York.
  Three Kings
LaBelle Winery’s Three Kings is named for winemaker Amy LaBelle’s Three Kings: her husband & two sons. The wine is aptly named, as it blends three of LaBelle’s favorite flavors into one beautiful marriage of Red Raspberry, Blueberry and Marechal Foch grape. A dessert wine made in the port-style & infused with apple brandy, Three Kings is great with desserts like cheesecake or creme brule, or top quality creamy cheeses. It’s also wonderful with chocolate!
  Virginia Mae Sweet Blueberry
Created at the request of customers, LaBelle’s Sweet Blueberry will envelope your palate in rich, deep flavors of blueberry without being too sweet or cloying. Full-bodied and rich, this wine pairs well with appetizers like olives and roasted peppers, quality mild cheeses and dessert dishes. Excellent on it own as dessert and wonderful reduced as a compliment to grilled beef. A portion of this wine’s proceeds will be donated to ALS research in honor of the wine’s namesake, Virginia Mae Procon Fois.


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