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Alba Vineyard

Alba Vineyard The spirit of independence is alive and well, nestled in the Village of Finesville, New Jersey. A great deal has changed here in the last twenty years. We have created a recognizable style of wine making which borrows from the past, looks to the future, and emulates the finest wineries in the world. It all starts in the vineyard, with our firm belief in minimal-impact, renewable viticulture, and follows through to the store shelf. This commitment breathes life into our work and guides what we do as partners in this exercise in excellence. Our mission is to offer honest craftsmanship, inherent value, and unmatched service. Our goal is to be recognized by the discerning consumer as a producer of quality wines. We would like to personally extend an invitation to you, your family, and friends to come experience our vision at Alba Vineyard.

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A varietal that is the most widely planted grape in Piedmont, Italy, Barbera has been a “small plot” experiment for us. A true vineyard-made wine with attention to every growing detail has yielded a wine of incredible fruit finesse integrated with a soft, silky tannin structure that we believe competes with the finest of its Italian ancestors.
  Blueberry Wine
New Jersey has a long history of Blueberry production, the high bush blueberry plant was developed here and now the state is one of the largest prducers of blueberries in the U.S. Our Blueberry Wine is produced from only the highest quality fresh berries and fermented in a way that maximizes color and flavor concentration. No grape juice, flavoring, or distilled spirits are used. It is delicious as a dessert wine or it can be served as an apertif or a fruit wine cordial.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Our 2011 Chelsea Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon was made from grapes grown to our specifications by Sagemoor Vineyards, one of the premium growers in the Columbia Valley of Washington State. The hand-harvested fruit is immediately flash chilled insuring the finest quality grapes on arrival at our crush pad 72 hours after picking. Crushed, fermented, and pressed at our winery the Cabernet Sauvignon was then aged for 20 months in the finest French Oak barrels. Striking for its elegance and refinement, with pure rich, supple dark berry, fresh loamy earth, and dried herb flavor. Amazingly polished and most impressive for its graceful finish where the flavors are long and persistent - only 360 cases produced. Enjoy with all heavily sauced meats or your favorite steak on the grill.
Chambourcin is a grape of unknown origin that has been widely planted in France, the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and to a lesser extent in Australia. Here in New Jersey, this variety has found ideal conditions to produce an enticing medium to full bodied red wine. Our Chambourcin is a good example of this grape's potential in our New Jersey vineyards. It exhibits strawberry and Bing cherry nuances in the perfumed aroma and rich flavors. Aging in small oak barrels gives this wine attractive overtones of mocha, vanilla and roasted nuts. Serve with full flavored dishes; we especially like it with grilled beef or roasted lamb.
Dijon clones planted in high density on a southern facing hillside enriched with natural limestone, along with a near perfect growing season, all combine to make our 2011 Estate Reserve Chardonnay a wine of extended depth and texture. The wine was aged in the finest French Oak barrels for nine months where it completed malolactic fermentation to broaden the palate and add complexity. The result is a fruit forward wine layered with textures and a touch of creaminess on the long, expressive finish.
  Chelsea Dry Rose
Bright and crisp with a delicate nose of peach and strawberry, our Chelsea is the perfect summer wine for sipping with cold hors d’oeuvres or light fare accompanied by good friends.
  Delaware Dolce
  Dry Riesling
Riesling is one of the world’s greatest wine grapes. When properly grown and vinified it can have great flavor intensity, a wide range of flavors, wonderfully rich and complex bouquet, and will age longer than almost any other white wine and longer than many reds. Unfortunately it has been used to produce many sweet, thin, uninteresting wines in recent years, which has diminished the reputation of the Riesling variety. We winemakers in the Northeast are fortunate to have many vineyard sites that grow excellent quality Riesling grapes. Taking advantage of this, we wanted to produce a wine that exhibited all of the great qualities of Riesling, in a pure, completely dry style, similar to the Rieslings produced in Alsace. For this we use only the best grapes available and ferment the clarified juice very slowly at about 50 degrees Farenheight for up to six weeks. This allows for maximum retention of the fragrant aromatics and crisp natural acidity. Maturation was completed in stainless steel tanks to retain the purity of flavor. This is not, by any means, just an academic excercise. The resulting wine is crisp and clean with rich, pure, clear Riesling character. It is especially suited to pair with many “Pacific Rim” seafood dishes, grilled seafood, dishes that are slightly salty, such as those with olives or capers, or with many salads. It also goes well with a variety of cheeses and is especially refreshing in hot weather. You don’t miss the sweetness a bit! This wine is delicious now, but will continue to develop and age for 4 to 6 years.
That wine that starts with a “G”. That is what customers will say to us on occasion – and of course, they are speaking of Gewurztraminer. It is a mouthful so practice your pronunciation if you are unsure. GA-VERTZ-TRA-MEENER - phonetically is a good start. Gewurztraminer is part of a class of wines called “the aromatic whites”. Others in this class include Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc. Gewurztraminer, with the exception of the Moscatos’, is probably the most aromatic of the aromatics. The good thing about Gewurztraminer, and most of the whites with big fruit characteristic, is that they do best in cooler climate wine regions like our vineyard. Some of the best Gewurztraminer’s come from the Alsace region of France, that country’s coolest wine region, with its nose of rose petal, citrus, and spice our new 2012 Gewurztraminer is made in the Alsatian style - full bodied but dry. We recommend Gewurztraminer with spicy cuisine like Thai food and other Pacific Rim dishes.
Harvested in October at the end of a record warm, dry autumn, the estate-grown Cabernet Franc was picked at optimum quality. Concentrated fruit combined with 30 months aging in French Oak barrels, the 2010 Heritage will finish rich with fruit complexities yet remain velvety. Enjoy with robust sauces, grilled meats and good friends!
  Mainsail White
Our winemaker’s goal in creating Mainsail White was to make a wine that is suited to everyday consumption: easy to drink, light but flavorful, dry but with a soft finish. When asked how to describe it, we often say that it is like an aromatic Pinot Grigio. It is blended from three varieties, including Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White, and a little Riesling, to enhance the aroma. The wine is fermented cool, at around 55 or 58 degrees, which brings out the fruity flavors, and is then matured in stainless steel tanks so that it retains its fresh character. Around the winery, we call it the “Wednesday Night White” because it seems to go with just about any dish and fits the mid-week dinner budget.
Our 2011 Chelsea Cellars Merlot is made from grapes grown to our specifications by Sagemoor Vineyards, one of the premium growers in the Columbia Valley of Washington State. The hand-harvested fruit is immediately flash chilled insuring the finest quality grapes on arrival at our crush pad 72 hours after picking.The wine is aged for 20 months in oak barrels to further enhance fruit components and tannin structure.Beautifully proportioned fruit with consistent plum and black currant notes balanced with bold but well integrated tannins best describes our Chelsea Cellars Merlot.
  Old Mill Red
Produced in a style for everyday enjoyment, our Old Mill Red is a medium-bodied wine packed with cherry and dried fruit character that finishes soft and velvety. Made from a cellar blend of estate grown fruit, hand harvested in mid-October. After pressing, the Old Mill Red blend is aged in 52 gallon French Oak Barrels for up to one year. Old Mill Red is perfect with pizza, pasta, grilled foods, or any other full-flavored dishes.
  Pinot Noir
Alba Vineyard currently has one of the largest Pinot Noir vineyards on the East Coast. This quintessential Burgundian variety is very particular about the location of where it thrives. It loves limestone soils and cool climates well suited to Alba’s terroir. 2010 was an exceptionally dry year with an early harvest. Our Estate 2010 Pinot Noir features nicely perfumed aromas of cherry, blueberry, and blackberry. Rich, full-bodied, and smooth-textured our Pinot delivers a pure core of dark fruit and wild berry flavors that are intense and persistent. This is an elegant wine that offers depth and expressiveness on a long lingering finish. (580 cases made) The 2010 Pinot Noir makes it extremely versatile when pairing with food. Meat, poultry, pasta, and grilled fish are some of the many accompaniments that would go beautifully with this wine.
  Red Raspberry
This is a wine that is truly unique. It is produced entirely from whole red raspberries, fermented on the skins for twenty days to maximize the fresh berry character. The wine is finished sweet, with a slight tart edge to provide a rich berry experience without a cloying, syrupy finish. As a result, it is one of the few wines that can marry well with chocolate desserts. It is delicious mixed with Champagne, as in a “Kir Royale,” or simply served in a small glass as one would serve port or sherry. Our winemaker made this wine for the first time in 1983, and it has since received numerous regional, national, and international awards, most recently scoring a gold medal in the World Wine Competition and a double-gold medal in the Tasters’ Guild International Competition (2006).
2012 was a great growing season; warm dry days and cool summer nights produced fruit of exceptional quality. Harvested just before the deluge of hurricane Sandy, fermentation was slow and cold to retain all of the rich, ripe fruit character. The finished wine, while slightly sweet, is well balanced due to the high acidity of the grapes and has developed a more tropical fruit character of pineapple than in most years. This gold medal wine shows wonderful floral and peach notes, with accents of mango and papaya on a long friendly finish, sure to win many fans. This wine will pair well with a wide variety of foods, from light appetizers such as fruit and cheese to seafood and “pacific rim” dishes.
“Not just another pretty wine!” A delicious depth of berry flavor accented by hints of peach and grapefruit and finished with a soft touch of sweetness. Alba Rosa goes well with a variety of foods. Enjoy with light meats, fruit dishes and salads, or simply sipped chilled with someone special.
Crafted from hand picked fruit grown at Sagemoor Vineyards in the heart of Washington’s Columbia Valley. Our Chelsea Cellars Syrah is an extraordinary wine, rich and concentrated, it delivers layers of flavors built around black cherry and a solid mix of black and red fruit. Graceful and seductive tannins that linger on a long expressive finish.
  Vintage Port
Our 2010 Vintage Port is crafted from estate grown Chambourcin grapes that were hand harvested in October 2010. The traditional method of making a port wine is employed. The grapes were crushed in open top fermenters and inoculated with classic French yeast so fermentation can proceed until the correct balance of alcohol and sugar is obtained. Pot-stilled brandy is added to halt the fermentation process. Aging for 2 years, in small French oak barrels, has melded the rich, lush cherry character of the ripe fruit with the warming touch of the pot-stilled brandy. It is a delicious, unique wine that will develop and age for many years; one achievement of which our winemaker is most proud. This Port bursts with a warm, jammy texture and finishes with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy after dinner with a selection of fine chocolates or robust cheeses.
  Voyager (Malbec)
Made from hand harvested Malbec grapes grown in the finest region of the world for this grape ... Mendoza, Argentina. Custom harvested, crushed and pressed to our specifications, the young Malbec was then cold shipped from Mendoza to our winery in New Jersey.At Alba, the wine completed its fermentation and aged for 30 months in the finest French Oak barrels.The result - a wine of intense vibrancy and robust tannins with a long and persistent finish. Enjoy at a table with friends and family paired with big, robust foods such as heavily sauced beef and Italian fare.


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