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Gewürztraminer Wine Details
Price: $18.99 per bottle

Description: That wine that starts with a “G”. That is what customers will say to us on occasion – and of course, they are speaking of Gewurztraminer. It is a mouthful so practice your pronunciation if you are unsure. GA-VERTZ-TRA-MEENER - phonetically is a good start. Gewurztraminer is part of a class of wines called “the aromatic whites”. Others in this class include Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Blanc. Gewurztraminer, with the exception of the Moscatos’, is probably the most aromatic of the aromatics. The good thing about Gewurztraminer, and most of the whites with big fruit characteristic, is that they do best in cooler climate wine regions like our vineyard. Some of the best Gewurztraminer’s come from the Alsace region of France, that country’s coolest wine region, with its nose of rose petal, citrus, and spice our new 2012 Gewurztraminer is made in the Alsatian style - full bodied but dry. We recommend Gewurztraminer with spicy cuisine like Thai food and other Pacific Rim dishes.


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