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Old South Winery

Old South Winery Old South Winery had its beginnings in Natchez, Mississippi. Dr. Scott O. Galbreath, Jr, D.V.M., remembers wanting to help his grandmother make wine when he was a teenager. "The first thing I did when I got my driver's license was go to the woods and pick muscadines so Grandmother Vick and I could make wine!" Scott Galbreath. Many years later, Dr. Galbreath remembered how good that muscadine wine was as he and Edeen (his wife) decided to open a winery that specialized in muscadine wines. The first wines offered were mostly dry wines, but the enthusiastic customers demanded sweeter wines. Old South Winery now offers twelve wines in red, white, and rose' and varying sweetness levels.


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65 South Concord Avenue, Natchez, MS, US, 39120 Email:
Phone: 601-445-9924 Web:
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  Bayou Blush
Semidry blush: a rose´ wine for dry wine drinkers! fruity without a lot of sweetness, great with turkey, boiled shrimp, roast pork, watching a good movie!
  Blue Bayou
memorable Sweet white wine bottled in cobalt blue, our newest addition, possibly closest in flavor to the fruit,
Semidry white wine, fruity: but not sweet, good with chicken, fish, pork, nice sipping wine for those who don’t like an extremely dry wine
  Dry Carlos
our Driest white wine: good with meals, similar to Chardonnay, has a faint muscadine bouquet, yet full of flavor
  Dry Noble
Dry, dark red wine: perfect for those who want their wine really dry, closest of ours to Merlot
  Miss Carlos
Semisweet white wine: similar to Chablis, wine/food editor of the New York Times selected it as one of his personal favorites among 287 entries
  Miss Scarlett
lightly Sweet rose´ wine, much like white Zinfandel: our #1 seller, wonderful with strawberries, tastes great with casseroles!
  Natchez Rouge
dark red Semidry wine: excellent with beef, venison, hamburgers!
  Noble Rose´
Semisweet rose´: nice in between wine, good with spicy foods - pizza, lasagna, barbeque, great for cooking pork loin
  Southern Belle
delicate Sweet white wine: a top seller, lightly sweet, but not as sweet as Sweet Magnolia, nice with fruit,
  Sweet Magnolia
our Sweetest white wine: a top seller, similar to a late-harvest or dessert wine, works nicely with fruit and cheese, pour over melon balls!
  Sweet Noble
Sweet red wine, preferred by sweet wine lovers who are most concerned with their health, with a little lemon/lime soft drink, it tastes like Sangria


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