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Inwood Estates Vineyards

Inwood Estates Vineyards In 1981, Dan Gatlin planted one of the first commercial grape vineyards in Texas. It was one of the most research oriented plantings at that time including 22 European vinifera varieties. After extensive collection of growth and chemistry data, in five vineyards, spanning 460 miles, over two decades, Mr. Gatlin determined that grapes native to Spain were best suited for producing World-class wines in Texas, especially the Tempranillo and Palomino variety. The similar climate and high mineral soils rarely found in California have proven to bring out the true varietal character of each grape. The Flavors: Tempranillo is the king of the red grapes from Spain. The flavors of Tempranillo are those of the red fruits: cherry, raspberry and strawberry unlike the black fruit flavors of blackberry, black currant and cassis found in Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah. Palomino has all the flavors of great Chardonnay plus a unique nectar-like quality that is the signature of this golden grape. Combined with minerality, the profile is crisp with honey, vanilla, pear, and melon. Our Vineyards: Our Tempranillo vineyard is located just a few miles from the Texas-New Mexico border. Our Palomino vineyard is located 80 miles East of Dallas on the shores of Lake Tawakoni in Hunt County.

Our winery is located behind the Hilton Anatole on I-35 accessible from Irving Boulevarde and Manufacturing Street. Case sales are by appointment only.

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  2003 Tempranillo-Cabernet
The Tempranillo has chosen Texas as its naturally prefered home for producing America's finest versions of Spain's Classics. This vineyard is located just a few miles from the Texas-New Mexico border where the soils are geologically older and more calcareous. The grapes are harvested at night and field crushed cold which instantly captures 100% of the flavor. This wine is powerful, perfectly balanced and varietally accurate, exhibiting the red fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. We believe in the European tradition of blending and have added Cabernet, as the Spanish often do, to achieve maximum comlexity for this Estate-style wine. In addition, this wine received 30 months in French Oak barrels. This is important because many wines today are released under-cellared, leaving unattractive odors in the wine due to too little elligitannin and micro-oxygenation. Our commitment is to bring to market wines that are fully cellared, enjoyable today and capable of improvement from bottle ageing.
  2005 Palomino-Chardonnay
The unheralded Palomino variety and its perfect marriage to the harsh growing conditions of Texas was one of our early surprises in the 20 years of research. Our Palomino vineyard is located 80 miles east of Dallas on the shores of Lake Tawakoni in Hunt County where the geologically older, calcareous soils react with this grape to produce a minerality that is rare in American white wines. The extremely low yields of one half ton per acre produce a concentrated, nectar-like quality that is unlike any other variety. We blend this wine to achieve the richness and intensity of the Palomino with the complexity and structure of Chardonnay resulting in an Estate-style wine comparable to the Burgundian Classics.


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