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2003 Tempranillo-Cabernet

2003 Tempranillo-Cabernet Wine Details
Price: $39.50 per bottle

Description: The Tempranillo has chosen Texas as its naturally prefered home for producing America's finest versions of Spain's Classics. This vineyard is located just a few miles from the Texas-New Mexico border where the soils are geologically older and more calcareous. The grapes are harvested at night and field crushed cold which instantly captures 100% of the flavor. This wine is powerful, perfectly balanced and varietally accurate, exhibiting the red fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. We believe in the European tradition of blending and have added Cabernet, as the Spanish often do, to achieve maximum comlexity for this Estate-style wine. In addition, this wine received 30 months in French Oak barrels. This is important because many wines today are released under-cellared, leaving unattractive odors in the wine due to too little elligitannin and micro-oxygenation. Our commitment is to bring to market wines that are fully cellared, enjoyable today and capable of improvement from bottle ageing.


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