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Mayo Family Winery

Mayo Family Winery Mayo Family Winery produces small lots of Single Vineyard wines under the premise that the world's most interesting and highest quality wines must come from a single vineyard source that can be expressed in the wines' aroma, taste and texture. Founded in 1993, the winery has two winemaking facilities in Glen Ellen, California, each fitted and equipped to produce particular types of wines. Mayo Family Wines are distributed across the country as well as in its tasting room attached to the winery located in the heart of Sonoma Valley and in it's three other tasting rooms in Sonoma Valley.


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13101 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, CA, US, 95442 Email:
Phone: 707-938-9401 Web:
Fax: 707-938-3569
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  " Los Chamizal Vineyard" Cabernet Franc
This is Cabernet Franc not for the faint of heart. The concentration of flavors that was immediately noticeable during fermentation carry though to the wine. The wine's aromas are a lively mix of black fruits, mint and exuberant floral notes. Along with the wine's mighty structure comes an array of flavors with ripe plum, blackberry, mint, vanilla and violet liqueur all in the mix. We think this wine will be at its height between 4 and 8 years after the vintage. But for those of you who like to indulge in brash flavors and aromas, we suggest giving it a try early on.
  "Emma's Vineyard" Sauvignon Blanc
Our 2004 "Emma's Vineyard" Sauvignon Blanc casts a pale straw hue in the glass. Its aromas are a mix of honeydew melon, grapefruit, and pineapple. On the palate there is a bracing freshness and structure that could never have been achieved had the wine been barrel fermented, aged in oak or allowed to go through malolactic fermentation. The flavors are delicate and complex, driven by notes of pineapple, melon, pink grapefruit and kiwi that linger long after the sip is finished. Pair this wine with Oysters, arugula salad with honey-laced and grilled figs.
  "Laurel Hill Vineyard" Estate Bottled Chardonnay
Aromas of ripe green apple, melon, citrus and hints of vanilla compete on the nose, making this wine a complex treat from the start. Notes of lemon and key lime mix into the aromas as well. On the palate comes the firm structure and agreeable acidity. More green apple as well as mineral flavors dance together. The oak barrel aging, though slight, returns slight notes of vanilla and roasted marshmallow. This is a wine built to age and improve. We think it will improve with cellaring for four to five years.
  "Los Chamizal Vineyard" Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The intensity of this wine is not necessarily a measure of its girth, but of its complexity. Though surely dark and structured, the wine exudes an array of aromas that are layered and heady. Smooth fresh blackberry aromas, hints of mint and mocha, as well as notes of vanilla, cedar and bacon fat waft off the wine. In the mouth the wine delivers delicious, rich flavors that burst over and layer the tongue. It's a long wine that takes a while to finish after the sip. This is the kind of wine we like to sit with and consider. We hope you will too.
  "Piner Ranch Vineyard" Pinot Noir
Here is the kind of Pinot you expect from the Russian River Valley. Lush, rich cherry pie aromas dominate, with hints of vanilla, spice and earth. The flavors are all fruit, carried along by an elegant, creamy structure that makes the wine quaffable if necessary. A mélange of flavors including ripe cherry, red currants, hints of roasted meat and even a touch of sweet sage are delivered by a medium-bodied tannin structure.
  "Ricci Vineyard" Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel
You look at our 2002 Ricci Vineyard Reserve Zinfandel and you'd swear the wine is pitch black. It's that deeply colored. Zinfandel lovers need to settle in for an experience. The aromas are startling at first. But once you work your nose down into the glass you'll find rich blackberry, licorice, white pepper, a touch of mint and cedar aromas dancing and mixing. The wine explodes on the palate and doesn't finish until tomorrow. Blackberry and sweet currant flavors sparkle around the strawberry, mocha, vanilla core. This is gracious, giving wine.
  "Ricci Vineyard" Old Vine Zinfandel
Our Old Vine Zinfandel is truly a tribute to our Ricci Vineyard. This is one of our flagship red wines. The 2004 vintage is showing bright acidity and firm tannins which give this wine for medium to long term aging potential. Classic aromas and flavors of strawberry and raspberry with hints of dried apricot are followed by a creamy mouthfeel, from the 25% new french oak barrels, with a crisp finish. Perfect for marrying with rack of lamb or BBQ beef ribs.
  "Ricci Vineyard" Zinfandel Port
This Port is a richly colored dark purple and ruby. Aromas of dark berry fruit and mixed berry pie combine with inviting hints of hazelnut and caramel notes that originate from the brandy fortification. The flavors are explosive, yet without the hot alcohol character. Ripe plum, blackberry, cocoa and sweet candied fruit come together creating a remarkably vibrant and juicy experience on the palate. The finish is long and lingering, leaving behind notes of walnut oil and smoky maple character.
  "Sunny View Vineyard" Viognier
This Viognier is exotic, fully ripe and packed with an intense combination of flavors and aromas, yet it retains a crisp structure that allows it to be a wonderful food wine. Here is Viognier that explodes from the glass with aromas of honeysuckle, peach blossom and a set of sweet aromas we can only identify as Banana's Foster. The wine is downright rich with melon, baked apple, candied apricot and toasted marshmallow flavors. This is joyful wine that should be drunk now, in all its glory!
  "The Libertine" Red Table Wine
The Libertine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Barbera The color is deep garnet. The aromas a combination of blackberries, bacon, and cedar with hints of fresh strawberries. On the palate the tannins feel velvety while the acidity provides backbone. Off this structure climbs flavors of plum, strawberry, cocoa, anise a hint of chocolate that appears near the edge like a thin brush stroke.
  “D’Ambrosia Vineyard” Syrah Napa Valley
Made like a fine Cote Rotie from its 4% Viognier to its firm tannins, this Napa Valley Syrah sports black fruit flavors and aromas and that hint of black pepper. It’s a dense, dark wine that will pair up well with roast lamb, a grilled New York steak or cassoulet.
  “Darien Vineyard” Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
From a brand-new vineyard that sits in the heart of Russian River Pinot country. Stout, ripe, berry-laden with hints of bacon and earth. Good structure and great balance. We are of the belief that no other region in California offers such consistently great Pinot Noir as the Russian River Valley. Its proximity to the river and constant fog cover in the summer allows this varietal to ripen slowly and evenly and develop deep flavors. The Darien Vineyard provides beautiful grapes that translate into beautiful wine.
  “Kunde Ranch” Barbera Sonoma Valley
This is classic Italian-styled Barbera with its firm acidity, cherry aromas and flavors and its hint of sweet summer herbs and notes of fresh strawberry. It comes from hillside vineyards in the northern part of the Sonoma Valley that have striking reddish soils. It will age for at least 10 years.
  “Random Ridge Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
This amazing vineyard sits 2400 feet up on Mount Veeder on the west side of Napa Valley. It is the second highest vineyard on Mount Veeder in fact. The vineyard yields very few grapes…something in the neighborhood of 1 to 1.5 tons per acre. But you’d never mistake any of the grapes for anything but mountain grown fruit. This is a bold, intense Cabernet with deep red currant flavors with a briary edge, gripping tannins and a density to the flavors that remind us of a dark hole. The richness just keeps going and going. We only made a scant 125 cases.
  “Sales Ranch” Alicante Bouchet Russian River Valley
The Sales Ranch is located right next to our own Ricci Vineyard on Limerick Lane in the Russian River Valley. This is DARK wine owing to Alicante's red juice, a rarity among wine grapes that usually get color only from the skins. It's big wine with ripe red fruit flavors akin to a Cab/Zin blend. Very little of this wine was made.
  “Sodini Vineyard” Petite Sirah Russian River Valley
Petite Sirah is a variety that has a long history of gracing the vineyards of the Russian River Valley. It was the old Italian farmers in particular who planted “Pety Sara” for its dark color and intense flavors. This wine heralds from the famed “Sodini Vineyard” that has produced a number of highly regarded wines. It’s dark, intense, blackberry and blueberry flavors carry notes of white pepper. It has tremendous structure that will keep it evolving for more than a decade
  “Stone Ranch” Carignane Alexander Valley
Carignane vineyards are rare in Sonoma County and California. Many years ago farmers planted a good deal of Carignane. Today’s vineyards are either small and used for blending or they are very old vineyards. The Stone Ranch vineyards are 85 years old. From this old planting we offer a cranberry laden wine with leather aromas and rustic tannins. Lots of red fruit flavors. It's like tasting history.
  “Unti Vineyard” Sangiovese Dry Creek Valley
The Unti family may be the best Sangiovese growers in America. This is hyper-ripe, low acidity Sangiovese made from grapes grown on terraced, hillside vineyards. It's fleshy, supple and near Pinot-like in texture. Dense red fruits, hints of sweet herbs and dried cherry flavors are all at the heart of this wine.
  Estate “Laurel Hill Vineyard” Pinot Noir Sonoma Valley
This beautiful Pinot comes from our own estate vineyard sitting right next to our Chardonnay vineyard that has consistently produced real beauties. This is elegant, fruitful, earthy, balanced Pinot that will have a long history ahead.
  Julie's Block "Napa River Ranch" Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2003 Napa River Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, rich, complex wine that delivers the kind of balance and density wine lovers hope for and expect from Napa Valley Cabernet. Black currant, violets mint, mocha and cedar coalesce nicely in this wine. On the palate we appreciate the impressive balance of fruit and tannins that carry an array of flavors, the most noteworthy of which are its blackberry, ripe cherry, cassis, plums and bacon.
  Nellie's Block "Laurent Vineyard" Merlot
The Laurent Vineyard is an amazing planting. It produces tiny, succulent berries that always turn into rich, abundant Merlot. The various blocks in the vineyards are distinctive also. "Nellie's Block" produces grapes that result in rich wine with aromas that focus toward cocoa, blueberry pie and spices. In the mouth you'll notice this is uncommon Merlot. The wine is rich, distinctive, layered in it's flavors and dense. This wine, with a structure far bigger than Merlot you may be used to, but slightly softer than Cabernet, can easily act as a beautiful substitute for Cabernet when you are enjoying steak, lamb or prime rib.
  Page-Nord Syrah
The color of this ripe Syrah seems concentrated, shinning redish blue off the edge. Immediately the aromas hint at the extreme ripeness of the wine. It is a swirling mélange of aromas including pomegranate, leather, fresh berries, pepper and vanilla. The structure and backbone of the wine is gripping on the palate. And once it gets a hold of you, watch out. Red currant, black fig, ripe plum, spice and hints of tea on the edge make this a fascinating, even cerebral wine. We believe the wine's structure and intensity will allow it to age gracefully for five to ten years.
  Premium Block "Los Chamizal" Cabernet Sauvignon
Its dark ruby coloring is bright rather than opaque. The aromas announce a fruit forward wine of elegance and complexity above all. Tasters and drinkers alike will notice the intriguing combination of blackberry, melted dark chocolate, mint, vanilla and charred aromas. The palate and flavors are more aggressive, delivering these same elements, but with more force and density. The wine finishes with lingering dark fruit and hints of cedar to lead us into the next sip.
  Reserve "Laurel Hill Vineyard" Chardonnay
Our 2002 Reserve Chardonnay is golden straw in color, introducing the wine's richness. The delicious aromas are a combination of ripe pear, Meyer lemon rind, spicy vanilla and toasted almonds. On the palate the wine is creamy, well balanced by a firm structure, and delivers an impressive mix of flavors including citrus, spiced apple, pear, nutmeg and showy doses of pineapple and vanilla.
  Shannon 's Block "Laurent Vineyard" Merlot
The Laurent Vineyard is an amazing planting. It produces tiny, succulent berries that always turn into rich, abundant Merlot. The various blocks in the vineyards are distinctive also. "Shannon's Block" produces grapes that result in rich wine with aromas that focus toward cocoa, blueberry pie and spices. In the mouth you'll notice this is uncommon Merlot. The wine is rich, distinctive, layered in it's flavors and dense. This wine, with a structure far bigger than Merlot you may be used to, but slightly softer than Cabernet, can easily act as a beautiful substitute for Cabernet when you are enjoying steak, lamb or prime rib.
  Sonoma County “Barnstormer” Zinfandel
A hyper-ripe fruit bomb defined by blue and red berry fruits. It carries moderate tannins that will wash down well-sauced pasta or a juicy roast pork tenderloin. Made from three old-vine vineyards with an average age of 65 years. The oldest vines were 90 years-old. Soft, jammy, special!
  Unwooded "Balletto Vineyard" Pinot Gris
We were extremely proud when this wine won "Best of Class" at the 2005 San Francisco International Wine Competition. We knew from the outset that the makings of a great wine were at hand. The grapes from John Balletto's vineyard came in looking pristine. The resulting wine is one of rich, forward fruit flavors with a bright, crisp mouthfeel making it quite refreshing. We think you'll enjoy the melon, peach and key lime flavors and aromas that define this beautiful Pinot Gris.
  Unwooded "Kunde Ranch Vineyard" Gewurztraminer
Classic Alsatian-style dry Gewurztraminer. We took the beautiful fruit from our friends at the Kunde Ranch and put the juice immediately into stainless steel tanks where it fermented and aged. This wine turned out bone dry and offers a near exotic experience headlined with honeysuckle, orange blossom, sweet spice and ripe stone fruit aromas. The flavors dance off a crisp, bright structure and are memorable for their ripe apricot, peach, spice and floral qualities. A beautiful wine to pair with fruit salad, barbecued sausages, onion tart or to serve as an aperitif.
  Unwooded "Kunde Ranch Vineyard" Off-Dry Gewurztraminer
This beautiful wine takes its hint of sweetness from the 1% residual sugar we retained, rather than letting wine ferment dry. The result is a bit more body and richness and a style of Gewurztraminer we believe pairs with a number of different foods. The wine itself delivers a lovely combination of orange blossom, peach and apricot aromas and huge mix of flavors that bring to mind Asian spices, ripe apple, white peaches and honeysuckle
  Unwooded "Laurel Hill Vineyard" Chardonnay
Aromas of ripe green apple, melon, and citrus compete on the nose, making this wine a complex treat from the start. On the palate comes the firm structure and agreeable acidity you would expect from a wine we like to look at as an homage to Meursault. More green apple as well as mineral and tropical flavors dance together. If you have long sought a way to move away from the powerhouse, over-oaked chardonnays, we believe this wine will fit the bill.


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