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“Sales Ranch” Alicante Bouchet Russian River Valley

“Sales Ranch” Alicante Bouchet Russian River Valley Wine Details
Price: $25.00 per bottle

Description: The Sales Ranch is located right next to our own Ricci Vineyard on Limerick Lane in the Russian River Valley. This is DARK wine owing to Alicante's red juice, a rarity among wine grapes that usually get color only from the skins. It's big wine with ripe red fruit flavors akin to a Cab/Zin blend. Very little of this wine was made.

Varietal Definition
Alicante Bouschet:
Minor grape originating from a 19th century cross using the Aramon and ancient Teinturier native vine, resulting in a hybrid varietal. This in turn was crossed with the Grenache to give the named grape. Widely grown in France, California and Spain. In the latter country it is known as Garnacha Tintorera. In the cool Champagne region of France it is the main grape used to make the sweet "vin mousseux" - (sparkling wine). Often known as "Alicante" for short. Elsewhere the canned juice is used by many amateur winemakers for fermenting homemade wines.


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