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Baroda Founders Wine Cellar

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar Our region's climate, with Lake Michigan to the West, is ideal for growing bountiful harvests of fruit. The area is called the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticulture Area), and it allows us and our fellow “Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail” Wineries to produce high-quality award-winning wines. Our Wine Selection ranges from Classic Varietal (Lake Michigan Shore) to Fruit-Flavor-Enhanced (Baroda Antique Series), as well as Delectable Dessert Wines infused with delicious chocolate.

I-94 to Exit 16, north to Lemon Creek Rd., turn right. Turn right at 1st St. in Baroda, go 200 yards to Hills Rd. Turn left on Hills Rd. I-94 to Exit 16, north to Shawnee Rd., turn right. Turn left at Hills Rd., go approximately 2 miles to Baroda. Our sign will greet you.

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8963 Hills Road, Baroda, MI, US, 49101 Email:
Phone: 269-426-5222 Web:
Fax: 269-471-7330
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  First Kiss
A delicious red wine with raspberry and dark chocolate infusion Remember your first kiss, it was magical, mysterious, full of wonder... This wonderful product will spark memories of occasions like your first kiss. Drink as dessert or with dessert or with friends and fond memories. Bottled with a kiss of delight.
  Founders Chardonnay
This classic wine was made in the “old classic European tradition”. While many Chardonnays are bottled and available for sale in eight months, this wine was aged in French and Minnesota oak barrels for two years and blended with the same Chardonnay batch that had rested in a stainless steel tank and then aged in the bottle for a year. Enjoy this wine made by the skilled hands of our wine master, Leonard R. Olson.
  Founders Chardonnel
Made in the old classical tradition, 30% of this wine was aged in French oak barrels for one year and blended with the same Chardonnel batch that had rested in a stainless steel tank and then aged in the bottle for a year. Enjoy this wine made by the skilled hands of our wine master, Leonard R. Olson, with shell fish, pasta and intimate conversations.
  Founders Riesling
This classic German grape variety was fermented cold and bottled with natural grape sugar to balance the crisp acid of the grape. Our wine master, Leonard R. Olson, has extracted everything that these grapes could offer. Enjoy with fish, chicken or a beautiful sunset.
  Founders Seyval Blanc
This wine varietal was first planted in the Midwest, in Michigan, by our winemaster, Leonard R. Olson, in 1969. It has become a mainstay in most eastern states. Taste this dry wine, which has enough fruit flavors to make it seem slightly sweet. Enjoy this 2007 vintage with shell fish or as a stand-alone refreshing drink.
  Founders Traminette
This classic wine is a spicy hybrid of Gewurztraminer. It has become an Eastern and Midwestern wine scene favorite. The pineapple and grapefruit floral flavors have been captured for your enjoyment by our wine master, Leonard R. Olson. Enjoy while chatting with family and friends on a starry night.
  Founders Vignoles
This classic wine was made in the German style, with natural grape sugars, balancing the fruity apricot and peach flavors that this grape yields. Our wine master, Leonard R. Olson, has balanced this delicate grape wine for your drinking enjoyment. Enjoy with sea food or while relaxing with old friends.
  Lake Michigan Shore Cabernet Savignon
A light dry red wine from three year old grape vines, classic Cabernet taste, aged in oak for 16 months and blended with fresh wine of same batch which was aged in stainless steel tank to preserve fruity caricature only 50 cases of this wine will be available and only at the winery.
  Lake Michigan Shore Vidal Blanc Ice-Wine
The grapes for this wine were grown in 2007 and harvested on January 5, 2008 while the outside temperature was -3 degrees fahrenheit. The resulting sugar at harvest was 48.6 degree brix and the wine was bottled with sugar of 22.75 degree brix and 11.12% alc. by vol. Southwestern Michigan, with it’s excellent growing season, is one of the few wine regions of the world that can produce quality wines in this style. Warm your soul with this rare treat, harvested in the cold.
  Oh Hell Yeah! Red
After fishing on the “Ole St. Joe” River in Michigan, friends and I were enjoying a glass of my blended red wine, recounting the day and admiring the catch. Red, a good old boy, came up to see our catch and I poured him a glass of the red wine. He tasted it, looked over the glass and says, “OH HELL YEAH”. From then on, he was known as, “Oh Hell Yeah! Red”. Enjoy this soft, slightly sweet red wine with friends and tales of the good life.
  Vidal Selected Late Harvest
Harvested at the same time as the 2008 ice-wine picked at 28% sugar levels and bottled at 9% residual sugar. This is a delightful little brother of the 2008 icewine. Big rich and bold but full of finesse, ice wine lovers will enjoy this wine with desert and will revile in it’s splendor. This 2008 vintage wine was the first wine produced at Founders Wine Cellar.


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