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Peninsula Cellars

Peninsula Cellars Peninsula Cellars was created in 1994. Lifelong cherry farmers David and Joan Kroupa saw an opportunity to expand the diversity of their 250 acre cherry and apple farm on Old Mission Peninsula. Vineyards planted in 1991 yielded 800 cases of Chardonnay and Riesling. In addition they experimented with some red cherry and white cherry wines. The winery earned early recognition for their traditional, drier style wines through several national and international competitions. This positive response bolstered demand and the Kroupa’s sought out new fruit sources. In the 2002 vintage Peninsula Cellars received 120 tons of locally grown grapes, cherries and apples producing around 8,000 cases.The winery has developed relationships with 8 Old Mission farmers to grow several distinct varieties. Vineyard lots range from 1 acre up to 8 acres and constitute a total of 29 acres. In addition Peninsula Cellars owns or operates five individual vineyards making up 12 acres. Each site was chosen to grow a specific grape variety. Site selection and varietals choices were dependent on slope, air drainage, soils, and the grower’s philosophy. The main varieties are Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Cabernet Franc. The individual contributions of these unique vineyards adds depth and complexity to the wines of Peninsula Cellars.The winery is best known for producing traditional, old world style white wines. The cool climate of Old Mission’s unique appellation provides excellent growing conditions for delicate white wines. Intense aromas, vibrant acidity, and distinct varietal character are the trademarks of a classic wine growing region. The Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc have successfully opened the minds of international wine critics and judges to our tiny appellation. Furthermore, Peninsula Cellars was awarded the Best of Show White Wine at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the World Riesling Cup, Best White Wine at International Eastern Wine Competition, and Best of Class awards four years straight in the Michigan State Fair, 2000-2002. By focusing on low yields and labor intensive farming, the red wines from Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Pinot Noir are ripening into complex age worthy wines. The fruit wines from Apples and Cherries are made only from fresh Old Mission fruit as well.

Located 7 miles north of Traverse City in the 19th century Maple Grove Schoolhouse. Take M-37 north to Carrol Road.

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  Cabernet Franc
This medium-bodied, dry red is the premier vintage for this Old Mission Vineyard. The wine has classic Cab Franc aromas of raspberry and black pepper. A touch of oak adds some cedar and smoke notes. Soft tannins and clean berry fruit balance the palate.
  Cabernet Merlot
The Hog’s Back Vineyard is arguably the best red vineyard In Michigan. Not only is south western exposure ideally suited to growing these cool climate varieties, but our vineyard management is stellar.
  Cabernet Merlot
The Hog’s Back Vineyard is arguably the best red vineyard In Michigan. Not only is south western exposure ideally suited to growing these cool climate varieties, but our vineyard management is stellar
We bottled this wine in April because it was so tasty. The grapefruit and lemon rind aromas hint that this will be a great wine for summer. Clean acids balance the fruity palate. A subtle orange, lemon, grapefruit character will emerge throughout the summer.
We believe that Gewurztraminer is best when it is dry, spicy, full of alcohol, and has intense rose petal and lychee/tropical aromas. This wine is great with coconut milk based curry. Recommended: grilled pork marinated with soy, all spice, pepper a little Gewurz and garnished with a grilled pineapple and red pepper chutney.
  Gewurztraminer - Manigold Vineyard
This Gewurztraminer was harvested from a two acre vineyard on Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan, USA. We crushed 4.5 tons and let the skins soak for 24-36 hours. The juice was fermented between 15-20 C. We left the wine in contact with the lies for 13 weeks. Because the wine was stabilized only to 7 C some tartrates may form. We chose to do this because the pH would have risen too high had we gone cooler. The tartrates are preferable to accelerated aging. The wine has intense Gewurz aromas, a rich mouth-filling palate, and a spicy finish that will intrigue any Gewurztraminer fan.
  Hotrod Cherry
She's got a sweet body. Under the hood she packs a Cherry big block with 750ml of road ready rumble!
  Kroupa Orchards Apple
This semidry wine was made from 6 apple varieties: MacIntosh, Spies, Ida Red, Empire, Golden Delicious, and Winesaps. The apples are harvested in early October and allowed to ripen off the tree for 4-6 weeks before pressing. During this period natural enzymes in the apples convert carbohydrates to sweet sugars. This ancient practice adds flavor and aromas to the juice. The wine is cool fermented and aged on the yeast for 10 weeks. The wine is sweetened to 2.5 % r.s. to resemble the balance of a fresh MacIntosh apple. Crispy and light, this wine is great for summer picnics. Serve ice cold with light cheeses and fresh fruit.
  Kroupa Orchards Cherry
You are in the cherry capital of the universe and we have the freshest cherry wine available. The orchards literally surround the winery. By using only fresh tart and black sweet cherries we can make a wine that tastes like grandma's pie filling. This semi-sweet blush is a great cocktail type wine that will add a unique flare to any gathering.
  Kroupa Orchards White Cherry
10% Alc. Behold this golden delight! Emperor Francis cherries, a golden/pink colored cherry, are used to create this sweet, yet tart, wine. Most of this type of cherry are processed into maraschinos, but we manage to reserve enough to make a small quantity of this very unique wine.
18% Alc. Rich sugars from big, black sweet cherries are balanced with high proof grape brandy. This port style wine is great with chocolate.
  Old School Red
This is a blend of Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Lemberger. We created this wine to celebrate the the fruit side of red wines. The tannins are very soft, supported by a subtle wood character from the brief barrel aging. The fruit is bright and berry like with a slight richness from the residual sugar. However, the wine is not sweet! This is a good wine for Beaujolais and Pinot Noir drinkers. Priced to drink young and drink often!
  Old School White
This semi dry white is made with 100% Cayuga grapes, a hybrid common in up-state New York. It has similar crisp acid often found in Riesling, with tropical and citrus notes. This wine is extremely versatile, and makes an excellent food wine, whether with creamy white-sauced pasta or cheese and crackers on the patio.
  Pinot Blanc
This wine has more melon and ripe golden delicious apple notes than any previous vintage. The lies aging process gave the wine more body and some slightly nutty notes in the finish. Also, the partial ML fermentation rounded out the wine.
  Pinot Gris
The two vineyards and yeast variants gave some interesting sensations to the wine. The Antrim County fruit lends pretty pear perfume aromas. The Old Mission fruit contributes more mouthfeel and gives an interesting balance between the tangy acidity, glycerol smoothness and subtle tannic, dry feeling in the finish.
  Pinot Noir- Leonard's Vineyard
Bronze Medal at the L.A. County Fair- Elegant plum and cherry flavors blend with an earthy rustic quality that make this a classic Pinot Noir. It is our first since 1997 and we are glad to have such a great vineyard with which to work. Aged entirely in French Oak barrels this wine should continue to develop over the next several years.
  Riesling Ice Wine
Ice Wine is one of the rare, decadent pleasures in life. Old Mission Peninsula is one of the few areas in the world capable of producing Riesling Ice Wine. These grapes were harvested from a 12 year old Riesling vineyard on the Kroupa farm. They were picked frozen and pressed at 18 degrees Fahrenheit. This released the rich, sugar filled juice and left the frozen water behind. The wine has intense honeysuckle aroma. Tropical fruit flavors and a slight spice round out the palate.
  Semi Dry Riesling
The Dohm vineyard produced lovely acidity. The manigold was fermented with a yeast that accents the passion fruit/guava flavors. 7th Hill vineyard had the classic perfume of peach blossoms.


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