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Bonair Winery

Bonair Winery Winter is a good time to visit the Yakima Valley. The wine is asleep in the casks quietly maturing. The pace is slow in the tasting room also. We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and many weekdays by chance from 10:00 to 4:30. If you are coming midweek, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here to help you. Bonair Winery is situated in the heart of the Yakima Valley, Washington State's first and foremost wine region. Yes, I know all the hype is about Walla Walla, but the dirty little secret is they buy their grapes from our growers so we can't complain too loudly. Most people think Seattle is Washington. Well, politically speaking, it is, but east of the Cascade Range is a vast desert that receives as little as 5 inches annual rainfall. Folks, that's less than Phoenix, Arizona. It is a perfect climate for Vitis Vinifera, the European Wine Grape. We get 17.4 hours of sunshine in the summer, 2 hours more than the fellows down in California. Washington is on the same latitude as the famous wine regions of France. As you can see by the map, California is on a different latitude. In the desert, there is a great differential between daytime and nighttime temperatures, sometimes as much as 40o. These cool evenings preserve the natural acid in the grapes while daytime temperatures develop sugars. This results in a perfect sugar/acid balance. Without untimely and damaging natural rainfall, we can precisely regulate the amount of water the plants receive to ripen grapes to perfection with the use of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation preserves water, a precious commodity in the desert West.

We are located in south-central Washington, 18 miles southeast of Yakima, about equidistant from Seattle, Spokane, and Portland, Oregon. If you are flying from afar, you can go directly to the Yakima Air Terminal (YKM) on Horizon/Alaska Air. You can also fly into Portland (PDX) or Seattle (SEA) and rent a car for a beautiful drive.

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500 S. Bonair Road, Zillah, WA, US, 98953 Email:
Phone: 800-882-8939 Web:
Fax: 509-829-6410
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  2000 Chateau Puryear Grand Reserve Merlot
Take intense fruit, age three years in two new French Oak Barrels and One new American Oak barrel, and you get 792 numbered bottles of wonderful merlot. Going fast. 750 ml
  2000 Chateau Puryear Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Our soft, oaky Estate-bottled cab. Very limited. At the winery only. Going fast. If you like wine from the Onion Patch wineries for $80, you will love this one for
  2000 Morrison Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
We have produced a vineyard designated cabernet from this tiny, rocky, hillside vineyard since 1988. Each vintage has been superior. Noted for its intense color and rich berry flavors, this vintage is no exception. We find these wines mature in about 7 years. Gold medal winner in 1995, '96, '97, and '98. Now we own the vineyard! 750ml
  2001 Late Harvest Pinot Grigio
A rarity in the world. Wonderful fruit with hints of pear and pineapple. Pleasingly sweet at 5.9% R.S. yet plenty of acid to balance the sugar. 375 ml bottle
  2002 Yakima Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Intense berry aroma with vanilla from American Oak. Plenty of chewy tannins. You can lay this puppy down for years, or drink it now. Aged two years in a mix of French and American Oak. 750ml
  2003 Yakima Valley Chardonnay
2003 was a vintage year for chardonnay. Lots of tropical fruit, oak and butter. This wine was fermented and aged in new and older Burgundian French oak barrels. 750 ml bottle.
  Bonnie Bonair
Our blend of premium varietals (Gamay Beaujolais and Cabernet) in a smooth, off dry table wine. Rich nose of raspberry fruit (no raspberries, though). Serve chilled with pasta, pork, or BBQ. The winemaker's personal favorite with hot dogs on the Fourth of July. 750ml
  Bung Dog Red
A rich garnet color greets the eye, followed by intense fruit mixed with oak on the nose. Rich ripe plum flavors entertain the tongue. A beautiful wine, named after our old Australian Shepherd, at an affordable price.
Say ca-mer-lott as in the mythical place or ca-mare-low as in a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Merlot (75%). I think they call these wines Merrytidjes in California and charge a lot for them. Hey, do you want to drink wine or worship it. We ain't all Bill Gates. We make wine for the people. 750ml
  Chateau Puryear Reserve Chardonnay
From our own vineyard, this is our flagship wine. Free-run juice is fermented and aged in only French Oak barrels from the center of France, making the wine big, soft, and buttery - like chardonnay used to be before self-appointed wine critics. Can be cellared for an additional three to five years or better still, enjoyed tonight.
  Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
The latest entry into our affordable red wines. Remember, the Columbia Valley is anywhere in Eastern Oregon or Washington where wine grapes are grown, so don't expect a Yakima Valley Cabernet. 750 ml
  Dry Gewurztraminer
A luscious nose of peaches and roses makes you not even want to drink this wine. Then the first sip when the fruit bursts in you mouth, you won't want to stop. True to the Alsatian style, but even better.
Our premium blend red table wine from Cabernet Franc (78%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (22%) Very fruity with some black pepper overtones. Kind of a dry version of Bonnie Bonair. Some people are looking for affordable wines. Others won't buy wine unless the Spectacle gives it a 90 and it costs $50. We are working on a barrel select $100 dollar bottle for you guys. (Contact me to get on the waiting list Only 300 numbered bottles.) Until then, enjoy some good inexpensive wine. 750ml
  Gewurztraminer White Port
Talk about a holiday wine, this is the perfect accompaniment for rich desserts such as divinity, white chocolate and white fruitcake. It has nose of peaches and honeysuckle. It was aged in neutral French Oak barrels for ten months.
  Nouveau Pinot Noir
Luscious full-bodied mouth feel with a notes of pie cherries. A beautiful wine for the holidays. Traditionally released on November 17. Only 102 cases were made.
It used to be Johannisberg Riesling, but our government, in all of its wisdom, has determined that the word Johannisberg is confusing to the consumer. Maybe people confuse it with South Africa. This is the one Shirley drinks on the way home after work. Great with horse d'oeuvres, (and them ain't road apples) German style at 2.1% RS. 750ml
  Summer Solstice Cherry Wine
A fun little experiment turned into a nice tawny-style port. Made in 1999 and aged in neutral barrels for five years. 19% alcohol. Great with Havanas. 750ml
Premium varietal grapes only are used to make our liquid Yakima Valley Sunsets. Good any time of day. After all it is sunset somewhere. Please do not confuse it with blusch wines. You do not need to blush when you serve Sunset. 3% RS not too sweet and just a little tart. Great in the hot tub, but it takes a lot of bottles to fill one. 750ml
  Sweet Mead
And how sweet it is. This mead is made from pure fireweed honey, the whitest honey in the world. It has the fragrance of honeysuckle. We sweetened it a little with snowberry honey for a real honey-lovers treat. Won't last long it is so good. 750 ml bottle.
  Winter Solstice Mead
Celebrate the return of the sun! Same as above, but with cinnamon and clove. Nuke a mug in the microwave and serve hot on those cold, dreary days. The Solstice occurs December 21 at 5:00am on the west coast this year! 750 ml bottle.


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