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Lopez Island Vineyards

Lopez Island Vineyards Lopez Island Vineyards is a small, family-run commuity-owned business, producing quality wine on Lopez Island. We use unique grape varieties, organically grown in our estate vineyards, as well as grapes grown by the Crawford Family Vineyard in Yakima Valley. We strive to maintain a sustainable use of our environment, our local economy, and our community.


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724B Fisherman Bay Road, Lopez Island, WA, US, 98261-9553 Email:
Phone: 360-468-3644 Web:
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  Apple-Pear Wine
This medium dry fruity wine was produced from 70% King, Elstar and Jonagold apples and 30% Bosc Pears grown in the San Juan Islands. We recommend this blend as an aperitif or picnic wine enjoyed with fresh fruit and cheese. Serve slightly chilled.
  Blackberry Wine
This rich desert wine was produced from 100% organic Wild Himalayan blackberries gathered on Lopez Island and the Snohomish Valley by the Boer’s Family Farm. Nice flavor of tart berries with a gentle sweet and tart finish. Delicious served with chocolate. Available in the half bottle only.
  Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot Blend
These two varieties are blended together after 24 months of small barrel aging. Each vintage is a slightly different blend, crafted to bring out a full bodied dry red wine that will exhibit the depth of Cabernet, and the wonderful berry flavors of Washington Merlot. Blending creates a complexity to the wine that the grape varieties alone do not have and allows the wine to be enjoyed earlier due to the lower tannins of the Merlot. The Cabernet grape adds the backbone that allows this wine to be aged for over 10 years.
This most famous grape of Burgundy France, finds ideal climates the world over. Our Crawford Vineyard Chardonnay is wonderfully crisp and dry, showing the fine acidity of this northern latitude location. We use 100% Barrel fermentation, and 12 months of barrel aging to bring out the flavors of Pineapple, butter, oak and apple that are the mark of this fine vineyard and region. Sur lees aged for 5 months.
  Madeleine Angevine
This white wine grape comes from the Anjou region of the Loire Valley in northern France. We produce our Madeleine Angevine completely dry and 100% barrel fermented, so as to complement the flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruit and herbal qualities that are the characteristics of this grape. This wine will compliment the fine seafood and shellfish of our region, and also goes well with vegetarian dishes, poultry or salads. Organically grown on Lopez Island.
This grape variety comes from the famous St. Emillon region of Bordeaux, France. This rich red wine was aged for 24 months in small oak barrels to help mellow the wine and emphasize the soft tannins and berry flavors of 100% Yakima Valley Merlot. The Crawford Vineyard Merlot has flavors of Bing cherry, blackberry, mint, smoke, oak and chocolate, which allow it to be enjoyed with hearty meals. It also can be further aged to bring the wine to its fullest potential.
Made from organically grown raspberries from the Broer’s farm in the Snohomish valley, this wine tastes like a handful of fresh berries. This wine is finished with enough sweetness to be delicious served with chocolate or berry tarts, but yet it still has a nice crisp acidity so that it finishes clean on the palate. Available in the half bottle only.
Siegerrebe is a newer grape variety bred in Germany by crossing Madeleine Angevine with Gewurztraminer. This wine has wonderful flavors of grapefruit, lychee nuts, flowers and spices that come from this extra early ripening grape. We finish this white wine medium dry (about 0.75% residual sugar) which makes this wine great with appetizers, Asian foods or light curries. Organically grown on Lopez Island
  Wave Crest White
This wine is a blend of our Estate, organically grown Madeleine Angevine and Siegerrebe, emphasizing a refreshing fruitiness with a medium dry finish. Try with seafood, salads, or sipping on the deck. Organically Grown on Lopez Island.


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