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Featherstone Estate Winery

Featherstone Estate Winery Featherstone Estate Winery is owned and operated by David Johnson and Louise Engel, a husband and wife team who have already gained fame in the Guelph area for their culinary expertise at The Guelph Poultry Gourmet Market, which they established in 1986. They come to the wine industry from careers dedicated to excellence in food and a passion for wine. Since 1999, Featherstone has remained insecticide-free, releasing ladybugs and lacewings to control aphids and by using pheromone traps to control the more serious hazard of grape berry moth. An agreeable balance has been struck on the farm between the populations of potentially damaging insects and the beneficial ones. Featherstone is not adjacent to any other vineyards and so is not influenced by neighbouring pest populations. In 2003, Featherstone Estates was chosen as best vineyard in Ontario, and David Johnson was named Grape King. This prestigious annual award is judged by the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario and the Grape Growers of Ontario. Featherstone was one of the first wineries to use Canadian oak barrels, producing an exceptional barrel-fermented Canadian oak Chardonnay in 2002.

We are just under an hour's drive from Toronto, and about 45 minutes from the Canada-USA border at Niagara Falls or Lewiston. Follow the QEW to Exit # 57 (Victoria Avenue, Vineland). Turn south on Victoria Avenue (away from the lake). Go about 3.6 km to the set of traffic lights at the intersection of King St/ Regional Road 81. Travel straight through the lights and proceed up the hill. Go past Moyer Road and the little water tower on the right. We are the second farm on the right, past the water tower. Look for a small white house set back from the road, surrounded by grapevines and a large rock at the road with our logo and a feather carved in it.

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3678 Victoria Avenue, Vineland, ON, CA, L0R 2C0 Email:
Phone: 905-562-1949 Web:
Fax: 905-562-3989
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  Canadian Oak Chardonnay VQA
This is our third vintage using oak from a Canadian source (the oak trees grew just outside Brantford, Ontario and were sent to California to be coopered into barrels). This is an exceptionally lush and rich wine, big and round with loads of pear and soft, buttery, vanilla. Great length, lively and charming.
  Cherry Barrel Cabernet Franc VQA
We have one wooden barrel made from cherry instead of the usual oak. The cherry makes for a lean Cabernet Franc and it is more Old World in style than New World, which is to say, tart red cherry instead of jammy, but plump fruit flavours abound. A truly intriguing and unique wine produced in very limited quantity. Layered and complex, it will cellar well. 23 cases produced
  Cranberry Wine
As a salute to his background running a gourmet butcher shoppe, David has created the perfect accompaniment to a poultry dinner -- Featherstone's Cranberry Wine. This cranberry wine captures the vivid freshness of cranberries grown and harvested among Muskoka's beautiful lakes and granite outcroppings. The wine's balance of tart cranberry characteristics is off set by a little sweetness.
  Estate Bottled Cabernet Franc VQA
Fermented in small batches and aged in American oak, this wine has aromas of cherry, tobacco, mint and spice. It pairs well with just about anything off the BBQ as well as Mediterranean foods and veal or pork tenderloin with lots of herbs. All of our red wines are minimally filtered to leave in as much flavour as possible. Slight sediment may be present.
  Estate Bottled French Oak Chardonnay VQA
Bronze Medal awarded at The Great Lakes Wine Competition. While there is considerable richness here, it is crafted to be stimulating rather than a show in itself. Best at dinner parties with an herbed breast of chicken or salmon dish. Spicy French oak carries the mineral and apple aromas.
  Estate Bottled Gamay Rosé VQA
After crushing the grapes and allowing 24 hours of grape skin contact, a 15% soignée (or bleed) of the Gamay Noir juice was separated and fermented as a white wine. This method has produced a vibrant rosé that combines the amiable characteristics of a Gamay Noir with the refreshing dry aspects of a white wine. Ripe red berry fruit aromas reminiscent of cherries, raspberries and strawberries abound here. Great on the patio or at a party. Served slightly chilled it is also a tasty accompaniment to light vegetarian meals and most fish and chicken dishes.
  Estate Bottled Gewürztraminer VQA
This wine has everything going for it- intense grapefruit and rosewater aromas, a little spice and zesty freshness. Because it is off-dry, it pairs well with a variety of foods and is best enjoyed with Asian dishes, vegetarian entrées or roast chicken. Great also as an aperitif, chill lightly and take to parties.
  Estate Bottled Onyx (Cabernet-Merlot) VQA
A blend of 50% Cabernet Franc and 50% Merlot with deep colour and juicy blackberry fruit. Aged in American oak, it seeks the company of savoury but not spicy comfort food -- beef bourguignon or a seared duck breast with a cherry reduction.
  Estate Bottled Pinot Noir VQA
Earthy, sour cherry notes and a graceful sensuality best describe this wine. Deserving of fresh salmon or roast pheasant and a bit of formality -- but be sure that you echo the delicate heart of the wine also. Will cellar well -- up to 5 years.
  Estate Bottled Sauvignon Blanc
This wine has more tropical fruit flavours than herbaceousness and is zesty, refreshing and incredibly drinkable. It’s a summer’s day in a glass, full of vitality and spirit. Enjoy slightly chilled with a patio lunch, as pre-dinner sipping or with seafood appetizers.
  Estate Bottled Topaz VQA
This aromatic wine has a noticeable hint of sweetness that adds to the refreshment. Tropical lemon-lime and granny smith apple flavours abound here. This is an all-round appetizing wine and is delicious company for chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Patio, party or picnic wine. Best served chilled.
  Estate Bottled Unoaked Chardonnay VQA
What does Chardonnay taste like when unembroidered by oak? Our estate grown Chardonnay has aromas of lilac and white flowers and a rich mouthfeel with delicate hints of mandarin and mango. Clean and crisp, it suggests alfresco summer meals. It can also be enjoyed anytime you just want to think about summer.
  Gemstone VQA
Gold Medal awarded at The All-Canadian Wine Competition. Our best selling red wine and everyone's favourite -- this rich, plumy blend of Baco Noir and Cabernet Franc has a rustic and honest character. Enjoy it in a big glass with everyday foods -- lasagna, chicken or anything off the BBQ. Makes your burger taste like a gourmet dinner and gladdens the heart.
  Off Dry Estate Bottled Riesling VQA
This fragrant off-dry wine has refreshing lemon-lime and grapefruit aromas and is best served slightly chilled. This is an all-round appetizing wine and is delicious company for chicken, seafood and pasta dishes with a little cream sauce as well as medium cheeses.
  Old Vines Riesling VQA
This Riesling vineyard was established on the Featherstone property in the late 1970’s. The grapes are Weiss clone, famous for the fresh citrus and clean mineral character they impart to the wine. An exceptionally well balanced wine with delightful lingering flavours, this vintage expresses the quintessential nature of Niagara Riesling, pure and simple.
  Topaz VQA
This is a zesty and refreshing semi-sweet blend of Riesling and other carefully selected estate grown aromatic white wines. We would love to tell you the exact blend, but then we would have to leave you chained in the wine cellar for the rest of your natural life. Citrus and grapefruit flavours give the wine and energizing quality like breezes out of a tropical garden. Delightful as an aperitif but see what it can do for a plate of calamari, a BBQ'ed chicken breast or a bowl of Pad Thai. Best served slightly chilled.
  Vidal Icewine VQA
Isn't it ironic that these intense, warm tropical flavours -- mango, apricots, peaches -- come from grapes harvested in the snowy depths of winter? This wine smells like Del Monte Fruit cup (!) but is a mouthful of luscious flavours as uplifting as they are sweet. A streak of acidity keeps it bright and clean and there is enough weight to make this an enjoyable sipper after dinner without the extra calories of dessert.
  Vidal Select Late Harvest Dessert Wine VQA
This is a wonderful mix of exotic sweet flavours and zest. It's an uplifting feeling -- really fills the mouth -- but the aftertaste is crisp and clean. Enjoy with dessert or just on its own when you crave something decadent yet affordable.


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