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Burgdorf's Winery

Burgdorf's Winery Deb and Dave Burgdorf have been making wine for over 25 years. Deborah Burgdorf has a M.S. degree in Microbiology with over 15 years of experience in Fermentation. Dave Burgdorf has a B.S. degree in Agriculture and 30 years of experience working with Plants and Conservation Planning. Their wine making began as an interesting way to use a plentiful harvest of wild black raspberries. There were just so many raspberry pies and cobblers one could eat, and thus evolved, the “First Batch of Raspberry Wine”. Over the years Deb and Dave improved upon the first wine making attempt and experimented with many different fruit and grape wines. There of course were many, many friends that also experienced the fruits of their labor. The results from the original balloon on the bottle top to the process of today have been the production of some exquisite and tasteful wines.


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5635 Shoeman Road, Haslett, MI, US, 48840 Email:
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Fax: 517-655-7456
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From Michigan Blackberries hand picked and processed. This wine will enlighten you to the warmth and flavors of a special late summer fruit. The unique flavor of blackberry is very evident in the aroma and pleasant to the palate.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This ultra premium Cabernet has the trademark black currant & cherry flavors with a subtle weave of complex compounds.
Full, supple & fruity with aromas & flavors of citrus & apples that are integrated with premium American toasted oak for a hint of vanilla & butter woven into the flavor profile.
Made from Michigan gathered fruits and processed by hand, this deep flavored wine will move even the most experience wine connoisseur.
This Merlot is dry & medium-bodied with a soft, supple, fruity palate of plums & red berries. Its characteristic spicy aroma, accented with light oak, leads a rich, smooth & mouth-filling flavor experience.
A Michigan Black Raspberry/Tart Cherry Blend. This is a wine that will excite your every taste bud. The essence of flower from the Black-Capped Raspberry bursts on the palate, while the blend of Michigan tart cherries adds to the subtle elegance.
Be prepared for a “Special Moment in Wine”! The intense aroma transports you to a tropical paradise experience. This wine is a great compliment to ham, pork, or lamb.
  Pinot Grigio
Fresh, fragrant & lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds.
  Pinot Noir
This remarkable wine creates a lasting impression on the palate & in memory. Intense ripe-grape, mint, raspberry & black cherry aromas, along with smoky, elusive oak make this a medium-bodied & rich wine. It has intense flavor despite its delicacy.
  Red Zinfandel
Deep & rich with bold, zesty aromas & ripe berry fruit flavor. Robust & exciting, it bursts with a spiciness that is met head on by the premium French oak.
Delicate yet complex, Rieslings grown here offer pronounced ripeness while retaining acidity, showing fantastic floral aromas & flavors of peach & apricot, while maintaining a crisp freshness.
  Winter Riesling
A unique sweet wine specialty, based on Riesling grapes - will surprise you with its body and complexity. Served chilled, this golden nectar should be sipped slowly to cherish its special charms.
  Winter Vidal
A unique and thoroughly enjoyable sweet wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or an after dinner treat. The Vidal grape is particularly known for its winter hardiness. The finished product is an exquisite balance of honey, nut, and apricot that dazzles on the tongue and delights on the finish.


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