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Lambert's Winery

Lambert's Winery The winery is constructed from hand-cut stones gathered from various parts of West Virginia. Some weighing as much as 3,000 pounds. The doors are designed of solid two by fours on edge, with a rounded top. A comfortably furnished tasting room welcomes visitors as they enter. A 3-inch thick bar top, Cut in the 1950'S in Canada, is set up in one corner. Behind the bar, a mantle and mirror tops the sink. Also in the tasting room is a raised television in the corner opposite the bar. A fireplace is surrounded by three rocking chairs and shelves containing West Virginia pottery that is for sale.

Route 33 West, 4 miles to Gee Lick Road. Turn right, 1.5 miles to Duch Hollow Road. Turn left and follow the signs.

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190 Vineyard Road, Westin, WV, US, 26452 Email:
Phone: 304-269-3973 Web:
Fax: 304-269-4903
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Naturally sweetened, just like a fresh picked berry.
50% blend of Merlot and Blackberry, Wonderful!
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A hybrid red wine variety created in Russia to withstand harsh cold climatic conditions. Small acreages currently grown in Canada.
A native American - ("vitis labrusca") - grape used to produce sweet white, red and rose' wines distinguished by a so-called "foxy" component. Commonly grown in the Eastern U.S. and Canada. New York state wineries produce large amounts of sparkling wine from this grape. It is also quite popular when made into an ultra-sweet "ice-wine".
A french-american hybrid with origins in the Rhone Valley of France. Was widely grown and very popular in France where it was used to produce high quality red and rose' wines. Now being replaced by varieties stipulated by E.U. rules. Also grown in the cooler regions of Eastern U.S. and Canada.
This grape is the best-known white wine grape grown in France and is more correctly known as the same Pinot Chardonnay grape widely grown in the Champagne region. The Chardonnay is also widely planted in the Burgundy and Chablis regions. There, as in the cooler regions of North America and California, the wine made from it is often aged in small oak barrels to produce strong flavors and aromas. Possessing a fruity character - (e.g: Apple, lemon, citrus), subsequent barrel-influenced flavors include "oak", "vanilla", and malo-lactic fermentation imparted "creamy- buttery" components. Australia and New Zealand have succeeded in producing world-class wines from this grape in recent years by using cold fermentation methods that result in a desired "flinty" taste in the dry versions.
An early ripening french-american hybrid grape which gives a fruity, balanced red wine usually possessed of low to mild tannic content. Planted mainly in the cooler regions of the Northeast U.S. and Canada.
A native American hybrid grape variety used to make dry, sweet and sparkling white wines of good quality and mild "foxy" character. Commonly grown in the Eastern U.S. where it has considerable popularity when made into "ice-wine".
Full fruity flavor, a crowd pleaser
Just like eating a grape
  Pinot Noir
The premier grape "cepage" of the Burgundy region of France. It produces a red wine that is lighter in color than the Bordeaux reds (such as Cabernet and Merlot). In the attempt to produce the best wines from cooler regions, it has proved to be a capriciously acting and difficult grape for N. American west coast wineries. Cherished aromas and flavors often detected are cherry, mint, raspberry, truffles, and the ubiquitous gamey odor in new wines often referred to as "animale'" by the french winemaker.
Robust, full flavor
A french-american hybrid grape that can be used to make high quality white wines of various styles. Crisp, fruity dry versions have sometimes been likened to French "Chablis" in aroma and taste. Grown extensively in the colder northern temperate zones of N. America and Europe.
Smokey flavor, great with steak
Popular french-american hybrid white wine grape with fruity, floral flavors and good balance descended from the Ugni Blanc of France, (aka Trebbiano of Italy). Made in a variety of styles - (i.e: Dry to sweet including late-harvest dessert style and ice wines). Cool region grapes vinified in a Rhine/Mosel manner are said to have a Riesling-like character.


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