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Mary Michelle Winery & Vineyard

Mary Michelle Winery & Vineyard Mary Michelle began as a dream of a group of investors from Santa Barbara, California. They knew that, historically, the five counties that surrounded the lower Illinois River valley were once renowned for the production of high quality grapes, apples and peaches. Small producers of wine and cider were also common in many towns throughout the area. After World War II, almost all fruit producers were forced to switch to other crops due to low cost competition from California. But they knew that the earth and the climate in the valley hadn’t changed, so there was no reason why quality grapes and wine could not be grown in this region again. Thus the dream of Mary Michelle was born. The goal was to produce an affordable world class wine from Illinois grown grapes. This dream would require a considerable commitment of time, energy and capital.Thus, in 1999 the first vines of what was to become a 80 acre vineyard, were planted with new and improved wine varieties, such as Chardonel, as well as the finest of the old traditional grapes, Cynthiana. Construction of the totally modern winery facility was completed in 2003 and wine sales began in earnest in 2005 with distribution throughout the states of Illinois and Missouri.


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R.R. 2, Carrollton, IL, US, 62016 Email:
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  Illinois Cellars Apple Wine
This wine is one of a kind. Illinois Cellars Apple Wine was made from Illinois apples and fermented like a fine German Riesling. Characteristic of the Bavarian style in which it was created, the wine has only the slightest hint of sweetness and makes it a perfect accompaniment to food. Fermented in stainless steel tanks to enhance the excellent balance of acid and fruit, this soft, succulent wine has a complex bouquet and is at home at a picnic or beside a roaring, winter fire. Serve well chilled with almost any cheese or pork dish.
  Illinois Cellars Blush
Illinois Cellars Blush is a wine made from "A Blend of Traminette and St. Vincent", with grapes grown entirely in our vineyards in Carrollton, Il. Traminette is a superb descendent of the world renown Gewurtztraminer and Johanes Seyve, developed at the University of Illinois in 1965. It is the a perfect match for all cuisines with sweet or spicy sauces. Illinois Cellars Blush is a soft, refreshing, medium dry rose wine with flavors of red berries, pear, honey and elderflowers. It makes a great sipping wine or goes great with your favorite gourmet sandwich.
  Illinois Cellars Chardonnel
A new and distinct variety of grapevine, Chardonel, from a cross of Seyval and Chardonnay, which can be distinguished by its outstanding wine combined with high productivity, and cold hardiness superior to its acclaimed parent, Chardonnay. A blend of 2005 Chardonels aged in both French and American oak as well as stainless steel with aromas and flavors, reminiscent of honeydew melon, nectarines, citrus with clean fresh acidity.
  Illinois Cellars Norton
Illinois Cellars Norton is a wine made from "America's First Red Wine Grape", grown entirely in our vineyards in Carrollton. This Norton is designed as a dinner wine to accompany a wide range of cuisine and is bursting with flavors of cherries, blackberries and cedar.
  Illinois Cellars Velvet Red
We treat the Concord used to create Velvet Red like a serious red wine. It is fermented using the most expensive French Bordeaux, red wine yeast. The wine has a very pronounced bouquet of red roses with lavender overtones, and is a wonderful accompaniment for the richer and sweeter things in life.
  Illinois Cellars Velvet Rose
Crafted from a potpourri of grape varieties, this wine appeals to the wine drinker who desires a Rosé that is slightly sweeter than White Zinfandel. Add some fruit juices, a little ice, some sliced fruit, and Olé - it is the best Sangria this side of Madrid.
  Illinois Cellars Velvet White
Made from the Niagara grape, Velvet White is cold fermented on Sauvignon Blanc yeast for 10 weeks to bring out this grape’s often hidden, subtle, tree fruit qualities of apricot and pear. This is an instantly appealing wine that is delicious served on ice for picnics and other fun fares.
  Mad Squirrel Chardonel
Un-Oaked, crisp dry white wine where the pure fruit flavors of the grapes are allowed to speak for themselves. Slow fermented with exotic yeast at 52 degrees in icy chilled temperature-controlled tanks. This wine bursts with tropical fruit overtones: pineapple, guava, orchids and citrus.
  Mary Michelle Chardonel
One Master Sommelier has likened the 2003 Mary Michelle Chardonel to a “harmony of a Viognier and Chardonnay.” This dry wine is a wonderful accompaniment to lighter fare such as sea bass, sole, salmon, scallops and delicate game fowl. It also goes well as an aperitif with creamy French and Italian cheeses.
  Mary Michelle Cynthiana
This is a dry, red wine “of the big shoulders,” with a deep red hue, a long lasting middle, and rich finish. The bouquet has hints of cassis, dried cherries and cedar. It makes an ideal accompaniment for Chicago’s specialty meat dishes of steaks, chops, and other robust cuisine including seasonal game.


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Bob Barry says...
Norton: This wine was highly acidic and not drinkable.. We evenvsweetenedvitcsbd there was no improvement in its drinkability.

Bob bsrry says...
Norton 2012:,totally acidic and undrinkable.