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Gelfand Vineyards

Gelfand Vineyards We have been passionate about wines for many years. Having had the opportunity to travel and visit literally hundreds of boutique wineries around the world, our dream was to, one day, be the people standing behind the counter pouring our own wines, instead of those just doing the tasting. That dream became a reality in 2000, when we purchased a 25 acre parcel in the rolling foothills of Paso Robles, a major wine-growing region in Central California, which has been labeled, “the next Napa Valley.” Situated a mere 25 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the area is influenced by tremendous fluctuations in the weather, where summer days regularly hit in the 100's and evenings dip down into the 40's, placing a great deal of stress on the vines, not to mention on those of us lucky enough to live here. The swing in temperature only intensifies the flavor of the grapes creating the perfect environment for big earthy reds. As such, our first ten acres have been planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petite Sirah. We planted these grapes in four equal blocks, in high-density rows of 6x8 feet. We simply want to produce limited quantities of the highest quality grapes available, to be handcrafted into our premium wines. Our dream of creating memorable wines is fast becoming reality. We look forward to sharing these wines and memories with you. —Jan & Len


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1244 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA, US, 93446 Email:
Phone: 805-237-8730 Web:
Fax: 805-239-1507
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  Cabernet Sauvignon
This grape is grown all over the world and produces some of the finest red wines on the market. It is known for its depth of complexity and richness of flavor. Our Cab is no exception — deep ruby in color it's delightful now and will only get better with age. It goes great with just about everything, at any time.
  Menage A Bunch
As the name implies, it's a blending of all our grapes with Syrah being the predominant player. As such, this wine is turning out to be rich and opulent. This is the wine that you will want to bring and uncork at a fine restaurant, or give as a special gift or just drink whenever you want. In other words, it's a marvelous wine.
  Petite Sirah
A descendant from the Rhone Valley in France, this grape is now grown predominantly in California. The word "petite" in its name is very much a misnomer, in that these wines are anything but small. They tend to be big, strong, and muscular. And if you love purple teeth, this is the wine for you. It goes well with meats and spicy foods, but is definitely not a breakfast drink.
Like the name implies, this is our "impossible dream" — our quest to make a very special wine. This will be a Meritage, a blending of our best barrels, and will vary in composition from year to year based upon the personal taste of our master blender, L.G.
A special blend, reminiscent of days gone by, when all we wanted was something smooth and easy to drink. That's just what this wine is. It's Petite Sirah based, with some Zin, Cab and Syrah for complexity. Something to just enjoy the day with.
Also a native to the Rhone Valley, this grape now flourishes all over the world. "Down Under," it's known as Shiraz. This grape makes a heavy, earthy, brilliantly colored red wine. Our syrah has overtures of plum, blackberry and white pepper, and goes well with hearty and spicy foods. Or you can just kick the kids and the dogs out of the house and have it straight from the bottle. We won't tell.
The most Californian of grapes, Zin's roots are actually thought to be Italian or Croatian. Our Zin is big peppery rascal of a red, full of spice and fruit. Like most zinfandels, it has a higher alcohol content than most reds, usually hovering around 15%. A hearty wine, it is excellent in its youth, although like some of us it will mellow out with aging. Our Zin is perfect when paired with all "American" foods, like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and Cheerios.


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