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Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah Wine Details

Description: A descendant from the Rhone Valley in France, this grape is now grown predominantly in California. The word "petite" in its name is very much a misnomer, in that these wines are anything but small. They tend to be big, strong, and muscular. And if you love purple teeth, this is the wine for you. It goes well with meats and spicy foods, but is definitely not a breakfast drink.

Varietal Definition
Petite Sirah:
Petite Sirah is the same as the French variety known as Durif, a cross of Peloursin, with the true Syrah. A French nurseryman, Dr. Fran├žois Durif, propagated the grape trying for resistance to powdery mildew and named it after himself, in the 1870s. Petite Sirah has long been an important blending grape, prized primarily for its deep color and fairly intense tannin. It is the variety most often chosen to blend into Zinfandel for added color, complexity, body, and to tone down the tendency of Zins toward "jammy" fruit.


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