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Navarro Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards Welcome to Navarro Vineyards. Our family has been growing grapes, making wine and producing non-alcoholic grape juices in the Anderson Valley in coastal Mendocino since 1974. Since we are small, you probably will not find our wine in your local store. The majority of our production is sold directly.


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5601 Highway 128, Philo, CA, US, 95425 Email:
Phone: 800-537-9463 Web:
Fax: 707-895-3647
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  Chardonnay, Première Reserve
The majority of the grapes were grown in Navarro's Hammer Olson field, named for a valley homesteader and the grapes display ripe apple flavors. Most of the rest came from the vines stretching out from the tasting room deck and the grapes are redolent with citrus and pear blossom. We fermented the juice in our best and newest French barrels. One sip will help you understand why humans let grapevines run their lives. Silver Medal winner.
  Navarrouge, Mendocino Red Table Wine
  Pinot Noir, Mendocino
The 2003 Mendocino won't age as long as our Deep End Blend or Méthode à l'Ancienne and the tannins are more youthful but it is true to character with assertive strawberry-plum fruit framed by toast, spice and vanilla oak and at this price doesn't need a fancier designation. Gold Medal winner.
  Pinot Noir, Méthode à l'Ancienne
Help us celebrate this award with a bottle of 1998 Pinot Noir that has been resting quietly in the depths of our cellar for just the right occasion to surface. Silver Medal Winner.
  Pinot Noir, Méthode à l'Ancienne
Méthode à l'Ancienne is a fancy way to say the "old fashioned way" and it refers to the fact that we gently punch down the cap of our fermenting Pinot Noir rather than pumping- over. It is a labor intensive way to make Pinot but it helps minimize harsh tannins and enhances the bright fruit. It feels right that we are farming in such a way as to help restore the streams in the North Coast so that future generations will have the pleasure of drinking a delicious, hand crafted bottle of Pinot Noir with a freshly caught wild salmon. Silver Medal winner.
  Rosé, Old Vine Cuvée (Dry)
In 2004 we couldn't resist another small change; we splashed in 2% Mourvèdre. We used two yeasts from the Rhône, then aged this dry, devilishly pretty wine in seasoned oak barrels to clarify in winter and bottled in the spring for your summer table. Gold Medal winner.
  White Riesling, Anderson Valley, Mendocino
While sitting on our patio, almost a mile away, we can here them gobbling away, gleefully anticipating beating us to the grapes. We have resorted to positioning loud speakers throughout the Campsite and playing recordings of distressed turkeys during ripening. It sounds eerily like the soundtrack from a low budget sci-fi movie but it works like a charm. This bottling comes from four different clones of White Riesling. Over 80% was aged in large oak ovals and the balance was produced in stainless. Don't wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this wine's floral aromas, green apple flavors, and zingy finish. We plan to sip it on the patio all summer... listening to the turkeys. Gold Medal winner.


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