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Limerick Lane Cellars

Limerick Lane Cellars Welcome to Limerick Lane Cellars. The winery and Collins Vineyard are located on the southern edge of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. Mike Collins, who has been farming the land here for nearly 30 years, owns the winery and vineyard. The vineyard dates back to 1910 and there are some vines from that era still in production! The rest of the vineyard dates from prohibition onwards. Having sold grapes to several local wineries and lastly Gary Farrell, Limerick Lane Cellars started producing wine in 1986. The winery and tasting room were built and opened in 1993. Our Wines are estate produced.


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1023 Limerick Lane, Healdsburg, CA, US, 94558 Email:
Phone: 707-433-9211 Web:
Fax: 707-433-1652
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  1023, A Blend of Syrah and Zinfandel
Clear, dark colors of red rubies give way to aromas of dark cherry pie, blackberries, vanilla, toasted oak and roasting meat. This wine enters the mouth with red fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry. A delightful mouthfeel starts out soft but powerful, intensifying towards the middle palate. Supple tannins and balanced acidity lead to a smooth, lingering finish. The reliability and consistency of the Collins vineyard shine through. Another winning example of the blend being greater than the sum of its parts.
  Collins Vineyard Deco Zinfandel
A clear dark ruby red color leads to aromas of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla spice and the smell of pastry baking. Lush flavors of red fruits and berries give way to a well balanced middle with tannins and acid in perfect alignment. This wine finishes beautifully with lush fruit flavors and notes of vanilla. From beets and squash, to burgers, steaks and ribs, this is one food friendly Zinfandel; try it with your favorite chocolate dessert! A sleek, well balanced wine that was made to be shared with friends.
  Collins Vineyard Zinfandel
Dark ruby red colors lead to aromas of redfruit, raspberry, cinnamon, vanilla and barrel char. The palette follows the nose with flavors of raspberry, red currant, vanilla, warm brown spice and white pepper. A beautifully balanced wine with a bold red fruit entry, rich and elegant but not overwhelming. A secure and well structured middle with supple tannins and a spicy, fruity finish. A magnificent example of the restrained use of oak. Another in a long line of food friendly Zinfandels from one of Sonoma County's premier producers.
  Dry Furmint
This refreshing dry white wine has mouthwatering scents of citrus, green apple, gooseberry, green herbs and cut hay. It is crisp and clean in the mouth and bursting with flavors of citrus, green apple and green herbs. Serve it well chilled and share it with your friends!
  Molly's Block Zinfandel
Colors of garnet and ruby lead to aromas of red raspberry, brambles and black cherry, followed on the palette by aromas with a bit of smoky nuance, and more vibrant fruit. A juicy rich middle gives way to a finely flavored finish. This is a bold Zinfandel with full fruit flavor and fabulous length. This exuberant Zinfandel expresses the potential of Limerick Lane's Collins Vineyard, and is an enticing prelude to the outstanding 2005 vintage Zinfandels that will be released next year. This is our first red wine in a screw cap finish. We are trying this method as a guarantee against the variability sometimes found in cork finished bottles. Drink now or cellar for 4 years.
  NV Late Harvest Furmint, Estate Grown
Limerick Lane is probably the only commercial producer of Furmint in the United States. We have grown the grape along with its complementary Hungarian cousin, Harslevelu since the early 1980’s. The NV Late Harvest Furmint is a blend of three vintages, 2002, 2003 and 2004. All three vintages produced very small crops of very sweet grapes with some raisins and botrytized fruit but not enough quantity to produce a vintage wine each year. The blend was stored as per tradition in old oak barrels for a minimum of three years. The wine was racked and topped twice per year. The wine exudes the traditional aromas and flavors of a Tokaji Aszu; a beautiful golden yellow color and aromas of apricots and honey. In the mouth the richness of the fruit comes through, the flavors of dried fruits, toasted nuts and honey. The acidity is well balanced and keeps the fruit flavors alive, all the way to the finish. On the sweetness scale used in Hungary this wine is a 3 puttonyos or 70 grams per liter. The wine is best paired with cheeses or not very sweet desserts. In Hungary such a wine would also be served with Foie Gras or similar savory dishes. Indeed it is best as dessert itself.
  Old Vine Zinfandel
Made from grapes from the oldest vines in the Collins Vineyard this is an exceptional wine. Planted in 1910, the vines are dry farmed, head pruned and yield about one ton of fruit per acre. Deep, dark ruby red color leads to aromas of plum, raspberry, caramel and caramelized sugar with a touch of mint, oak char and spice. This wine enters the mouth with intense fruit flavors of plum and blackberry becoming expansive on the middle palate. Strong tones of native acidity lead to a lengthy and smooth finish. A beautifully balanced wine that shows its heritage and terroir well, it is an elegant expression of the original planting of the Collins Vineyard. This wine is drinkable now, but will benefit from some ageing. A fabulous addition to any serious oenophile's cellar.
  Pinot Noir Orsi Vineyard
A translucent dusky red color leads to classic Pinot Noir aromas of strawberry, cherry, hibiscus, forest floor, vanilla, coffee, and smoke. In the mouth, this Pinot Noir reveals flavors of bright cherry, cola, char, vanilla, and brown sugar. A soft approachable entry gives way to lush and full flavors pulling through the middle. The silky tannins and bright acidity dance over the palette and the finish is an assertive flush of mineral infused ripe berries. This wine is understated and feminine, a sexy silky Pinot that seduces rather than bludgeons the imbiber into submission. Think lingerie rather than leather! A low alcohol but complex wine with charm and depth, this first Pinot Noir from Limerick Lane shows that California can grow exceptional Burgundian style wines as opposed to the dark, super extracted, high alcohol, unsubtle Pinot Noirs so common nowadays. Grown on a knoll above the Russian River Bench, 4 miles as the crow flies from Limerick Lane, the Orsi vineyard specializes in low yield high quality fruit and only sells to 4 select wineries, Limerick Lane being one of them.
  Rose Sec
A bright red hue leads to enchanting aromas of fresh strawberries, cherries, and melon. This wine enters the mouth with flavors of strawberries, followed in the middle by cherries and bright acidity. The finish is crisp and dry, with the right amount of fruit and well balanced minerality. Our Rose Sec is unpretentious, unaffected, round and fruity. Its food friendly acidity makes it an excellent quaff. Try it with grilled chicken and a Cesar salad, melon and prosciutto, cured meats, or fresh fruit. This is a great wine for summer parties and drinking by the pool.
  Syrah, Collins Vineyard
Dark, purple, almost inky color is followed by aromas of cedar, tobacco, blueberry, blackberry, bramble, pie, toasty smoky oak and game meat. This wine enters the mouth softly with large quantities of dark fruit, black currant and blackberry. On the mid-palate it brings flavors of smoky char and tannins bursting with opulent fruit notes and layers of barrel flavor. This is not a fruit bomb from Down Under or an earthy expression from the Old World. This is California Syrah. An intense and deep wine with beautiful fruit, backed with adequate cooperage to elevate and lengthen the feeling as it crosses your tongue. Another treasure from Limerick Lane not to be missed.


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