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NV Furmint, Estate Grown

NV Late Harvest Furmint, Estate Grown Wine Details
Price: $60.00 per bottle

Description: Limerick Lane is probably the only commercial producer of Furmint in the United States. We have grown the grape along with its complementary Hungarian cousin, Harslevelu since the early 1980’s. The NV Late Harvest Furmint is a blend of three vintages, 2002, 2003 and 2004. All three vintages produced very small crops of very sweet grapes with some raisins and botrytized fruit but not enough quantity to produce a vintage wine each year. The blend was stored as per tradition in old oak barrels for a minimum of three years. The wine was racked and topped twice per year. The wine exudes the traditional aromas and flavors of a Tokaji Aszu; a beautiful golden yellow color and aromas of apricots and honey. In the mouth the richness of the fruit comes through, the flavors of dried fruits, toasted nuts and honey. The acidity is well balanced and keeps the fruit flavors alive, all the way to the finish. On the sweetness scale used in Hungary this wine is a 3 puttonyos or 70 grams per liter. The wine is best paired with cheeses or not very sweet desserts. In Hungary such a wine would also be served with Foie Gras or similar savory dishes. Indeed it is best as dessert itself.

Varietal Definition
Widely grown grape in Hungary and used to make the ultra-sweet "Tokaji" white wines. Also grown in Austria where it is known as the white-wine grape Mosler. Smaller plantings are found in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia) where it is known as the Sipon grape.


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